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  • 天冬氨酸族氨基酸对沼泽红假单胞菌J001辅酶Q_(10)合成的影响(英文)



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  • 枯草芽孢杆菌B47高产拮抗物质菌株的紫外诱变选育(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to breed new strains which have higher inhibitory effects on the pathogens of watermelon fusarium wilt.[Method] The endophytic Bacillus subtilis B47 strain was obtained from tomato stems by UV mutagenesis for two consecutive times,then genetic stability as well as physiological and biochemical properties of mutant strains were studied.[Result] The antibacterial activity of all the three mutant strains F303,F304 and F305 was higher than that of B74 strain.After subculture of 10 successive generations,the antibacterial activity of all the three mutant strains for the pathogens of watermelon fusarium wilt decreased,but the antibacterial activity of F305 strain decreased the least,indicating its best genetic stability among the tested strains.The antibacterial circle diameter of F305 strain was 5 mm larger than that of wild strain B47 under the same condition.The mutant strain F305 was in logarithmic growth phase within 36 h and in stationary phase within 36-96 h,while its optimum growth temperature was 35 ℃.F305 strain could grow in sodium salt with the concentration of 1%-10%,but it grew best at the concentration of 1%.Physiological and biochemical responses of F305 strain were in accordance with those of wild strain B47.[Conclusion] This study lays the foundation for the factorial production of antagonistic substance by B47 strain and new methods of preventing from the pathogens watermelon fusarium wilt.

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  • 不同盐胁迫处理下番茄种子萌发期的耐盐性研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to provide the theoretical basis for screening and utilizing salt-tolerant tomato varieties as well as for cultivating salt-resistance.[Method] Salinity tolerance of tomato during seed germination under simple salt sodium chloride and double salt calcium nitrate or sodium chloride stress were studied by Petri dish culturing.[Result] As the two kinds salt concentration increased,the germination regularity,the germination rate,the germination index and the growing vigor index of tomato seedlings decreased,but the germination losing rate increased.When salt concentration was from 0.2% to 0.4%,there was little difference among all indexes under two kinds of salt stress.However,when salt concentration was from 0.6% to 1.0%,the difference among all indexes under two kinds of salt stress was significant.[Conclusion] Salinity tolerance of tomato seeds under double salt calcium nitrate or sodium chloride stress was higher than that under simple salt sodium chloride stress.

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  • 盐胁迫对水稻幼苗类囊体膜脂肪酸组分的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the study is to understand the changes of fatty acid composition of rice thylakoid membrane under salt stress.[Method] Under salt stress of different concentrations of NaCl,rice seedlings of Pokkali and Peta with six leaves and one central leaf were used as experimental materials to extract the fatty acid from their thylakoid membranes,and gas chromatograph(1890)was used to analyze fatty acid composition.[Result] Fatty acid component 14∶0,18∶0,16∶1(3t),18∶1 in both the two experimental materials showed little variations in the first four days of salt stress,whereafter they increased slightly;while the fatty acid component 16∶0 and level of saturation of fatty acid(LSFA)showed the similar variation trend in the first four days of treatment compared to those of the fatty acid components mentioned above,whereafter they rose in Pokkali and presented an opposite variation trend in Peta;fatty acid component 18∶3 and level of unsaturation of fatty acid(LUFA)reduced all the time under stress condition,and the reducing amplitude in 100 mmol/L NaCl treatment group was smaller than that of 100 mmol/L NaCl treatment group,and in Pokkali was smaller than that in Peta under specific conditions.Meanwhile,level of saturation of fatty acid in both experimental materials increased,and the rising amplitude in Peta was smaller than that of Pokkali.[Conclusion] With regard to LUFA,Pokkali is endowed with more salt tolerance than Peta.

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  • 玉米芽期抗旱性研究初报(英文)


    The drought resistances of 44 maize germplasms at budding stage were studied with 19.2% polyethylene glycol(PEG-6000)in order to provide new germplasm resource for drought resistance breeding of maize.The results showed there were five extremely high drought resistance germplasms,20 germplasms with high drought resistance,and 19 germplasms with medium drought resistance.The significance testing was also used to demonstrate that the germination index(GI)and germination of drought resistance index(GDRI)of N4,N54-1 and Wuming No.1 were dramatically remarkable than others.The conclusion was that the 44 maize germplasm had good drought resistance and could be used as germplasm resource of the drought resistance breeding of maize,which had a great value of development and utilization.

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  • 化学杀雄剂EXP对油菜膜脂过氧化及保护酶活性的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to investigate the characteristics and mechanism of chemical emasculation in rapeseed and to provide the theoretical basis for development and utilization of new chemical gametocides.[Method] The activity of peroxidase,catalase and the content of hydrogen peroxide,malondialdehyde in leaves and flower buds of Brassica napus cultivars Qinyou No.3 and L89 induced by the chemical gametocide EXP in the course of male sterility were studied.[Result] Protective enzyme activity and the content of hydrogen peroxide,malondialdehyde in rapeseed treated with EXP changed significantly,which indicated that active oxygen metabolism was abnormal.Furthermore,there was a significant difference in the reaction degree of different cultivars and organs treated by EXP.[Conclusion] There was a correlation between the disturbance of active oxygen metabolism and the male sterility induced by chemical gametocide EXP.

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  • 超级稻P88S/0389光合特性初探(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to understand the high yield often photosynthetic mechanism of super hybrid rice P88S/0389.[Method] Chlorophyll and carotenoid contents were measured via the method of Wellburn and Lichtenthaler,and the photosynthetic rate and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters were measured using portable photosynthesis system.Through comparison of above measured indices between P88S/0389 and its parents,the photosynthetic characteristics were obtained.[Result] The pigment content of P88S/0389 lied between their parents,and detailedly was closer to its female parent at earlier growth stage and to its male parent at latter stage,respectively.The Pn,Fv/Fo,Fv/Fm and qP of the flag leaf of P88S/0389 were all higher than those of its parents,while the degradation rates of these parameters were slower than those of its parents.The qN of flag leaf was lower than those of its parents,and the increasing rate of qN of P88S/0389 was also slower than those of its parents,indicating the great heterosis of P88S/0389 to its parents in photosynthetic capacity.The data show that P88S/0389 is endowed with stronger capacities in light energy absorption,transformation and carbon fixation compared to its parents.[Conclusion] The light energy absorbed by hybrid mainly contributes to photochemical reaction,and little for heat dissipation.For ensuring high yield,the rice cultivars selected for production should synchronously possess higher photosynthetic rate and longer high value duration.

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  • 猪ADAMTS-1基因对繁殖性状的遗传效应分析(英文)


    The nucleotide sequences in exon 7 of a disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs-1(ADAMTS-1)gene in Landrace pig were obtained with cloning and sequencing by using PCR-RFLP technique in this experiment.Sequence alignment results showed that the C/G substitution in exon 7 induced amino acid change(Arg → Pro).AA,BB and AB genotypes were found in Landrace pig by PvuⅡ-RFLP.Correlation analysis between genotypes and reproductive traits indicated that ADAMTS-1 was significantly correlated with litter size(LS)and number born alive(NBA).

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  • 橡胶延长因子基因的原核表达及其多克隆抗体的制备(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to prepare the recombination protein of rubber elongation factor and its polyclonal antibodies.[Method] The encoding gene of rubber elongation factor(REF)was amplified by RT-PCR,and cloned into the prokaryotic expression vector pDEST17 to transform into Escherichia coil BI2I-AI.The recombinant protein induced by L-Arabinose was purified by the affinity chromatography.As the immunogen,the recombination protein was used to immunize mice for preparing polyclonal antibodies,while ELISA and Western blot hybridization were used to detect the titers and specificity.[Result] The purified recombination protein of REF with high expression was used to immunize house mice for preparing polyclonal antibodies with high titer and specificity.The western blot hybridization showed that the antibody could recognize the natural REF from latex.[Conclusion] The recombination protein of REF was successfully obtained and the mouse anti REF antibody with high titer and specificity was prepared,which lays a basis for further studies on biological functions of rubber elongation factor and other membrane proteins in rubber particles.

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  • 新疆红花主要栽培品种遗传多样性的RAPD分析(英文)


    [Objective] Study on the genetic diversity in main cultivars of safflower distributing in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region by means of RAPD makers.[Method] Genomic DNAs of 29 safflower accessions from Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region were extracted for PCR amplification using 20 RAPD primers.[Result] Totally 156 bands were amplified,among which 144 bands were polymorphic(accounting for 92.31%),indicating that safflower is endowed with plentiful genetic diversity.Based on the DNA fingerprint,the 29 safflower accessions were grouped into four populations,the classification results may be not related with ecological regionality.[Conclusion] RAPD technique is an available tool to analyze the genetic diversity of safflower germplasm at molecular level.

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  • 中国西北内陆干旱区大叶白麻野生居群遗传多样性研究(英文)


    [Objective] Study on the genetic diversity in wild populations of Poacynum hendersonii.[Method] Random amplified polymorphic DNA(RAPD)technique was employed to analyze the genetic diversity in five wild populations of P.hendersonii sampled from Xinjiang,Gansu and Qinghai provinces.[Result] Totally 165 clear and repeatable bands were generated in RAPD reaction by using 20 primers screened from 80 primers,of which 110 were polymorphic,accounting for 66.67%.At species level,Nei's gene diversity index(H),Shannon's information index(I)and genetic differentiation coefficient(Gst)were 0.220 5,0.304 7 and 0.908 2,respectively.P.hendersonii germplasm resources share a high level of genetic diversity,and genetic differentiation mainly exists among the populations.Results from genetic distances and cluster analysis showed that relationships among P.hendersonii populations were to some extent related with their geographical and climatic characters.[Conclusion] This study suggests that the conservation of P.hendersonii should focus on the protection of many populations,particularly the Qinghai population.

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  • 小球藻的分离及其DNA提取方法的研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to isolate Chlorella vulgaris(chlorella)and extract its genomic DNA.[Method] Both the dilution method and drip method were employed to isolate chlorella from lake water samples;the conditions for culturing chlorella were optimized and its genomic DNA was extracted by improved CTAB method and SDS method.[Result] The proper conditions for chlorella culture were as following:temperature 20-25 ℃,illumination 4.39-5.86 W/m2 and rotational speed 100-150r/min;improved CTAB method was suitable for extracting genomic DNA from chlorella.[Conclusion] The study is helpful to study the chlorella at molecular level and promote the exploitation and utilization of chlorella resources.

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  • PttGA20-氧化酶基因dsRNA抑止载体的构建(英文)


    [Objective] Genetic Engineering technology was used to regulate the expression of PttGA20-oxidase gene thus restrained plant height growth and internode elongation for cultivating dwarfed plant.[Method] Based on the RNAi principle,the gene specific sequences of PttGA20-oxidase in the antisense and sense orientations interrupted by a gene sequence from GUS were cloned into a binary vector pBI121.The selection marker gene npt Ⅱ was replaced with bar gene to RNAi plasmid.[Result] After undergone different endonuclease restrictions,the constructed constraint vector released different segments whose sizes were similar to that of target segment,which demonstrated that the RNAi plasmid of PttGA20-oxidase gene was successfully constructed.[Conclusion] The experiment provided a new way for culturing dwarfed plant.

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  • 棉花WD40基因的克隆及生物信息学分析(英文)


    A pair of PCR primers was designed based on the conserved sequences of WD40 family gene of different varieties.The normolization library was screened by PCR methods,the cDNA insert size of positive clones were analyzed by PCR method.A full-length cDNA of WD40(GenBank accession number:EU219610)in cotton was obtained from sequencing.This gene is 1 796 bp in length,containing an open reading frame encoding 274 amino acids and a stop codon from 35th to 860th position.The bioinformatics characterization indicates that the protein is encoded by WD40 domain.pI and molecular weight of the protein encoded were predicted to be 4.24 and 29 kDa,respectively.The yielded gene was accondingly named as GDRP1.RT-PCR analysis showed that the expression of GDRP1 varied during the gland formation process.These results will be helpful for our further study on the gland formation of cotton.

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  • 普通小麦-簇毛麦易位系T6BS·6BL-2VS的选育(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of experiment was to provide a new germplasm for wheat breeding by further using desirable genes in 2V chromosome of Haynaldia villosa.[Method] Through hybridization between common wheat(Triticum aestivum)-Haynaldia villosa disomic substitution line and common wheat Nonglin26-3C chromosome of Aegilops triuncialis disomic addition line,the analysis methods such as chromosome C-banding,genomic in situ hybridization and molecular marker technique were comprehensively applied and combined characters investigation.[Result] The wheat-Haynaldia villosa translocation line(T6BS·6BL-2VS)was selected from hybrid progenies to conduct characters investigation,which found some bristles on glume ridge of T6BS·6BL-2VS.[Conclusion] The translocation line induced by gametocidal chromosome was a small segment translocation line and the gene of bristle on glume ridge of Haynaldia villosa was located between the middle and the terminal of 2VS.

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  • 苜蓿种子空间诱变生物学效应研究初报(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to understand the mutagenic effects of space flight on alfalfa seeds.[Method] Seeds of three lines of alfalfa were carried into orbit by the satellite 'Shijian-8' for space fight,the indices including seed germination rate,plant height and growth rate,were measured after the seeds been retrieved.[Result] Remarkable mutagenic effects occurred on the flight seeds,which were mainly presented by abnormal cotyledon,extended variation range of plant height and growth rate.Nineteen plants with increased plant height were preliminarily screened from the T0 progenies,but whether the mutated trait could inherit should be confirmed in further study.Three flight lines of alfalfa are different in the percentages of abnormal cotyledon(10%-18%),variation range of plant height(increased 30%-150% compared to control),selected plant number with increased plant height(5-7 plants),suggesting that differences exits between the three lines in mutation efficiency.[Conclusion] Valuable mutated materials could be obtained by space flight and applied in modern agriculture.

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  • 我国南方水稻孕穗期适宜温度和全生育期≥10℃积温指标鉴定(英文)


    According to phenological observation data of fourteen stations in Hunan,Hubei and Jiangxi provinces from 1994 to 2006,indices of suitable temperature at the booting stage and accumulated temperature(≥10 ℃)during the whole growth period in early or late rice in the south of China were analyzed by statistics and biological relationship between factors.Indices of the optimum daily mean temperature and the minimum temperature at the booting stage were as follows:Early convention rice variety was 25.7 ℃ and 22.3 ℃ respectively,hybrid variety was 26.5 ℃ and 23.3℃ respectively;while late convention rice variety was 25.6 ℃ and 22.3 ℃ respectively,hybrid variety was 25.8 ℃ and 22.6 ℃ respectively.Indexes of accumulated temperature during the whole growth period were as follows:The early-maturing variety,the middle-maturing variety and the late-maturing variety of early rice was 2 512.1 ℃,2 528.4 ℃ and 2 651.3 ℃ respectively,while the early-maturing variety,the middle-maturing variety and the late-maturing variety of late rice was 3 126.2 ℃,3 031.5 ℃ and 3 335.2 ℃ respectively.The above indexes all met the requirements of identification,which could provide reference for formulating the meteorological standard of rice in the south of China.

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  • 甘蓝型油菜DH系培养技术优化(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to reveal the disinfectants and disinfection methods,medium components,and embryoid culture method on dissociative microspore culture.[Method] B5 as basic medium appended with different concentrations of sucrose,agar and different hormone combinations was used to optimize the culture technique for DH line in Brassica napus L.[Result] Both the 15 min disinfection of NaClO containing 5% Cl-and 10 min disinfection of 0.1% HgCl2 performed well in disinfection and subsequent embryo production;in the extraction process of dissociative microspores,B5 medium containing 2% sucrose could achieve a good embryo production effect;under dark condition microspores were firstly incubated at 32 ℃ 5-7 d,then at 25 ℃ 12-15 d,and finally transferred to 25 ℃ oscillator(60-65 r/min)for 3-7d,when the embryoid would become full ripeness;1/2MS medium appended with 1.2% agar,0.02% NAA,2.0 mg/L 6-BA,3.4 mg/L AgNO3 and 2% sucrose was helpful for embryoid differentiation and plantlet generation,presenting low degree of browning and slight vitrification.[Conclusion] The results may facilitate DH Line in rape production in large scale and high efficient transformation system.

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  • 耐储藏杂交水稻新品系储藏优1号农艺性状及耐储藏特性研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to investigate the storage durability of a new line of endurable storage hybrid rice Chucangyou No.1 selected by endurable storage genes of Yunhui 290.[Method] Agronomic characters of the new line and the control II you 838 and Shanyou 63 were comparatively studied,and storage durability of the new line and indica,japonica or hybrid rice were also comparatively analyzed by the accelerated ageing test.[Result] Agronomic characters of the new line were excellent,and germination rate in the artificial accelerated ageing test was significantly higher than those in other materials.[Conclusion] Chucangyou No.1 has the better storage durability,which can be used in large scale of extention.

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  • 龙眼越冬期间冠层温度与大气温度关系的初步分析(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to provide supports for developing chilling and freezing injury monitoring and disaster damage assessment of longan(Dimocarpus Longan Lour.).[Method] Based on field observation data,the relationships between longan canopy temperature and air temperature under different weather types(sunny,cloudy to sunny,cloudy,rainy,radiation chilling injury and advection chilling injury)in 2007-2008 winter were analyzed.[Result] Diurnal variations of longan canopy temperature under sunny and radiation chilling injury weather conditions were most dramatic,followed with those under cloudy to sunny condition,while variations under cloudy,rainy and advection chilling injury conditions were mild.Diurnal variations of orchard air temperature were also closely related to weather types.By using linear and curvilinear regression methods,the relationship models between longan canopy temperature and observation station air temperature were established.The models for cloudy,rainy and advection chilling injury had better effects than those for sunny,cloudy to sunny and radiation chilling injury;the models for night were better than those for daytime and the whole day.[Conclusion] To some extent,applying the relationship models between longan canopy temperature and observation station air temperature could make up the shortcoming of meteorological data which were higher than the real values.

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  • 竹柏属和罗汉松属叶输导组织的观察(英文)


    The conducting tissue structure of transverse and longitudinal sections was observed on leaves of Podocarpus and Nageia.Results showed:in Podocarpus leaves,there is only one midrib,the xylem tracheid of midrib vascular bundle is multi-form,transfusion tissue belongs to Cycas-type and transfusion tracheids are isodiametric,the accessory transfusion tracheids between palisade tissue and sponge tissue are developed;in Nageia leaves,there are plenty of parallel leaves,the xylem tracheids of each vein are relatively simple,transfusion tissue belongs to Taxus-type and transfusion tracheids are longer in longitudinal section than that in transverse section,the accessory transfusion tissue between palisade tissue and sponge tissue is absent.Considering other differences that in leaves of Podocarpus there are three resin ducts under vascular bundle of midrib,mesophyll cells are differentiated into palisade tissue and sponge tissue;in leaves of Nageia,there is only one resin duct under vascular bundle in each vein and no obvious differentiation in mesophyll cells,palisade tissue can be found on both sides,and sclereids can also be found in mesophyll tissue.The anatomical differences of leaf veins and mesophylls between Nageia and Podocarpus mentioned above support the viewpoint that Nageia and Podocarpus are two independent genera.

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  • 3个杨桃品种茎次生木质部导管分子结构研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to provide the theoretical basis for variety identification of carambola and pomiculture.[Method] The molecular structure of vessels in stem secondary xylem from three carambola varieties of Malaysia 8,Misi and Malaysia B17 were studied by cell image analysis system and microphotography.[Result] The molecular structure of vessels in stem secondary xylem from carambola was as follows:the first type had tails in two ends,the second type had tail in one end,and the third type had no tails in two ends.The average length of vessel elements was from 328.88 to 366.09 μm,while its average width was from 44.61 to 52.43 μm.Most of the end wall was simple perforation plates,while the alternate-opposite pitting was the major forms of pitting.[Conclusion] Most characteristics of vessel elements from carambola were evolutionary characters of vessel elements in the process of phylogeny,but there were more primitive characters,for example,both two ends of vessel had tails or just one end had tail,and end wall was inclined.The molecular structure of vessel from carambola was in accordance with its ecological adaptability,and the growth characteristics of different varieties were also in accordance with the difference of molecular structure of vessel.

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  • 中国南瓜自交系的聚类分析(英文)


    A cluster analysis was carried out based on Euclidean genetic distances through UPGMA method in Chinese pumpkin inbred lines.7 important agronomic traits of 46 Chinese pumpkin inbred lines were investigated.The result indicated that 46 pumpkin inbred lines were clustered into 4 groups and the inter-groups distances was larger than that in intra-group.The genetic distances of parents were related to F1 performance and the results of cluster would increase effectiveness in the Chinese pumpkin crossing breeding.

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  • 体细胞核移植法获得转人乳铁蛋白基因克隆山羊妊娠的研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to understand the effects of donor cell type,embryo stage,number and transfer position on the efficiency of goat transgenic clone.[Method] Using somatic cell nuclear transfer technology,the single goat fetal fibroblasts(GFF)and mammary gland epithelial cells(GMGE)harboring human lactoferrin(hLF)gene were transferred to the enucleated oocyte.Reconstructed karyoplast-cytoplast couplets were fused,activated,and cultured in vitro.Embryos at 2-8 cell stage were transferred into oviduct of synchronized recipients,and blastocysts were transferred into uterine horn.[Result] The pregnancy rate was similar between GFF and GMGE(oviduct transfer:26.47% vs.20.00%),and between oviduct transfer and uterine horn transfer(26.47% vs.25.00%)for GFF group;pregnancy rate in the group with the mean number of embryo transferred per recipient of 21.2 was significantly higher than in those the 5.93 group and 9.64 group(40.00% vs.26.67% and 21.43%).[Conclusion] These results indicate that pregnancy rate of goat transgenic clone couldn't be affected by donor cell type,embryo stage and transfer position but be done by the number of embryo transferred per recipient.In addition,the study also suggests the feasibility of making transgenic goat using GMGE as donor cells.

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  • 卵母细胞体外成熟时间对绵羊核移植效率的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to provide references for the time of oocyte maturation in vitro and enucleation in the course of sheep nuclear transfer(NT).[Method] Compared the effects of different maturation time of oocytes on enucleation efficiency and reconstructed embryo development by means of blind enucleation and fluorescence microscopy.[Result] Treatment of IVM(in vitro maturation)19-21 h was significantly higher than IVM 16-18 h treatment in oocyte maturation rate(P<0.05)and was significantly higher than IVM 22-24 h treatment in enucleation rate(P<0.05).Three treatments had no significant difference in cleavage rate and blastocyst rate(P>0.05),but IVM 19-21 h treatment was significantly higher than the other 2 treatments in average cell number of blastocysts(P<0.05).[Conclusion] The appropriate in vitro maturation time of oocytes was 19-21 h for sheep nuclear transfer,which could significantly improve the quality of blastocysts according to the cell number per blastocyst(P<0.05).

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  • 野生及人工养殖暗纹东方鲀肌肉营养成分的比较分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to evaluate the nutritive value of Takifugu obscurus and provide the scientific basis for artificially feed research.[Method] The nutrient components and nutritive qualities in the muscle of wild and artificially reared Takifugu obscurus were comparatively analyzed.[Result] The contents of crude protein,crude fat,crude ash,total amino acids,essential amino acids and half essential amino acid in the muscle of wild Takifugu obscurus were all higher than those of the artificially reared.The content of four delicious amino acids in the muscle of wild and artificially reared Takifugu obscurus was 17.59% and 14.44%(percentage of dry weight),respectively.The essential amino acid index(EAAI)was 52 and 40 separately,and the constitutional rate of the essential amino acids met the FAO/WHO standard.Valine was the first limiting amino acid of Takifugu obscurus.[Conclusion] The muscle of wild and artificially reared Takifugu obscurus were all high quality food full of animal protein,while the protein nutritive value of wild Takifugu obscurus was higher than that of the artificially reared.

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  • 野生中药材资源钩藤种子发芽研究(英文)


    [Object] The research aimed to find out seed germination conditions and regulations.[Method] Seeds were soaked by clear water and 4 chemical agents of different concentrations(NaHCO3,KHCO3,K2CO3,NaClO)then conducted germination test in illumination box.[Result] Seed germination number and absolute germination rate(above 80%)in water treatment group was obviously higher than other treatments.[Conclusion] No dormancy phenomenon in mature embryo and no inhibition in seed coat,so conventional moist treatment can induct seed germination.

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  • 干姜的镇静作用研究(英文)


    [Objective] The experiment aimed to explore sedation of dried ginger.[Method] By compared the experimental results before and after intragastric administration,the influences of decoction of dried ginger at different concentrations(1,2,3 mg/ml)on locomotor activities of white mice.[Result]When the decoction of dried ginger was 1 g/ml,the time of free movements and the number of raising forelimbs of mice were obviously detained(2.5 h after intragastric administration).When the decoction of dried ginger was 2 g/ml,the time of free movements and the number of raising forelimbs of mice were obviously influenced however the inhibition time is short than that of 1 g/ml.When the decoction of dried ginger was 3 g/ml,the inhibition is not obvious.[Conclusion] Dried ginger had some sedation effect which was related to its dosage.

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  • 沙葱提取物抗菌效果的研究(英文)


    [Objective] Study on antibacterial activity and stability of the ethanol extracts from Allium mongolicum Regel.[Method] Taking Allium mongolicum Regel.(AMR)as experimental material,the antibacterial and stability test,antibacterial capacity and antibacterial activity substance stability of extracts were studied.[Result] Size order of antibacterial effect of extracts on these 5 strains tended to be:Saccharomyces cerevisiae > Penicillium sp.> Aspergillusniger> Staphylococcusaureus> Escherichia coli;under neutral or slight alkaline conditions,optimum antibacterial effect presented best;and UV light irradiation basically had no influence on tested strains.[Conclusion] Antibacterial effect of ethanol extract shows great difference among these strains,and antibacterial activity substance is of good heat and UV light stability.

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  • 我国苦茶资源主要生化成分的鉴定评价(英文)


    Bitter tea is a special kind of tea germplasm in China.The major biochemical components of 24 bitter teas and other 8 Camellia sinensis var.sinensis and 8 C.sinensis var.assamica tea germplasms,which were stored in the China National Germplasm Hangzhou Tea Repository(CNGHTR),were analyzed and evaluated.The results showed that no significant differences of major biochemical components affecting the tea quality were found between bitter tea and common tea.According to the processing suitability index,bitter tea was suitable for the manufacturing of black tea;while according to evolutionary indices such as the composition and content of catechin,bitter tea was similar to C.sinensis var.assamica belonging to the relatively primitive type in evolution.The results of cluster analysis indicated that bitter tea was clustered with C.sinensis var.assamica,so it could be considered to belong to C.sinensis var.assamica.

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  • 强健性多丝量蚕品种“野三元”的育成(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to breed eminent mulbery wild silb with hypersilk.[Method] Eminent mulberry wild silkworm basic materials Ye A and Ye B were bred by distant complex crossing of wild mulberry silkworm with strong stress resistance and hypersilkgeneous silkworm,then hybridized with Japanese silkworm strain,the new silkworm variety "Yesanyuan" with healthiness and hypersilkgene was bred.[Ressult]The results of laboratory identification and rural productive test in Jiangsu Province showed that it has excellent feeding habit,strong stress resistance,high yield,excellent silk quality and excellent fecundity.The new silkworm variety "Yesanyuan" had been approved by Silkworm Variety Evaluation Commission of Jiangsu Province in 2008,it is suitable to rear in Yangtze River catchment for Spring and Autumn,North sericultural area for all-year.[Conclusion] The study is helpful for the development of silkworm industry.

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  • 泥浆土壤特性动态检测(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to provide basic files and theoretical guidance for constructing sluicing-siltation dam using soil with high clay content soil.[Method] The soils of Dagou basin near Xiwu Village of Baishui County,Shaanxi Province were taken as experimental materials.pvc pipes with same height and diameter were used to construct testing model for dynamically determining settlement,shear strength,wet density of grouting bulk under 2 different grouting speeds(15 cm/d and 25 cm/d).[Result] Under different grouting speeds,general change trend was similar during grouting course.The subsidence,deformation,shear strength and wet density increased with the increase of grouting speed.Five or six days after grouting,daily displacement under 25 cm/d grouting speed was fewer than that under 15 cm/d grouting speed.[Conclusion] The increase of grouting speed could shorten the time for reaching the same subsidence,deformation,shear strength and wet density and increased displacement at the initial stage of grouting,however,with the increase of grouting time,lower grouting bulk was bad for displacement at later grouting period because it was near impermeable layer.

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  • 泡塑富集ICP-MS测定土壤中痕量金(英文)


    The aim of this study is to determine the trace amount of gold in soil sample using plastic foam enrichment-ICP-MS method.The national standard reference materials including GAu-2,GAu-10,GAu-11 and GAu-13 were used for parallel determination by ICPMS.The results showed that the method performed well in detection limit,precision and accuracy,indicating that the plastic foam enrichment-ICP-MS method could be used to determine the trace amounts of gold in soil sample.

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  • 马齿苋提取物对枸杞蚜虫毒杀和拒食活性的研究(英文)


    [Objective] The experiment studied on insecticidal and antifeedant action of on Portulaca oleracea provide theoretical basis for developing a new botanical insecticide by taking Portulaca oleracea a raw material.[Method] The insecticidal activities of the ethanol extracts and 5 kinds of extracts with petroleum ether,chloroform,ethyl acetate,n-butanol,water from Portulaca oleracea L..against Aphis sp.was studied;Leaves are using drug treatments of 5 extracts anti-feedant activity of Aphis sp.[Result] The results showed that 95% ethanol extract displayed high contact activity to Aphis sp.The corrected mortality after 48 h reached 95.4 % under the concentration of 50.00 mg·ml-1 and the insecticidal activities of 5 extracts against Aphis sp.was in the order that petroleum ether > chloroform > n-butanol > ethyl acetate >water.Five kinds of anti-feeding activity in the extract of the order for the water> ethyl acetate> n-butanol > chloroform >petroleum ether.[Conclusion] The extract from Portulaca oleracea L.has a strong contact toxicity of pesticide active on Aphis sp.substances and for a small polar compounds,the strong anti-feeding activity is a kind of larger polar compounds.

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  • 鸦胆子愈伤组织提取物的杀虫活性研究(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to lay a foundation for the screening of cell lines producing secondary metabolites of Brucea javanica(L.)Merr.[Method] The insecticidal activities of the extracts from branch and 3 different types of calluses of Brucea javanica(L.)Merr.was detected through methods of leaf disc and potted seedlings against the diamond back moth.[Result] Extracts from four kinds of Brucea javanica(L.)Merr.tissues assumed both the activities of antifeedant and oviposition deterrency against the diamond back moth.Antifeedant effect of extracts was in turn the callus C< callus B< callus A< branches.Oviposition deterrency activity of the extracts was in turn the callus A> branch > callus B>callus C.The insecticidal activities of callus A and B were higher than that of the callus C.[Conclusion] The results show that insecticidal activity of callus and its growth rate is inversely proportional.

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  • 苍耳提取液与植物内生真菌抗菌活性研究(英文)


    [Objective] The study was aimed to provide theoretical foundation for developing a new fungicide with high activity,low toxicity and low residua.[Method] Based on the plant growth rate and inhibition zone methods,the antifungal activity of extracts of every organ of Xanthium sibiricum,the fermentation liquid of endophytic fungi MC4-23,and the extract of mycelium were tested with six kinds of pathogenic fungi and three kinds of pathogenic bacteria respectively.[Result] The extract of every organ of Xanthium sibiricum,the fermentation liquid of endophyic fungi MC4-23,and the extract of mycelium all had antifungal activities.The acetone extracts of Xanthium sibiricum had stronger antifungal activities than the ethanol extracts of Xanthium sibiricum.The extracts of leaf have the strongest antifungal activities against fungi and bacteria.The inhibition rates of the six pathogenic fungi were all above 47.8%,and the inhibition diameters of the three pathogenic bacteria were all above 0.5 centimeter.The fermentation liquid of endophytic fungi also had strong activities against the fungi and bacteria.The inhibition rates of the six pathogenic fungi were all above 68.1%.The extracts of root of Xanthium sibiricum and the mycelium of endophytic fungi were all had antifungal activities.[Conclusion] Xanthium sibiricum and endophyic fungi MC4-23 had great value of development and utilization.

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  • 巢湖、瓦埠湖沉积物中氮赋存形态研究(英文)


    Composition and distribution of nitrogen in Chaohu Lake and Wabu Lake sediments were studied.The results showed that the mean total nitrogen content in Chaohu Lake and Wabu Lake was 0.533 g/kg and 0.265 g/kg respectively,and the primary composition of nitrogen was organic nitrogen(94%).The organic index indicated that the organic pollution degree of Wabu Lake was lower than that of Chaohu Lake.

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