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  • 葛仙米表层结构的扫描电子显微镜观察(英文)


    [Objective]The experiment aimed to explore a new way for observing surface structure of Nostoc sphaeroides Kutzing. [Method] The scanning electron microscope was used to observe the epidermal ultrastructure of wild and cultured Nostoc sphaeroides Kutzing. [Result] The epidermis of wild and cultured Nostoc sphaeroides Kutzing showed mixture structure of fibril colloid which was reticular arranged. The difference between wild and cultured Nostoc sphaeroides Kutzing was that the outer epidermis of cultured Nostoc sphaeroides Kutzing had trichome distribution but the wild Nostoc sphaeroides Kutzing did not has such distribution. The obsevation results of under smaller than 10 μm by scanning electron microscope was touched thick and showed many folds and distortions.[Conclusion] The scanning electron microscope was an effective way to study development of Nostoc sphaeroides Kutzing colony and it was worth popularizing.

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  • 影响水蕨分布的两个水化学因子相关性分析(英文)


    [Objective] This study was to analyze the two hydrochemical factors affecting the distribution of Ceratopteris thalictroides, further to provide basis for its habitat protection and population restoration. [Method] Twenty two hydrochemical parameters of 22 sampling sites in China's tropical and subtropical zones were respectively averaged for calculating their variation coefficients, of which the two showing significant differences were used for multiple comparisons and correlation analyses via least significant difference and correlation coefficient. [Result] The correlation coefficients of all the 22 tested hydrochemical parameters varied hugely, but only pH value and conductivity showed significantly differences in two water body (type A and type B). Analysis of correlation presented that pH value were positively correlated with conductivity; further the multiple comparisons showed that the significant difference of pH value was higher than that of conductivity. [Conclusion] With regard to the two hydrochemical parameters showing significant differences, pH value influences the distribution of C.thalictroides more.

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  • 稻瘿蚊多抗性材料的聚合与创新(英文)


    [Objective] This study was to breed rice cultivars with multi-resistance to Orseolia oryzae (Wood-Mason). [Method] The Guangxi local cultivar GX-M001(Jiangchao) with high resistance to Orseolia oryzae (Wood-Mason) was used to hybrid with the known resistance cultivars "Kangwenqingzhan" (harboring GM6 gene), OB677(harboring GM3 gene) from Sri Lanka, HT1350 and high yield and quality cultivar "Guiruanzhan". [Result] Through pyramiding the multi-resistant genes via routine hybridization, the general resistances of the hybrids were remarkably enhanced. The grades of resistance were also improved, many of the combinations were endowed with a resistance at immune level(grade 0); and interestingly, the respective hybridization of GX-M001(high resistance) with OB677(medium resistance) and HT1350(susceptible) also generate two lines at immune level, which is probably the effects of additive effects of genes. [Conclusion] By routine hybridization, multiple genes were successfully pyramided, thus generating novel rice lines with multiple resistances. For the rice breeding scientists at the grass-roots level, the resistance-resistance pyramiding is an effective approach to breed high resistance cultivars.

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  • UV-B增强对中高海拔干旱地区玉米生长的影响(英文)


    [Objective]The experiment aimed to explore the influence of enhanced ultraviolet radiation-B on maize in arid regions of middle-high elevation for correct assessing the influence of enhanced ultraviolet radiation-B on maize and providing scientific reference to make proper countermeasures.[Method] The location test in field and lift lamp of UV-B were used to observe the changes of maize height , leaf area and number of green leaves under influences of different UV-B radiation.[Result]In arid regions of middle-high elevation, enhanced ultraviolet radiation-B could dwarf maize plant, decrease leaf area, decline number of green leaves and yield. The reason of decreasing leaf area was that enhanced ultraviolet radiation-B shortened leaf length and leaf width while the reason of declining yield was that yield components were all negatively influenced and with the increase of ultraviolet radiation-B, the yield declined dramatically.[Conclusion]The result of this experiment would be good for maize production in arid regions of middle-high elevation.

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  • 11种帚用高粱形态特征分析(英文)


    [Objective] To provide a theoretical basis for high-yield breeding of broom sorghum. [Method] Using 11 kinds of broom sorghum collected at home as research objects, the differences in morphological characteristics of broom sorghum were compared through the survey of some indicators, such as plant height, tillering, inflorescence, stem node, stem-leaf ratio, yield, and so on. [Result] The 11 kinds of broom sorghum were different in morphological characteristics with large amplitude of plant height; zygl-1, zygl-6, zygl-8 and zygl-9 were appropriate for fixed broom type; zygl-9 had the highest integrated production. [Conclusion] The study laid the foundation for further exploring breeding, cultivation and promotion of broom sorghum.

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  • 四川生态区甘蓝型油菜自交种和自然种品质成分的比较(英文)


    [Objective] This study was to reveal the differences in crude fat and glucosinolates between self pollinated seeds and naturally pollinated seeds in Brassica napus in sichuan ecological region. [Method] Near-infrared spectroscopy method (NIRS) was employed to measure the quality components in self pollinated seeds and naturally pollinated seeds of 861 shares of Brassica napus from Sichuan ecological region. And correlation analysis and regression analysis were conducted based on the experimental data via SPSS (statistics package for social science). [Result] The contents of crude fat in the self pollinated seeds were commonly a higher than that in the naturally pollinated seeds at 0.01 significant level; while the contents of glucosinolates in the self pollinated seeds and the naturally pollinated seeds were insignificantly different. Both the correlation relationship and linear regression for the crude fat between the self pollinated seeds and naturally pollinated seeds reached the significant level. The regression equations for the contents of crude fat(y1) and glucosinolates(y2) in the naturally pollinated seeds and of crude fat(x1) and glucosinolates(x2) in self pollinated seeds were respectively determined to be y1=16.844+0.614x1 and y2=-0.620+1.017x2. [Conclusion] In Brassica napus breeding, crude fat in naturally pollinated seeds should be emphatically taken into account, meanwhile concurrently considering that in self pollinated seeds; while glucosinolates in both the self pollinated seeds and the naturally pollinated seeds must be simultaneously concerned.

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  • 基于体细胞组织培养的甘蓝型油菜核三系保持系绵7MB-1亲本繁殖与F_1制种(英文)


    [Objective] The aim was to study the reproduction of the three-line genic male sterile (GMS) line parent Mian 7MB-1 (B.Napus L.) and the seed production of F1 through somatic tissue culture. [Method] Through hybridization, a new breeding material Mian 7MB-1 in three-line genic temporary maintainer line propagated by tissue culture was used to improve the sterile plant rate of rapeseed in dual-purpose recessive GMS line, such as Mian 7AB type, S45AB type, and etc. And then the variety comparative test was performed. [Result] In order to avoid some fertility restoration phenomena occurring during the process of self-reproduction, Mian 7AB was propagated in bulk with somatic tissue culture of temporary maintainer line plant stem. The propagated temporary maintainer line seedlings were applied to the breeding and seed production of net room male sterile line parent, promoting the sterile plant rate of the male sterile line parent to 91.7%-93.5%. The male sterile line parents per hectare were enough for the seed production of hybrid F1 in 7 500-15 000 hm2. [Conclusion] Compared with the original dual-purpose GMS line, the seed production ultilizing male sterile line with high sterile plant rate greatly reduced the labor, significantly improved the seed yield, ensuring the seed quality and forming a perfect breeding and seed production system.

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  • 黑麦草-白三叶人工草地退化趋势研究(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to explore the degradation law and trend of artificial grassland. [Method] Taking the ryegrass (Lolium perenne)-white clover (Trifolium repens) artificial grassland in Maiping Township, Guizhou Province as the research object, the grassland vegetation of 40 quadrats from different areas (area around the sheep shed, hilltop, hillside, flatland at the foot of the hill) were analyzed by comparing the dominance and richness index. [Result] Degradation of different degrees appeared in various areas of this artificial grassland. To be specific, the degradation of grassland around the sheep shed was not serious for less consumption by the sheep; however, the areas on the hilltop and hillside degenerated to the grassland types of dallis grass (Paspalum dilatatum Poir.)-Indian lovegrass (Eragrostis pilosa) and dallis grass-cogongrass [Imperata cylindrica (Linn.) Beauv.], respectively, and the area at the foot of the hill degenerated to the grassland type dominated by garland chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum coronarium L.) and knotgrass (Paspalum distichum L.). [Conclusion] This study provided a basis for grassland improvement as well as the efficient and sustainable utilization of grazing-type artificial grassland in South China.

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  • 不同密度·揭膜时间和施氮量对免耕油菜生育动态的影响(英文)


    [Objective] This study was to understend the optimized combination of planting density, duration of disclosing plastic film and nitrogen fertilization under no-tillage cultivation. [Method] Quadratic polynomial regression and saturated D-optimal design were employed to investigate the effects of planting density, duration of disclosing plastic film and nitrogen fertilization on the dynamics growth of rapeseed under no-tillage cultivation. [Result] Within the experimental range, the growth dynamics of no-tillage cultivated rapeseed assumed a rise-fall tend. For the effects to the growth dynamics of no-tillage cultivated rapeseed, nitrogen application amount was higher than planting density and duration of disclosing plastic film. The interaction effect between planting density and duration of disclosing plastic film was higher than that between nitrogen application amount and planting density, and between nitrogen application amount and duration of disclosing plastic film. [Conclusion] The optimized combination of these factors for dynamic growth of rapeseed under no-tillage cultivation was determined to be: planting density of per hectare 154 925 individuals, duration of disclosing plastic film of 110 d, nitrogen application amount of 315 kg/hm2.

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  • 籼型红米具有的恢复性及其基因定位(英文)


    [Objective] This study was to investigate the restoring ability of normal indica red rice Ruby and to carry out its restoring gene mapping. [Method] Normal indica red rice Ruby was hybridized with the sterile lines Zhenxian 97A, D62A, G46A and D702A to prepare their F1, BC1 and F2 progenies, and the pollen fertilities of these progenies were investigated. Meanwhile the restoring genes were mapped using SSLP. [Result] For the sterile lines tested, Ruby has a gene to restore their fertilities. This gene is located on the chromosome 7 and shows a genetic distance of 7.4 cM with RM182. Unlike the clustering distribution of the restoring genes on chromosome 10, it is a specific restoring gene. [Conclusion] It is feasible to breed restoring genes controlling red color characters via transgene and backcross.

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  • 猪H-FABP基因内含子3多态片段的序列分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to provide a theoretical basis for exploring the major genes affecting intramuscular fat (IMF) deposition. [Method] Taking 383 pigs from five breeds including Mashen Pig, Large White Pig, Landrace, Duroc and Shanxi White Pig as the experimental animals, polymorphisms of partial fragments in the third intron of porcine H-FABP gene were detected by PCR-SSCP method, and then the polymorphic fragments were sequenced. [Result] Two alleles, designated as A and B, were found at the locus 346 in the third intron of porcine H-FABP gene, and the mutation was caused by a A→G substitution. [Conclusion] A polymorphic locus was discovered in the third intron of porcine H-FABP gene in this experiment, laying a foundation for the further study on the relationship between H-FABP gene and IMF content.

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  • 辣椒胞质雄性不育系(CMS)子叶培养植株再生(英文)


    An in vitro shoot regeneration procedure was developed in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) lines 9704A and 8214A using cotyledon as explant. The callus and bud cluster derived from cotyledon tissue explants were proliferated on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with different combinations of 6-benzladenine (6-BA), indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), gibberellic acid (GA3) and silver nitrate (AgNO3). From the formula of MS appended with 5.0 mg/L 6-BA, 1.0 mg/L IAA and 5.0 mg/L AgNO3, for the explants callus and bud cluster, the maximum differentiation rates (respectively 100.0% and 58.3%) and average number of adventitious bud from each explant (respectively 18.8 and 13.2) were obtained. The optimum medium combination for the elongation of adventitious bud was determined to be: MS+ 3.0 mg/L 6-BA + 1.0 mg/L IAA+ 5.0 mg/L AgNO3+ 2.0 mg/L GA3, from which the elongation rates of buds from callus and bud cluster were both 100%, and the average number of per explant adventitious bud number reached 6.3 and 5.8, respectively. And all the elongated shoots were successfully rooted on half-strength MS medium supplemented with 0.3-0.5 mg/L IAA.

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  • 鸡卡氏杆菌的分子鉴定及其16S rRNA基因序列分析(英文)


    Two strains of Gallibacterium, isolated from one laying hen flock in Zhengzhou City of Henan Province, were identified by the morphological observation, genus-specific PCR, and analysis of 16S rRNA gene, which was used to generate the phylogenetic tree, with the 21 members of the 12 genera belonging to Pasteurellaceae to analyze the homology. Two strains were named Yu-ZZ-HL-I-SLG and Yu-ZZ-HL-II-GZ. The comparative result of the 16S rDNA sequence shows that the 2 isolated strains are identical in sequence; the highest identity (99.9%) was observed between the isolated strain and one of the strains of Gallibacterium anatis (AF228002), the homologies between the isolated strain and 3 strains of gallibacterium accessed in NCBI (AF228016, Gallibacterium genomosp.1, AF228017, Gallibacterium genomosp.2, AF228018, Gallibacterium genomosp.1) were above 97.1%, higher than that of the isolated strain and the other strains of the other 11 genera which were between 90.7%-93.2%. It can be seen from the phylogenetic tree that the 2 isolated strains and the other 4 strain of gallibacterium fell into the same branch, furthermore the 2 isolated strains and the strain of Gallibacterium anatis locate in an internal branch, indicating that the 2 isolated strains belong to Gallibacterium anatis.

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  • 泥胡菜的组织培养及高效无性系建立(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to study the rapid propagation technology and establish effective clone of Hemistepta lyrata Bunge. [Method] With tender stem of Hemistepta lyrata Bunge as material, the conditions needed in calluses induction and differentiation, adventitious bud differentiation and radication, test tube seedling cutting and transplantation were studied. [Result] The results showed that the optimum medium for granulated calluses induction from tender stem was MS+BA 0.3 mg/L+2,4-D 1-1.5 mg/L, for granulated calluses and adventitious bud differentiation was MS+AgNO3 1.5 mg/L +BA 0.4 mg/L +NAA 0.1 mg/L. 1/2 MS+IAA 0.6 mg/L was suitable for test tube seedling rooting and regeneration, and cinder was used as transplantation and cutting substrate. [Conclusion] This study will provide the scientific reference for choosing the feasible medium in tissue culture of Hemistepta lyrata Bunge.

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  • 我国部分区域链格孢属rDNA ITS区序列分析(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to identify Alternaria Nees. from some areas of China at molecular level by analyzing the rDNA ITS sequence.[Method] The DNA sequences coding for the 5.8S rDNA and the flanking internal transcribed spacers (ITS1 and ITS2) were amplified by PCR with universal primers ITS4 and ITS5 and subsequently sequenced for 34 Alternaria isolates from different areas of China.[Result] Sequences analysis showed that 5.8S rDNA was 159 bp and no variation in tested 34 isolates. There had variables sites in ITS. The isolates that had same sequences as A.tenuissima or A.alternata all put up eurytopicity to area and host. The variables sites of the isolates showed the diversity of Alternaria in the hosts of Oleaceae, Rosaceae and Solanaceae. At the same time that ITS could not clearly separated the isolates was indicated. The results indicated that the phylogenetic relationship were not closely related to the geographical origin and hosts of these isolates.[Conclusion] The sequence analysis of ITS region could provide theory basis for the identification of Alternaria Nees..

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  • 云南地方香稻与非香稻遗传多样性比较(英文)


    [Objective] The genetic diversity of the local cultivated aromatic rice and non-aromatic rice in Yunnan Province were compared to provide further genetic resources for breeding practice.[Method] Genetic diversity of 10 aromatic rice and 45 non-aromatic rice were analyzed by 64 SSR primers covered on 12 rice chromosomes. [Result] Per locus 5.44 and 7.98 alleles in average were detected, ranging from 2 to 12 and from 2 to 17 in aromatic and non-aromatic rice , respectively. Average genetic multiplicity index(Hs) was 0.46 and 0.67 respectively. The average polymorphism information content (PIC) was 0.43 and 0.58 in aromatic and non-aromatic rice respectively.[Conclusion] The results indicated that genetic diversity was higher in non-aromatic rice than in aromatic rice.

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  • 新型甘蓝型油菜核不育材料绵7AB-4-2农艺性状鉴定及分子检测(英文)


    [Objective] The study was to investigate the agronomic traits and breeding characteristics of genic male sterile material Mian 7AB-4-2 in Brassica napus. [Method] The differences in agronomic traits and polymorphisms in SSR markers, between the genic male sterile material Mian 7AB-4-2 in Brassica napus and its sisterly line Mian 7AB-4-1 were investigated by hybridization and molecular identification; and the percentage of sterile individuals of Mian 7AB-4-2 and of the hybrids with its sisterly line Mian 7AB-4-1 from test cross and back cross were also studied. [Result] Mian 7AB-4-2 was not significantly different in agronomic traits from its sisterly line Mian 7AB-4-1 at 0.05 probability level. The percentages of sterile individuals in the pollinated fertile Mian 7AB-4-2 plants were over 60%, and that in its sisterly line Mian 7AB-4-1 was about 25%. In test crosses with other nine sterile lines, Mian 7AB-4-1 kept the percentage of sterile individuals of sterile lines over 90%, and the percentage of sterile individuals from back cross over 80%. With regard to molecular markers, Mian 7AB-4-2 and its sisterly line Mian 7AB-4-1 were different in the band number from SSR primers a2 and E10. [Conclusion] The results indicate that Mian 7AB-4-2 is helpful for rapeseed breeding, quickening the application of new materials in field breeding.

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  • 不同H9N2亚型鸭流感病毒NS1基因克隆和功能进化分析(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to lay a foundation for the further studies on function mechanism of NS1 protein in the interspecies transmission of waterfowl influenza virus. [Method] Using the serologic assay and the specific RT-PCR method, some strains of H9 subtype waterfowl influenza virus were isolated from the 12 to 20 day-old muscovy duck flocks without any clinical symptoms in different areas of Guangdong Province. Four of these strains, including A/duck/ZQ/303/2007(H9N2) (A3 for short), A/Duck/FJ/301/2007(H9N2) (C1 for short), A/Duck/NH/306/2007(H9N2) (D6 for short), A/duck/SS/402/2007(H9N2) (E2 for short), and a strain named A/duck/ZC/2007(H9N2) (L1 for short) from a muscovy duck died of avian influenza virus (AIV), were used for NS1 gene cloning and sequencing. Subsequently, the obtained NS1 gene sequences were compared with other NS1 sequences registered in GenBank, and the phylogenetic analysis was also conducted. [Result] When compared with the H9N2 AIV NS1 sequences in GenBank, the NS1 genes of the four AIV strains A3, C1, D6 and E2 displayed homologies ranging from 99% to 100% at nucleotide level, and 95% to 100% at amino acid level; while the NS1 gene of L1 strain displayed homology ranging from 94% to 97% at nucleotide level, and 93% to 98% at amino acid level. The phylogenetic tree demonstrated that A3, C1, D6 and E2 were highly resemblant, and L1 was closest to AY66473 (chicken, 2003). By comparison with the NS1 gene sequences of L1, AF523514 (duck), AY664743 (chicken) and EF155262.1 (quail) using DNAstar, A3, C1, D6 and E2 presented nucleotide variations at site 21(R→Q), 70, 71(KE→EG), 86 (A→S), 124 (V→M) and 225 (S→N), and amino acid variations at site 21, 70, 71 and 86 in dsRNA-dependent protein kinase (PKR) binding domain of NS1 gene, which induced the evident variations of antigenic determinant and surface probability plot of NS1 protein. [Conclusion] This study suggested that the amino acid sequence variation in PKR binding domain of NS1 protein had something to do with the virus pathogenicity.

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  • 舟形藻的污水培养及条件优化(英文)


    [Objective] This study was to improve the biomass of Navicula tenera, and thus to provide reference for achieving the industrial production of Navicula tenera. [Method] The feasibility of using sewage to cultivate Navicula tenera was preliminarily investigated based on the consideration of regional characteristics; and a series of culture conditions including the nutrient source of nitrogen(N), phosphorus(P), iron(Fe), silicon(Si) and the salinity in medium for culturing Navicula tenera, were optimized by single factor test and orthogonal design. [Result] The optimized conditions for cultivating Navicula tenera using sewage are as follows: the water from Xiaoerlou Artificial Lake of Nanjing University of Technology as basic solvent; 360 mg/L urea; 150 mg/L N2HPO4·12H2O; 50 mg/L ferric citrate; 2 000 mg/L Na2SiO3·9H2O; 2.0 mol/L salinity. Navicula tenera was strongly adaptive to sewage and could well uptake the nutrient sources in the sewage. Under the optimized conditions, the culture cost decreased, and meanwhile the biomass of Navicula tenera reached 4.766 g/L which is 3.57 multiples over original medium and 1.9 multiples over optimized medium No. 1. [Conclusion] This study laid a foundation for the combination of culturing Navicula tenera in large scale and sewage treatment.

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  • 气象因子对麦田土壤呼吸速率影响的通径分析(英文)


    [Objective] The experiment aimed to study the effects of meteorological factors under different weather conditions on soil respiration. [Method] The path analysis was used to analyze meteorological factors which influenced soil respiration of wheat field under different weather condition and at jointing stage. [Result] In sunny day, the correlations between ground temperature at 5 cm, solar radiation, air relative humidity, air temperature and soil respiration were all at significant level while solar radiation and ground temperature at 5 cm were the major factors which influenced soil respiration. In cloudy day, solar radiation was a major factor which influenced soil respiration. [Conclusion] The soil respiration and surplus path coefficient in sunny day were all higher than these in cloudy day, which demonstrated that except influenced by ground temperature, air temperature, solar radiation and air relative humidity, the soil respiration was also influenced by other factors especially biological factor.

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  • 利用微卫星DNA标记分析贵州3个地方猪种的遗传多样性(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to provide the genetic basis for the protection, development and utilization of Guizhou local pig breeds. [Method] From 27 pairs of porcine microsatellite primers recommended by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG), six pairs (S0155, SW240, IGF1, SW951, SW857, SW24) were selected for microsatellite DNA detection of three Guizhou local pig breeds, including Nuogu Pig, Kele Pig and Guanling Pig. Subsequently, their genetic diversities were analyzed. [Result] The three pig breeds were high polymorphic at the six microsatellite loci (PIC>0.5). The Nei's standard genetic distance of them was 0.206 3-0.481 5. The genetic distance between Nuogu Pig and Kele Pig was the closest, and that between Nuogu Pig and Guanling Pig was the furthest. [Conclusion] The three Guizhou local pig breeds are in high genetic diversities. Nuogu Pig is a special type of Kele Pig, an excellent Chinese local pig breed.

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  • 广西巴马小型猪脂联素受体1和受体2 cDNA的克隆及序列分析(英文)


    [Objective] To clone and analyze the sequence of Adiponectin receptor 1 (AdipoR1) and receptor 2 (AdipoR2) cDNA of Guangxi Bama mini-pig. [Method] The Adiponectin receptors cDNAs were amplified by RT-PCR using skeletal muscle total RNA as template and then ligated into pMD18-T vector after purification. The recombinant pMD18-T vector was transformed into the E.coli DH5α for identification and sequencing. And the results were compared with the cDNA sequence from other species. [Result] The fragments, 1 128 bp and 1 161 bp in size, were amplified by RT-PCR and respectively consistent with the coding sequence of AdipoR1 gene and AdipoR2 gene. The homology analysis showed that the sequences of AdipoR1 gene and AdipoR2 gene were respectively 99.8% and 99.7% homologous to the sequence of domestic pig reported in GenBank with one base and three base missense mutations correspondingly. [Conclusion] The AdipoR1 gene and AdipoR2 gene were successfully amplified from Guangxi Bama mini-pig, laying the foundation for the further study of the biological function of AdipoR genes and the design of novel drugs with AdipoR as target.

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  • 马MxA基因第12外显子多态性检测(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to establish a fast and accurate method to detect the polymorphism of the 12th exon of equine MxA gene. [Method] The 12th exon of MxA gene was amplified by mismatch PCR and the products were analyzed by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) to determine the point mutation at the 1 790 nt of MxA cDNA. The sequence of the PCR products was also analyzed. [Result] There were three genotypes (AA, AB and BB) in the 12th exon of equine MxA gene; the 2 081 nt of MxA cDNA mutated from G to C, correspondingly changing the 562th amino acid of the coding region of MxA protein from tryptophan to cysteine; the specific sequence of the PCR products amplified by mismatch PCR-RFLP was consistent with the analysis results of RFLP. [Conclusion] The mismatch PCR-RFLP was an easy method with accurate results to detect the polymorphism of the 12th exon of equine MxA gene.

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  • 三元杂交猪IL-18全基因的序列测定及分析(英文)


    [Objective] To clone the porcine interleukin-18(IL-18) cDNA and explore the immunological effectiveness of porcine IL-18 as an adjuvant of genetic vaccine. [Method] The spleen lymphocytes were isolated from Henan three-way cross-breeding pigs. According to the porcine IL-18 gene in GenBank, a pair of specific primers was designed. The full length cDNA of porcine IL-18 was amplified by RT-PCR. Subsequently, porcine IL-18 cDNA was cloned into pGEM-T vector and sequenced and analyzed. [Result] The porcine IL-18 gene demonstrated an open reading frame of 579 bp encoding an inactive precursor protein with 192 amino acids. The precursor protein had no typical hydrophobic signal peptide and cleaved by interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β) converting enzyme (ICE) in caspase-1 splice site; the porcine mature protein had biological activity. After comparing with other porcine IL-18 genes, the nucleotide sequence homology was over 96% and the deduced amino acid homology was more than 98%. [Conclusion] A full length procine IL-18 gene was gained. It lays the foundation for porcine IL-18 as an adjuvant of genetic vaccine.

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  • 绵羊肌肉生长激素受体基因表达的发育性变化研究(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to explore the expression of muscular growth hormone receptor gene (GHR) in sheep at the early stage of growth and development. [Method] The GHR mRNA expression levels in longissimus dorsal muscles of male Kazak sheep and Xinjiang fine wool sheep with different ages were quantitatively analyzed by real time PCR. [Result] Sheep GHR mRNA expression level in longissimus dorsal muscle increased firstly followed by decline, and then kept steady until the end of the experiment, with the expression peak appearing on postnatal day 30. The GHR mRNA expression level of Kazak sheep was extremely lower than that of Xingjiang fine wool sheep from 2 to 90 days old (P<0.01). [Conclusion] Both age and breed had great effects on the expression of muscular GHR gene in sheep.

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  • 茄类内生菌的分离及拮抗细菌的筛选(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to isolate the endophyte of three solanaceae fruits and vegetables such as tomato, pepper and eggplant, to screen and identify the bacterial wilt antagonistic bacteria. [Method] According to the lapping liquid culture method, the endophyte of three plants was isolated by the selective medium and purified by the plate streaking method, so the purified endophyte was screened by the hyphal pieces confront culture method. Furthermore, the screened antagonistic and endophyteic bacteria was identified and classified through culture characteristics of isolates and morphological features of thallus, Gram stain as well as physiological and biochemical reactions. [Result] Fifty-three endophytic bacteria, fifty-three endophytic fungi and forty-four endophytic actinomycetes were separated from the endophyte of three plants. The screened fourteen endophytic bacteria with strong antagonistic effect on the bacterial wilt were classified to Bacillus, Escherichia, Klebsiella, Agromonas, Erwinia and Curto Bacterium respectively. Especially, Bacillus was the dominant species, which had the strongest antagonistic effect on the bacterial wilt. [Conclusion] This study provides an effective way for biological control of the bacterial wilt in solanaceae.

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  • 河朔荛花农药生物活性初探(英文)


    [Objective] The insecticidal and antibacterial bioactivity of Wikstroemia chamaedaphne Meissn were screened and bioactive substances in it were separated and purified. [Method]The Wikstroemia chamaedaphne Meissn was conducted ultrasonic extraction in petroleum ether, ethyl acetate and methanol. The insecticidal activity of Wikstroemia chamaedaphne Meissn to Mythimna separata walker and aphid were determined. The antibacterial activity of Wikstroemia chamaedaphne Meissn to Fusarium graminearu, Glomerella cingulata, F.oxysporium f.sp niveum, Alternaria solani and Fusarium oxysporium were also determined. The bioactivity-guided methods such as opencolumn chromatography and Pre-HPLC method were used to separate active components in petroleum ether extract from Wikstroemia chamaedaphne Meissn. [Result] When the concentration was 500 mg/L, 3 kinds of extracts from Wikstroemia chamaedaphne Meissn didn’t show obvious antibacterial bioactivity to 5 kinds of test samples. When the concentration was 5%, petroleum ether extract show certain topical toxicity to aphids. The ethyl acetate extract showed certain antifeedant activity to 3rd instar Larvae of Mythimna separata Walker. The fraction F4 of petroleum ether extract possessed highest topical toxicity to aphids and the lethality was 60.00%.[Conclusion] Wikstroemia chamaedaphne Meissn contained many insecticidal constituents whose active parts and mechanism were needed further researches.

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  • 云南省竹子害虫调查(英文)


    In order to improve the development step of bamboo industry, the pest investigation was done in Yunnan Province from 2000, and 1 500 specimens were collected. Basing on the investigation and the date of recordation, there had 224 species pests, belonging to 7 orders and 49 families. Among the pest, most done harm to the bamboo slightly, except Omphisa sp., Pantana phyllostachysae and Cyrtotrachelus buqueti. The disease and pest of bamboo should be investigated in whole province systematically.

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  • 南天竹栽培性状研究(英文)


    [Objective] This study was to systematically investigate the cultivated characters of Nandina domestica and to lay a foundation for breeding, cultivating, as well as its application in landscape. [Method] Using N.domestica populations from 13 different areas of Hunan Province as tested samples, the cultivated characters of N.domestica in both the cultivated type and wild type were systematically studied through field experiment and comparative analysis. [Resul] The phenological features of N.domestica from different areas and germplasm resources were basically identical; the growth patterns of cultivated type and wild type were also basically identical, but the cultivated type grew faster than the wild type; both the two types grew quickly at young stage, and either the annual growth of new shoots or the growth pattern of leaves confirmed the fitting curve of the Logistic equation. [Conclusion] This research provided basis for the exploitation and utilization the germplasm resources of N.domestica.

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  • 红树林保护区中互花米草结实器官数量特征研究(英文)


    [Objective] The countermeasure on the number of fructification of Spartina alterniflora in the period of sexual reproduction and the component of seed yielding construction was explored. [Method] The Spartina alterniflora in Mangroves conservation zone located at Hepu of Guangxi being taken as experimental material, its morphological and quantitative characteristics, as well as the weight of 100 full seeds at maturity stage in three different growth conditions(clay, loam and sand) were studied. [Results] The results showed that Spartina alterniflora had the best growth pattern in the loam. The morphological factors of fructification of S.alterniflora grown in sand were larger than in others. In the three growth conditions the order of quantitative characteristics of fructification of S.alterniflora was clay > sand > loam and the seeds in spikelet at top position were more maturity than those at the button position. [Conclusion] In good condition, the Spartina alterniflora growth was vigor but the ratio of seed-setting was low.

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  • 山东莱州发现三倍体薤白(英文)


    [Objective] The study was to analyze the karyotype of Allium macrostemon Bunge in Laizhou City of Shandong Province. [Method] The root tip of A.macrostemon was pretreated with 8-hydroxyquinoline solution, fixed, dissociated and stained for preparing the glass slide to reveal the chromosome number via the microscopic examination; the sparse cells with good chromosome morphology were photographed under microscope. [Result] Allium macrostemon Bunge in Laizhou City introduced in this study was triploid; its somatic chromosome number was 24 and karyotype formula was K(2n)=3x=24m(2SAT)+1Bs, thus the karyotype belongs to 1A type. One of the chromosome No. 3 contained satellite, and chromosome deletion may be existed in one of the chromosome No. 5. In addition, B chromosome was observed in some cells. [Conclusion] This introduction of triploid A.macrostemon found in China was the first time.

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  • 不同品种茶树矿质元素含量研究(英文)


    To understand the mineral elements in different varieties of tea (Camellia sinensis), 17 mineral elements in eight tea varieties including Yunnan Dayezhong, No.43 Longjing and No.6 Zaobaijian, were measured. The results showed that nine elements, such as P, K, Ba, Mn, Cu, were significantly different among varieties, others did not. Black tea varieties usually contain high contents of Cu and K. As a conclusion, mineral elements should be extensively considered in breeding tea varieties.

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  • 磁场对低温保存鸡精液品质的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to explore the effects of magnetic treatment on the quality of chicken semen stored at low temperature. [Method] 5 ml fresh chicken semen was divided into five groups equally, each of which was diluted at the volume ratio 1∶4. With the group without magnetic treatment as the control, the other four groups were magnetized for 6, 12, 24 and 48 min in the self-made magnetizer, respectively. Subsequently, all the five groups were stored at 2-4 ℃, and the sperm motility, survival time, survival index and deformity rate were observed regularly. [Result] Comparing with the control group, the magnetic groups showed higher sperm motilities and effective survival indices as well as lower deformity rates. The effective survival index of the group magnetized for 24 min was the highest and increased by 7.75% in contrast to the control. [Conclusion] Magnetic treatment can effectively enhance the quality of chicken semen stored at low temperature.

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  • 衣滞康散对胎衣不下奶牛血液流变学指标的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the research was to reveal the mechanism of Yizhikang powder treatment on dairy cattle with retained placenta from the hemorheological perspective. [Method] Dairy cattle with retained placenta were treated with oral administration of Yizhikang powder. And their hemorheological indexes were measured and compared with the corresponding indicators of pre-administration group, healthy group, and control group (sick but untreated). [Result] There was large decrease amplitude in the indexes (whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, whole blood viscosity reduction viscosity, ESR, ESR equation K value, fibrinogen content, platelet aggregation rate, RBC deformability IF value) of treated dairy cattle with retained placenta. By t test, the indexes, except hematocrit, decreased significantly after treatment (P<0.05) and reached the status of post partum healthy cows. The hemorheological indexes didn't change significantly in the control group before and after treatment. [Conclusion] Yizhikang powder could significantly improve blood flow state and reduced the occurrence of qi stagnation and blood stasis in perinatal period.

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  • 抗犬瘟热病毒荧光标记单抗的制备和初步鉴定(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the present study was to develop a direct immunofluorescence method for the diagnosis of canine distemper (CD) with FITC-conjugated monoclonal antibodies (FITC-McAb). [Method] The McAb against CDV, designated as CE3, was purified with protein G and labeled with FITC through agitation method. After purification and identification, the optimal working concentration of FITC-labeled CE3 was determined. Then 61 clinical samples of suspected canine distemper were detected by direct immunofluorescence assay. [Result] The absorption test, blocking test and specificity test showed that the labeled antibody had high specificity and sensitivity, but didn't have cross reaction with canine parvovirus (CPV), canine parainfluenza virus (CPIV), canine adenovirus (CAV) and rabies virus (RV). The optimal working concentration was 1∶80. The positive rate of clinical suspected samples was 48%. [Conclusion] The direct immunofluorescence assay developed in this study was rapid, specific and convenient, and had great significance for the early diagnosis of canine distemper.

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  • 奶牛乳腺上皮细胞的原代培养(英文)


    [Objective] To investigate the feasibility of the primary culture of bovine mammary epithelial cells in biochemical incubator. [Method] In vitro, bovine mammary epithelial cells were isolated and cultured by the tissue explant method in order to investigate the optimal culture conditions. The morphology observation and identification of the cultured cells were performed by inverted microscope observation, Giemsa staining and cytokeratin immunohistochemistry. [Result] Observed with inverted microscope, most of the bovine mammary epithelial cells were polygonal and displayed typical slabstone-like appearance. As it can be seen from cell staining results, the cell body was big and the nucleus was stained dark blue and was round or oval in shape, with clearly visible nucleoli, generally 2-4 nucleoli. The tissue-specific expression of cytokeratin 14 and cytokeratin 18 genes in mammary epithelial cells was identified by cytokeratin immunohistochemistry. [Conclusion] Primary bovine mammary epithelial cells were successfully cultured in biochemical incubator.

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  • 泥鳅消化道6种内分泌细胞的免疫组织化学定位(英文)


    [Objective] The study was to immunohistochemical localize the endocrine cells from digestive tract of Misgurnus anguillicaudatus.[Method] Using six gastrointestinal hormone antisera, the endocrine cells from digestive tract of M.anguillicaudatus was immunohistochemical localized.[Result] The 5-hydroxytryptamine immunoreactive(5-HT-IR) cells distribute in oesophagus, foregut and midgut; the distribution density was determined to be forepart of foregut> oesophagus and hindpart of foregut>gut, and the differences in the three density gradients reached significant level. Like PP-IR, SS-IR cells were observed mostly in oesophagus, followed by hindpart of foregut, least in forepart of foregut, but never found in gut and hindgut. The three kinds of immunocompetent cells Gas-IR, Glu-IR and SP-IR were not detected in each part of digestive tract. [Conclusion] This study may provide basic data for studying the nutritional and digestive physiology, as well as the preparation of meridic diets for M.anguillicaudatus.

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  • 抗鸡致病性大肠杆菌中药的筛选及其疗效观察(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to lay a foundation for obtaining effective traditional Chinese medicine preparations controlling chicken colibacillosis. [Method] With the western medicine Lomefloxacin Hydrochloride and Sodium Chloride Injection as the control, drug sensitivity tests of 15 single traditional Chinese herbs and seven self-made Chinese herbal compounds were conducted. Subsequently, the single traditional Chinese herbs presenting good in vitro antibacterial effects against Escherichia coli and all the seven compounds were given to the chicks artificially infected with E.coli to observe their efficacies. [Result] The results of drug sensitivity tests showed that all the 15 traditional Chinese herbs had certain antibacterial effect against E.coli, among which aloe, pomegranate rind and radix sanguisorbae were the best. Compound 1, 2 and 5 had good antibacterial effects in vitro. By in vivo test, traditional Chinese medicines showed superior efficacies on infected chicks than western medicine, and compound 1 and 2 performed well. [Conclusion] Traditional Chinese medicine preparations are good at controlling Chicken colibacillosis, but their bacteriostasis mechanism in vivo was different with that in vitro.

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  • 青海大通牦牛肌间脂肪酸组成分析(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to provide a theoretical basis for rational utilization of Datong yak resource. [Method] By qualitative and quantitative determination with gas chromatograph, the composition and content of intermuscular fatty acid of Datong yak were compared with those of Datong yellow cattle. [Result] Comparing with Datong yellow cattle, Datong yak had lower saturated fatty acid (SFA) content and higher polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) content at extremely significant level (P<0.01), while the difference of monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) contents between them was not significant (P>0.05). The PUFA/SFA and n-6/n-3 PUFA of Datong yak were in accordance with the recommended proportions. [Conclusion] The intermuscular fatty acid composition of Datong yak is superior to that of local yellow cattle, which indicates that Datong yak meat has high nutritive value and wide development prospect.

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  • 硫肥施用方式对冬小麦灌浆期籽粒蛋白含量动态的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The experiment aimed to provide a theoretical base of optimal cultivation management for the high yield and good quality and high efficiency of winter wheat.[Method] The effects of two sulfur fertilizer application methods on dynamic changes of grain protein content and glutenin content of Yumai 49 and Yumai 66 during wheat grain filling stage were studied under the field conditions. [Result] Both the grain protein and glutenin content of two cultivars were increased by sulfur fertilizer, particularly, the effects on Yumai 49 were more significant.[Conclusion] The grain content and glutenin content of different wheat cultivars could be increased by taking different sulfur fertilizer application methods.

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