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  • 番茄内生细菌的分离及其促生活性研究(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to investigate the growth-promoting activities of endophytic bacteria from tomato plants.[Method]The endophytic bacteria isolated from different tissues of tomato plants were analyzed for the effects of their growth-promoting activities on the germination and growth of tomato plants.The bacteria with growth-promoting activity were preliminarily identified.[Result]Totally 59 endophytic bacterial strains were isolated from roots and stems of tomatoes,of which 4 showed significantly growth-promoting activity to germination and growth of tomato.The results suggest that these strains are endowed with the potential capability of growth-promoting.[Conclusion]The endophytic bacteria with growth-promoting activity were found among the isolates from tomato plants.This provided a good foundation for utilization of these bacteria with growth-promoting activity.

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  • 丁草胺微乳液的研究(英文)


    [Objective] The properties of butachlor microemulsion were studied for developing a new formulation of new pesticides.[Method]AT method was used to determine the pseudo-ternary phase diagram to confirm the formulation of butachlor microemulsion.Through the measurement of electrical conductivity,the W/O and O/W types in microemulsion region of butachlor/emulsifier/water system were confirmed and the change of phase behavior during preparation process was discussed.[Result]The dilution stability,low temperature stability,heat stability,ageing stability,density and viscosity etc.of butachlor microemulsion met the requirement of the experiments,which demonstrated the qualified quality of butachlor.The density decreased linearly with the increase of temperature and the change of viscosity with temperature conformed to Andrade equation.[Conclusion]The research was helpful to the application of butachlor microemulsion in pesticide formulation.

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  • 聚乙烯醇空心微球的制备及其对尿素的缓释作用(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to discuss the optimizing preparation conditions of polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)hollow microsphere and its application in the production of slow-release urea fertilizer.[Method]PVA hollow microsphere was prepared by the emulsion chemical cross-linking method,while its composition,morphology and particle size was analyzed by technologies of FT-IR,SEM and TEM respectively.Thus,factors such as rate of emulsified speed,crosslink temperature and linking agent amount with effects on morphology and particle size of hollow microsphere were also discussed in this study.Furthermore,based on the optimizing preparation conditions,PVA fertilizer carrier microsphere was prepared by coating urea to investigate its sustained release effect on urea.[Result]The optimizing preparation conditions of polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)hollow microsphere were as follows:rate of emulsified speed 6 000 r/min,crosslink temperature 35 ℃ and linking agent amount 25 ml.PVA fertilizer carrier microsphere had significant sustained release effect on urea,and the optimal cross-linking time was 3 hours.[Conclusion]This study provides theoretical basis for the development of new slow-release fertilizer.

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  • 三江源区人工草地蒸散量与气候因子的相关分析(英文)


    Based on observation data from the mini-type automatic weather station,the evapotranspiration quantity of reference crops from artificial grassland in three river sources areas was estimated by the method of FAO Penman-Monteith.The actual evapotranspiration quantity of grassland was calculated according to the synthetic crop coefficients referenced by FAQ-56,and the change of the actual evapotranspiration quantity of artificial grassland in three river sources areas as well as the relationship between the evapotranspiration quantity and climatic factors were studied.The results suggested that the seasonal change of actual evapotranspiration quantity in grassland was expressed in a single peak curve with the peak in the middle August,and daily transpiration quantity in summer was significantly larger than that in winter.The evapotranspiration was significantly correlated with air temperature,solar radiation and relative humidity,but not significantly correlated with wind speed.Effects of climatic factors on the evapotranspiration quantity of artificial grassland were ordered as follow:air temperature(T)>solar radiation(Ra)>relative humidity(RH)>wind speed(u2).

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  • Hg~(2+)胁迫对小麦幼苗POD、CAT和SOD同工酶的影响(英文)


    [Objective] This work was aimed to explore the mechanism of Hg2+ toxicity on plants.[Method]Activities of peroxidase(POD),catalase(CAT)and superoxide dismutase(SOD)were investigated in wheat(Triticum aestivum L.)seedlings under Hg2+ stress at different concentrations.[Result]① There were no obvious effects on the growth of seedlings when the concentration of Hg2+ was lower than 0.10 mmol/L.However,toxic effects on the growth of seedling were observed when the concentration of Hg2+ was higher than 0.10 mmol/L.② Different tissues showed different resistant ability in response to Hg2+ stress.The leaves and roots of wheat seedlings were more insensitive to Hg2+ toxicity.③ CAT was more sensitive to Hg2+ stress compared to POD and SOD.[Conclusion]The toxic effect was related to the concentration of Hg2+(0.10 mmol/L).The higher concentration of Hg2+ could affect the expression of POD,CAT,and SOD isozymes in the leaves,roots of wheat seedlings and germinated seeds,which further affect the normal metabolism of membrane lipid and inhibit the growth of wheat seedlings at last.

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  • 硝态氮浓度对冬小麦幼苗根系活力及根际pH值的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The aim was to research the effect of concentration of NO-3-N on root vigor and rhizosphere pH of winter wheat seedlings under water culture.[Method]By selecting Hoagland's nutritional solution as cultural medium and winter wheat as material of experiment,on the basis,testing root vigor,nutrient solution NO-3 and change of pH values under the different level of disposal,such as high(containing NO-3-N 15 mmol/L),medium(containing NO-3-N 7.5 mmol/L)and lower(containing NO-3-N 2.5 mmol/L).[Result]The results of this research showed that the effect of different nitrogen level on the wastage of nutrient solution NO-3,the changes of pH values and root vigor is obvious under the hydroponics condition.[Conclusion]Though NO-3 is a safe nitrogen sources when it was supplied to plants too more,it would restrain assimilation on nitrate nitrogen farther,but when it was supplied to plants too little,it would lead to deficiency of NO-3 that plants uptake and decrease of root activity,so it isn't useful to wheat young seedling to absorb nitrogen nutrition.

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  • NaCl胁迫对甘薯试管苗生长和离子含量的影响(英文)


    [Objective] This study aimed to investigate the salt-tolerance mechanism of sweet potato.[Method]Two sweet potato varieties of Xu 25-2(salt-tolerant cultivar)and Triumph 100(salt-sensitive cultivar)were treated by sodium chloride with the concentration of 0 mmol/L and 100 mmol/L.After 20 days,Na+ content and Na+/K+ ratio in the roots,shoots and leave were determined by the flame photometer,while dry weight and fresh weight of roots,shoots and leave in different varieties were also studied.[Result]The growth of two sweet potato varieties was inhibited under salt stress,so the plant became shorter,leaf and root became fewer,dry weight of roots and leave decreased,but seedlings of Xu 25-2 were inhibited slightly.Furthermore,Na+ content and Na+/K+ ratio in roots,shoots and leaves of two sweet potato varieties increased.Na+ content of salt-tolerant Xu 25-2 was low in roots,shoots and leaves,while Na+ content of salt-sensitive Triumph 100 was high in shoots and leave of seedlings,but the change range of Xu 25-2 was less than that of Triumph 100.[Conclusion]The lower Na+ content and Na+/K+ ratio in leaves under salt stress were the most important characteristics for salt-tolerance of sweet potato varieties.

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  • 接种摩西球囊霉对盐胁迫条件下盐地碱蓬叶片SOD和CAT活性的影响(英文)


    [Objective] Under salt stress condition,effects of inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Glomus mosseae on SOD and CAT activity in Suaeda salsa seedlings under salt stress were studied.[Method]There were 2 NaCl levels,namely 0 and 400 mmol/L and each NaCl contained 2 treatments,one is inoculated by Glomus mosseae and the other is control.The growths of Suaeda salsa,SOD and CAT activities as well as MDA content in leaves was determined.[Result]Under salt stress condition,Glomus mosseae could increase the growths of Suaeda salsa,SOD and CAT activities in leaves and decreased MDA content in leaves.[Conclusion]It preliminarily demonstrated that Arbuscular Mycorrhizal(AM)Fungi could increase salt resistance of Suaeda salsa by increasing the activities of SOD and CAT as well as alleviating membrane injury.

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  • 一株海洋细菌HZBN43的鉴定(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to identify a bacterial strain isolated from ocean water from the Yellow Sea.[Method]Using 16S rRNA technique,a strain from Yellow Sea was preliminarily identified and analyzed.[Result]One 1 521 bp fragment of 16S rRNA was amplified from the strain HZBN43;homology analysis between the yielded sequence and the 16S rRNA sequences accessed in NCBI from other strains showed that HZBN43 belonged to Bacillus,and shared 99.79% homologue with the known species of Bacillus selenatarsenatis.[Conclusion]The sequence of strain HZBN43 was obtained.However,because of the incomplete sequence,the confidence level is just 46,so other corroborations are still required for grouping HZBN43 into an exact species.

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  • 松江鲈鱼ISSR-PCR反应体系的建立及优化研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to establish and optimize the ISSR-PCR system in roughskin sculpin(Trachidermus fasciatus Heckel).[Method] By using the primer of ISSR-63,the concentrations of Taq DNA polymerase,Mg2+,dNTPs and primer were optimized by orthogonal design for establishing the suitable ISSR-PCR system in roughskin sculpin;moreover,the suitable anneal temperature was yielded from gradient PCR on temperature.[Result]The optimized ISSR-PCR system(20 μl reaction volume)in roughskin sculpin was proved to be:2.5 mmol/L Mg2+,250 μmol/L dNTPs,0.25 μmol/L primer,1 U Taq DNA polymerase,30 ng DNA template and 1×PCR buffer;and suitable anneal temperature was determined to be 50.8 ℃.The established system was further confirmed by using 24 wild roughskin sculpin samples.[Conclusion]The results lay a foundation for the analysis of genetic diversity and germplasm resources of roughskin sculpin.

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  • 黑白花奶牛白细胞介素-2基因的克隆和表达(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to clone bovine interleukin-2 gene(IL-2)and observe its expression in prokaryotic cells.[Method]Bovine IL-2 gene was amplified from total RNA of peripheral blood lymphocytes of holstein-friesian cows by RT-PCR.Subsequently,the gene was cloned into pGEX-2T prokaryotic expression plasmid to construct recombinant,which was then transformed into Escherichia Coli BL21.After IPTG induction,SDS-PAGE analysis was conducted.[Result]A 500 bp target fragment corresponding with expectation was obtained by RT-PCR.The cloned gene successfully expressed fusion protein of about 43 kD in prokaryotic cells.[Conclusion]This study provided a theoretical and material basis for further researches on IL-2 gene.

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  • 百蕊草无性系建立与瓶外生根研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to establish the rapid micro-propagation system in Thesium chinense Turcz.[Method]With stem fragments of wild Thesium chinense Turcz as explants,different culture media were designed to conduct induction culture,strengthening plantlet culture and in vitro rooting.[Result]The optimum medium for inducing clustered shoots was determined to be MS medium appended with 1.5 mg/L 6-BA,0.01 mg/L NAA and 0.3 mg/L 2,4-D;in addition,60 mg/kg ABT was suitable for rooting,by which the percentage of rooted plantlets reached 76.6%.[Conclusion]This study simplified the procedures of tissue culture in Thesium chinense Turcz and enhanced the proliferation rate,providing basis for artificial cultivation and resource protection of Thesium chinense Turcz.

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  • pEGFP-N1-hTERT真核表达载体的构建与表达鉴定(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to construct eukaryotic expression vector pEGFP-N1-hTERT and observe its expression in eukaryotic cells.[Method]The eukaryotic expression vector pEGFP-N1-hTERT was constructed with pC1-neo-hTERT and pEGFP-N1 plasmids,and the accuracy of human telomerase reverse transcriptase(hTERT)gene fragment was confirmed by double enzyme digestion and DNA sequencing analysis.After transfecting pEGFP-N1-hTERT into rat fetal neural stem cells(NSCs),the protein localization of human telomerase reverse transcriptase were indirectly observed through green fluorescent protein in the cells,and the correctness of constructed pEGFP-N1-hTERT was certificated by RT-PCR and Western Blot analysis.[Result]The eukaryotic expression vector pEGFP-N1-hTERT had correct structure and could express in eukaryotic cells.[Conclusion]This study laid a foundation for the establishment of immortalized NSCs line in rats.

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  • O型口蹄疫病毒结构蛋白基因VP1的克隆与原核表达(英文)


    According to the complete genome of foot-and-mouth disease virus(FMDV)type O,a pair of special primers was designed to amplify VP1 gene.The VP1 gene was amplified by RT-PCR and subsequently inserted into the expression vector pGEX-6p-1 and induced by IPTG.Then SDS-PAGE showed the expressed protein was 51 kD in molecular weight.Then the product was purified by GSTrap FF columns.The product was detected through Western-blot that showed the protein has antigenicity.It provided fundamental data and materials for further investigation on diagnosis method of FMDV.

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  • 铜绿假单胞菌脂肪酶Lipase基因的原核表达(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to investigate the prokaryotic expression of pseudomonas aeruginosa Lipase gene.[Method]Lipase gene was amplified by PCR from the genome DNA of pseudomonas aeruginosa,and its nucleotide sequence was determined.The prokaryotic expression vector of Lipase gene was constructed by the gene recombination technique.The protein expression was induced for 4 hours by IPTG with the final concentration of 1.0 mmol/L,and then SDS-PAGE electrophoresis was analyzed.[Result]The sequence of mature peptides in Lipase gene cloned from pseudomonas aeruginosa had a 99.36% homology with that of pseudomonas aeruginosa lipase submitted in NCBI,so the prokaryotic expression vector of Lipase gene pET32a-Lip was successfully constructed.Furthermore,the results of SDS-PAGE electrophoresis showed that the target gene was expressed highly and effectively.[Conclusion]The cloned pseudomonas aeruginosa lipase with its signal peptide could be normally expressed in E.coli and also used for further study.

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  • 西川红景天nrDNA ITS序列初步研究(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to analyze the ITS sequences of nrDNA from Rhodiola alisa and investigate the difference of evolution rate between nrDNA and trnS-trnG and rpl20-rps12 sequences of cpDNA(chloroplast DNA).[Method]Total DNA was extracted from silica-dried leaves of R.alsia by using modified CTAB method.With the extracted DNA sample as template,nrDNA ITS region was amplified,then purified and sequenced.In addition,the yielded ITS sequences were also compared with the known trnS-trnG and rpl20-rps12 sequences of cpDNA from R.alsia.[Result]The ITS sequence of nrDNA from R.alsia was 701 bp in length,of which 13 variable sites were found with a percentage of 1.85%.Of the 13 variable sites,8 were caused by point mutations,5 were the results of insertions or deletions.The(A+T)content and(G+C)content were 46.9% and 53.1%,respectively.The nucleotide diversity(π)was 0.004 27.[Conclusion]The ITS region of nrDNA from R.alsia was more conservative and evolved more slowly than the trnS-trnG and rpl20-rps12 sequences of its cpDNA.

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  • 蚁科5个属蚂蚁的分子系统学研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to explore the taxonomic status and genetic relationship of ants at molecular level.[Method]Applying cyt b gene as a molecular marker,molecular phylogenetic analysis of 14 ant species of 5 genera(Camponotus,Formica,Polyrhachis,Pheidole and Crematogaster)in Formicidae was conducted.Partial sequences of cyt b gene in 14 ant species were analyzed with software MEGA,Clustal X and PAUP,and phylogenetic trees were constructed by Neighbor-Joining method(NJ)and Maximum-Parsimony method(MP).[Result]NJ tree and MP tree showed that the 14 ant species could be clustered into 5 branches.[Conclusion]The results of molecular phylogenetic analysis coincided with the views of traditional morphological taxonomy.

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  • 枸杞花药培养的初步研究(英文)


    To investigate the culture technique in anther of Chinese wolfberry,we optimized the culture medium(including hormone combination)and culture conditions.The results showed that calluses were induced from all the six tested Chinese wolfberry materials,but the induction rate of callus varied toward the materials with different genotypes.When the experimental materials were cultured on medium appended with 2,4-D 1.0 mg/L and KT 1.0 mg/L under dark,the callus induction rate reached 20.0 % in this study,and this hormone combination should be the optimum for anther culture of Chinese wolfberry.With MS appended with 6-BA 0.5 mg/L and NAA 0.1 mg/L as differentiation medium and that appended with NAA 0.1 mg/L,the plants could be yielded in 20 days.

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  • 不同条件对绒山羊体外培养初级毛囊生长的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to lay a foundation for illustrating the biological characteristics and growth regulation mechanism of hair follicles.[Method]Cashmere goat primary hair follicles were separated under aseptic condition and cultured in serum-free DMEM and serum-free Williams E media respectively;subsequently,the growth rate and morphological changes were observed under the inverted microscope.[Result]Hair follicles cultured in serum-free DMEM media showed a growth rate of 0.034 mm/d during the first 3 days,whose structure and morphological characteristics could maintian a stable status for a long time in the growth process.Hair follicles grew much faster in the serum-free Williams E media with a growth rate of 0.077 mm/d during the first 3 days.[Conclusion]There were significant differences(P<0.05)between the growth of cashmere goat hair follicles cultured in the 2 kinds of media.Serum-free Williams E medium was superior to serum-free DMEM medium.

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  • 黄芪·蒲公英等中草药配伍对肉仔鸡生长保健性能的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of Chinese medical herbs including astragali and taraxacum on health and growth performance of broilers.[Method] The tested Chinese medical herbs were added into the basal diet of avian broilers for measuring the variation of their health and growth performance.[Result]Compared to the control group(fed by basal diet and with antibiotics as additive),the body weight of broilers fed by compatibility A(0.8% astragali;0.4% haw;0.4% dried citrus peel;0.4% rhizoma atractylodis)and by compatibility B(1.2% taraxacum;0.8% smoked plums;0.8% amur cork-tree bark;0.4% astragali)increased by 6.12%(P<0.01)and 0.64%(P>0.05),respectively;feed intakes changed by-7.95% and 9.99%,respectively;feed conversion rates changed by-14.04% and 9.35%,respectively.The survival rate of compatibility B was similar to that of control group.[Conclusion]Compatibility of Chinese medical herbs containing astragali can improve the growth performance of avian broilers,and that containing taraxacum may to some extent result in the decrease of growth performance,but it can play the role instead of antibiotic additives.

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  • 鸡舍环境镰孢菌的定量研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to quantitatively analyze the Fusarium concentration and distribution in air and the surrounding substrates(feed,feces,dust,soil)in the chicken house to provide a scientific basis for the control and early warning of Fusarium infection in poultry and practitioners.[Method]Air samples collected by a 6-stage Anderson air microorganism sampler and exposed culture plates as well as substrate samples gathered by aseptic bags were cultured,counted and purified in the lab.[Result]717 strains of Fusarium isolates were obtained and the dust had the highest Fusarium concentration among the samples(2.8×105-1.5×106 CFU/g with an average of 8.8×105 CFU/g).[Conclusion]The Fusarium distribution in the air was in high correlation with those in soil and dust.

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  • 禽霍乱·新城疫二联油乳剂灭活疫苗研究(Ⅲ)——疫苗对鸭和鹅的安全性及免疫效力试验(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to provide theoretical basis for immunizing waterfowls(duck and goose)with the inactivated oil emulsion binary vaccine against Newcastle Disease(ND)and Fowl Cholera(FC).[Method]Bacterial liquid from solid culture media inoculated avian Pasteurella multocida(APM)type A and allantoic fluid from embryonic eggs infected with Newcastle Disease Virus(NDV)attenuated strain La Sota were mixed and inactivated by formalin to prepare 5 batches of inactivated oil emulsion binary vaccine,which were then used for the safety and immune efficacy test on duck and goose.[Result]Immunized ducks and geese didn't performed any adverse reactions in the safety test of the 5 batches of vaccine;the immune efficacy test showed that ND-HI antibody titers of ducks and geese were no less than 4 log2 three weeks after inoculation,and the protection rates against NDV and APM were 100% and 66.7%-83.3%,respectively.[Conclusion]The binary vaccine against ND and FC is safe and reliable for duck and goose,and can provide them with sufficient immunity protection against ND and FC.

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  • 草原红牛转铁蛋白和后转铁蛋白多态性及其与生产性能相关性研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation between blood protein polymorphism of red steppe and its performance.[Method]Two blood protein polymorphic loci were detected in transferring(Tf)and posttremsferr(Ptf)from thirteen red steppes and eighteen hybrid of limousin and red steppe by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.[Result]Tf and Ptf were controlled by three and two alleles respectively.[Conclusion]The variance analysis of blood protein polymorphic loci and its performance indicates that two protein loci have a positive or negative correlation with some traits of red steppe and the improved limousin cattle population.

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  • 炎毒热清及其微乳制剂小鼠急性毒性试验和体外抑菌作用(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to evaluate the safety and bacteriostasis of Yandureqing(AEE)and its microemulsion(AEE-ME).[Method]The acute toxicity was tested in mice by intragastric administration,and median lethal dose(LD50)as well as its 95% confidence interval was calculated by modified Karber method;the bacteriostasis was investigated by cylinder plate method.[Result]LD50 of AEE in mice was 10.937 g/kg with the 95% confidence interval of 9.309-12.850 g/kg;and LD50 of AEE-ME in mice was 5.357 g/kg with the 95% confidence interval of 4.388-6.566 g/kg.The MICs of AEE to Escherichia coli O149 from swine,Staphylococcus aureus,Salmonella pullorum and Streptococcus agalactiae were 10.00,20.00,20.00 and 10.00 mg/ml,respectively;while the MICs of AEE-ME to the 4 kinds of bacteria mentioned above were 5.00,10.00,5.00 and 5.00 mg/ml in turn,and that to Pseudomonas aeruginosa is 20.00 mg/ml.[Conclusion]AEE is an actually nontoxic drug and AEE-ME belongs to the low toxic preparation.AEE and AEE-ME have obvious bacteriostasis,in which AEE-ME is superior to AEE.

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  • 紫苏叶注射液的制备(英文)


    [Objective] To extract the effective component rosmarinic acid from Folium perillae,study preparation technology and quality control of rosmarinic acid injection and provide test basis for hemorheological drug development and clinic application.[Method]The coarse powder of Folium perillae(40 μm)was lixiviated with hot water and acidized to make aqueous extracts.Rosmarinic acid from the aqueous mixture was extracted with Ethyl Acetate.And Et Ac was evaporated to obtain primary product.The injection was purified by pH adjustment.Concentration of rosmarinic acid in the injection was detected by high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC).Contents of tannin,resin and oxalate were eliminated according to the Chinese Pharmacopeia(2005 edition).Stability,irritation,haemolyticus,LD50 and thermogenic substance of this injection were also detected.[Result]The content of rosmarinic acid in Folium perillae injection is 2.81 mg/ml,and the content of LD50 was 406.82 mg/kg.This injection was consistent with the stipulation of Chinese Pharmacopeia(2005 edition).[Conclusion]The preparation technology of this experiment was reasonable.The stable qualities of the prepared injection meet the injection requirement.

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  • 莱克多巴胺快速检测竞争ELISA试剂盒的研制及其性能测定(英文)


    Mixed anhydride(MA)was used to conjugate ractopamine(RAC)to BSA and obtained artificial antigen BSA-RAC identified by UV and SDS-PAGE.Balb/c mice were immunized with BSA-RAC and hybridoma lines that secrete RAC monoclonal antibody(mAb)were generated with cell fusion.A ciELISA kit for detection of RAC(RAC-Kit)was developed with RAC mAb and its performance were tested.The results indicated that BSA-RAC was successfully synthesized and its conjugation ratio of RAC to BSA was about 24.5∶1.Three hybridoma lines were filtered and the best one was 4D8-3E11,its affinity constant(Ka)was 1.65×1010 L/mol.The limit of detection of RAC-Kit was 0.5 ng/ml and its detection range was 0.5-184 ng/ml.The mean recoveries of RAC spiked in feed were 85.6% and in swine urine were 88.6%.The precision and accuracy of the assay as determined by inter-assay and intra-assay coefficient variation were below 15%.It had 9.4% cross-reactivity(CR%)to dobutamine and little or no CR to other compounds.The validity of RAC-Kit in 4 ℃ was in 180 d.

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  • 中国皮刺螨总科名录初报(英文)


    Medical gamasid mite is a general designation of a kind of non-insect arthropod and it can transmit many diseases.Dermanyssoidea is an important part of medical gamasid mite,so 126 new species in 9 genera have been added on the basis of Economic insect fauna of China and through combining many researches on Fauna of Gamasid Mites in China,so the research has enriched and extended the content of dermanyssoidea.

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  • 中国小麦秸秆纤维潜力研究(英文)


    Based on researches of the crop potential productivity,the potential productivity of light,temperature,water and land from wheat in China were calculated respectively,and converted into the potential productivity of wheat straw according to the coefficient of grain-straw ratio of wheat.Furthermore,based on the wheat planting area in 2006,the potential yield of wheat straw fiber in China was estimated.The results showed that the potential yield of wheat straw fiber in China could reach 94.91 million ton,which could provide evidence for the further potential analysis of bio-ethanol.

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  • 饲草玉米扦插繁殖技术研究(英文)


    [Objective] The experiment aimed to provide technical guidance for cutting propagation of forage maize SAUMZI.[Method]The survival situation of cuttings at different stem parts and with different internodes numbers and nutrient basis of cutting growth were studied in this experiment.[Result]The survival of young cutting was high while the rooting rate,germination rate and soluble sugar content of lower part of old stem and young cutting were all high.The rooting rate and survival rate with two nodes were higher than those with one node.The total nitrogen content in young stem and in all stems of two-year-old strain were relatively high while soluble sugar content was positively correlated to germination rate,however,total nitrogen content did not show obvious correlation with rooting rate and germination rate.[Conclusion]The young cutting possessed the highest survival rate and germination rate.

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  • 卫星搭载对紫花苜蓿当代植株生物量的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of space flight factors on plant biomass in the generation of alfalfa carried by the satellite.[Method]Seeds from three lines of alfalfa were carried by the seed-breeding satellite Shijian-8.After the satellite returned to the ground,stem diameter,primary branch number and current-year individual biomass of alfalfa were studied.[Result]After space flight,primary branch number and current-year individual biomass of alfalfa increased significantly,while the stem diameter had no significant change.Using the value over(the mean value of control + three standard deviation)as a criterion to screen,the variants with enlarged stem diameter,increased primary branch number and individual biomass was two,five and twelve respectively.[Conclusion]The obtained variants can be used in the variety improvement of alfalfa and its new variety breeding,but whether its favorable variation can inherit stably to the progenies needs further study.

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  • 基于MATLAB研究油菜叶片的生长动态(英文)


    [Ojective]The study aimed to simulate the growth dynamics of rapeseed leaves.[Method]Using nine rapeseed cultivars as experimental materials,the accumulation situation of rapeseed leaves was recorded and their growth dynamics were simulated by using MATLAB program.[Result]The leaf emergence rates of each genotype materials at different growth stages were determined to be:after spring>seedling stage>overwintering stage.All the related indices of the Logistic equation were higher than 0.976 7,commendably reflecting the growth dynamics of rapeseed leaves.[Conclusion]The study provided theoretical basis for the intelligentized cultivation and management and showed the practical guiding significance for the production of high quality rapeseed.

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  • 紫鸭跖草细胞中铜的分配和化学形态特征研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to reveal the mechanism of Cu2+ hyper-accumulator in Setcreasea purpurea Boom from the angle of distribution characteristics and binding form of Cu2+ in tissue cells.[Method]The distribution characteristics of Cu2+ in subcells of Setcreasea purpurea Boom was studied by the technique of differential centrifugation,and the binding form of Cu2+ in roots and leaves of Setcreasea purpurea Boom was also investigated by the sequential chemical extraction method and the enzymolysis method.[Result]Cu2+ in roots mainly distributed in the cell wall which is accounting for one third of the Total Cu2+ in roots,while Cu2+ in leaves mainly distributed in the chloroplast which is accounting for a quarter to the Total Cu2+ in leaves.Under the high concentration of Cu2+ or the extended treatment duration,the translocation of Cu2+ in root cells into the cell wall increased but the translocation of Cu2+ in root cells into the plastid decreased,while the translocation of Cu2+ in leaf cells into the chloroplast increased but the translocation of Cu2+ in leaf cells into the cell wall decreased.Cu2+ in leaves was mainly combined with amino acid,small molecular polymeric pigments,protein and polysaccharide,while Cu2+ in roots was mainly combined with cell wall substances such as cellulose and membrane-bound protein.[Conclusion]The distribution characteristics and binding form of Cu2+ in cells is possibly one of the dominant mechanisms for Cu2+ hyper-accumulator in Setcreasea purpurea Boom.

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  • 烟台绵枣儿的核型研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to investigate the chromosome number and the karyotype of Scilla scilloides in Yantai.[Method]Root tips of Scilla scilloides were pretreated by 8-hydroxyquinoline,then fixed,dissociated and stained for slice production.The chromosome number was analyzed by microscopic examination,and then cells with good chromosomal morphology and dispersal chromosome were studied by microscopic photos.[Result]The somatic chromosome number of Scilla scilloides in Yantai was 2n=16+1Bs,while the karyotype formula was K(2n)=2x=16+1Bs=6m+4sm(2SAT)+4st+2t+1Bs and the karyotype classification was "3B" type.[Conclusion]Karyotype comparison,division of cell type and evolution of Scilla scilloides in Yantai are discussed,which provides basis for cytogenetics,evolutionary genetics,modern taxonomy and genetic breeding.1

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  • 海南岛药用蕨类植物资源调查(英文)


    There are almost 400 species(containing 8 varieties)of pteridophytes on Hainan Island,belonging to 43 families and 114 genera,one third of which are officinal.To understand the distribution of pteridophytes resources of Hainan Island,we conducted this survey mainly by photographing the habitat,plant morphology,sorus and specific traits of some pteridophytes.The results showed that nearly 32 families and 94 species were recorded.These pteridophyte herb resources play important roles in medical treatment of native Li nationality people.

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  • 直立型川麦冬黄酮含量变化规律的初步研究(英文)


    [Objective] The experiment aimed to inquire into the regular pattern of the flavonoids content in erect type Ophiopogon jaonicus preliminarily.[Methods]In the main Ophiopogon jaonicus-producing area,we use the method of home position dynamic method to gather sample for experiments,use UV to determine the flavonoids content in Ophiopogon jaonicus and use correlation and regression method to analyze the relation between flavonoids content and the growth period of Ophiopogon jaonicus.[Results]The relation between flavonoids content(y1)and the growth period(x∥d)of erect type Ophiopogon jaonicus is:y=1.235 6lnx-4.748 9(n=7,50≤x≤730,0≤y≤3.128,r0.001=0.950 7,r=0.954 2).[Conclusion]During a determinate time(50≤x≤730),positive correlation exists between flavonoids content and the growth period of Ophiopogon jaonicus.Our research has a great importance in directing the scientific harvest and GAP production of erect type Ophiopogon jaonicus.

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  • 微波消解-电感耦合等离子体质谱法测定怀牛膝中重金属元素含量(英文)


    [Objective] The inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry(ICP-MS)was constructed to determine the contents of lead,cadmium,mercury and arsenic in Archyranthes bidentata Blume.[Method]Under the optimum operation condition of ICP-MS,the samples were digested by microwave.The element 114In was taken as an internal standard element to compensate body effect and ICP-MS method was used to determine the contents of lead,cadmium,mercury and arsenic.[Result]For the determined elements,the correlation coefficient(r)of standard curve was over 0.9995 and recovery rate was from 96.7% to 106.4% while RSD was less than 11.2%.The result of determination showed that the heavy metal content in Archyranthes bidentata Blume.beyond standard was serious.[Conclusion]The constructed ICP-MS method with simple operation,rapid response,accuracy and high sensitivity in this experiment could be used for quality control of Chinese medicinal materials by detecting heavy metal contents in different Chinese medicinal materials from original places.

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  • 不同施氮水平下枸杞主要次生代谢产物与多糖的关系研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to investigate the optimum application amount of nitrogen in Lycium barbarum based on considering the relationship between main secondary metabolites and polysaccharide.[Method]Under field conditions,the effects of different application amounts of nitrogen on main secondary metabolites of betaine,carotenoid and flavone of Lycium barbarum and the relationship between main secondary metabolites and polysaccharide.[Result] The main secondary metabolites of betaine,carotenoid and flavone of Lycium barbarum varied under different application amounts of nitrogen.The proper application amount of nitrogen(600-900 kg/hm2)was beneficial to the formation and accumulation of secondary metabolites such as carotenoids.Correlation analysis results showed that polysaccharide were negatively correlated with betaine,carotenoid and flavone at significant probability level.[Conclusion]Considering the relationship between the output and quality of the fruits of Lycium barbarum,the optimum nitrogen application amount should be 600-900 kg/hm2.

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  • 豆天蛾幼虫保藏研究(英文)


    In order to solve the seasonal supply problem of Clanis bilineata Walker larvae,effects of larva instar,time and temperature on larvae preservation were studied in this experiment.The results indicated that the 5th instar mature larvae had the best preservation durability,and their optimum preservation condition was 2-4 ℃ with a upper time limit of 8 months.

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