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  • 随机交配群体隐性致死纯合基因型出现的平方Logistic模型(英文)


    From the random mating population of maize, the relationship between heterosis and albino seedling was analyzed by means of mathematical theory, further the square logistic model for the appearance of lethal recessive homozygous genotype was deduced. The model shows that heterosis can determine the genetic structure and proportion of population. It approves, that the proportion of aa in each generation of maize seedlings shows a similar Logistic curve in growth process till equilibrium, so long as Aa containins lethal gene a from mutation presents heterosis. The ratio of equilibrium state of aa is determined by the ratio of AA-Aa fitness. Heterosis is helpful for the keeping of genetic diversity of population.

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  • 低叶绿素b水稻突变体的抗氧化酶系统研究(英文)


    [Objective] The mitigative effect of antioxidase system of a rice mutant with low chlorophyll b on photooxidative damage was studied.[Method] A rice mutant with low chlorophyll b and its wild type were taken as experimental materials to comparatively research their peroxide (H2O2) contents, the activity and isozymes of superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT) and peroxidase (POD) in chloroplast.[Result] Compared with the wild type, there were many kinds of SOD, POD and CAT isozymes in leaf cells and chloroplast cell of mutant, and the activity of SOD, POD and CAT isozymes in leaf cells and chloroplast cell of mutant was also correspondingly higher. Under intense light condition, the H2O2 content of chloroplast in mutant was less than that in the wild type. [Conclusion] The higher activity of scavenging active oxygen can relieve the photooxidative damage made by excessive light energy of intense light on photosynthetic membrane, which is an important reason for higher photosystem Ⅱ (PS II) stability of this mutant.

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  • 红厚壳光合特性研究(英文)


    [Objective] The experiment aimed to research the photosynthetic characteristics of Calophyllum inophyllum Linn.and the relations between Calophyllum inophyllum Linn. and ecological factors.[Method] The portable photosynthesis system(Li-6400) was used to determine photosynthetic characteristics of 6-year-old Calophyllum inophyllum Linn.[Result] Both the leaf net photosynthetic rate change and diurnal variation of transpiration rate were single peak type.The relations among the leaf net photosynthetic rate of Calophyllum inophyllum Linn.and photosynthetically active radiation,CO2 concentration and other relevant ecological factors(including transpiration rate, stomatal conductance, difference of vapour pressure and leaf temperature) were two quadratic linear relations.[Conclusion] Calophyllum inophyllum Linn. preferred strong light irradiation and high temperature environment and the experiment has provided foundations for ecological and commercial cultivations.

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  • 盐胁迫对蓖麻Na~+、K~+吸收分布特点和叶绿素荧光的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to reveal the salt resistance of castor. [Method] Under salt stress, the growth, osmotic potential, chlorophyll fluorescence parameters, Na~+ and K~+ uptakes and transports in the seedlings of two Ricinus communis varieties (cultivar castor ‘Zibi 6’ and wild castor which grew naturally in coastal saline-alkali land), were comparatively studied. [Result] Wild castor preformed better in halophilism than that of cultivar castor Zibi 6 under the NaCl treatment. One of the salt tolerant mechanisms of castor is to improve K~+ uptake and transport to overground portion, thus to maintain K~+/Na~+ homeostasis in leaves; on the other hand, the high stability of Photoreaction System Ⅱ (PS Ⅱ) plays a key role in maintaining the leaf photosynthetic rate under salt stress. [Conclusion] The results of this study provided theoretical basis for the extension and application of castor in saline beach.

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  • 外源NO对高温强光胁迫下小麦叶片膜脂过氧化和叶绿素荧光的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to prove effects of NO on oxidative damage and photosynthetic apparatus at filling stage of wheat leaves under high temperature and irradiance stress.[Method] Yunong 949 was taken as experimental material to study the effects of sodium nitropprusside (SNP,an exogenous nitric oxide donor) at 0.1 mmol/L on protective enzyme activities, oxidative damage and fluorescence.[Result] The treatment with SNP (at 0.1 mmol/L) significantly increased the activity of SOD and APX, proline content, decreased the MDA content and relative electrical conductivity, Kept the higher Fv/Fm and lower Fo.[Conclusion] The adaptability of wheat with SNP treatment at 0.1 mmol/L was improved under high temperature and irradiance stress.

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  • 茶薪菇基因组DNA的RAPD反应体系优化(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to screen out optimum RAPD reaction system on genomic DNA of Agrocybe chaxingu Huang.[Method] The single factor experiment was adopted to select the required Mg2+ concentration, template DNA concentration,primer concentration,dNTPs concentration,Taq enzyme concentration and anneal temperature initially.[Result] The optimum reaction system for RAPD amplification of Agrocybe chaxingu Huang was listed as follows:2.5 μl Buffer, 2 mmol/L Mg2+, 75 ng DNA, 0.5 μmol/L primer, 150 μmol/L dNTPs and 2.0 Taq enzyme.The reaction process was also listed as follows: denaturation for 5 min at 92 ℃,35 cycles(1 min at 92 ℃, 1 min for 35.5 ℃ and elongation for 2 min at 72 ℃),10 min at 72 ℃.[Conclusion] The research provided reference for conducting RAPD analysis of and studying genetic relationship and genetic diversity of Agrocybe chaxingu Huang.

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  • 野桑蚕中肠组织cDNA文库的构建及丝氨酸蛋白酶基因片段的克隆与序列分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the study is to construct cDNA library of midgut tissue of wild silkworm and isolate the serine protease gene. [Method] The midgut tissue-specific cDNA library of wild silkworm was constructed via cDNA Library Construction Kit (TaKaRa), then the serine protease gene was cloned via sequencing of the yielded cDNA library. [Result] The titer of cDNA library reached 6.2×105 pfu/ml, average insert size was about 1.2 kb. The serine protease gene cDNA fragment was obtained from colony sequencing (Accession No: EU672968). The nucleotide sequence of the cloned 854 bp fragment encodes 284 amino acid residues. Homology analyses showed some homology between putative amino acid sequence of the cloned fragment and amino acid sequences of serine proteases from other ten insects. [Conclusion] The results may avail to reveal the resistance of silkworm and wild silkworm to exotic intrusion.

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  • 高尔基体驻膜糖蛋白GP73启动子克隆(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to clone the active promoter of golgi membrane glycoprotein GP73. [Method] The sequence within the range of upstream 1 000 bp and downstream 400 bp of transcription initiation site was analyzed, the genomic DNA of hepatoma cell line Huh-7 was regarded as template for PCR amplification. The amplified fragment was cloned into recombinant construct with enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) report gene. The expression of EGFP in recombinants were observed under fluorescence microscope after transfection, with the assistant of flow cytometry. [Result] The 1 310 bp ranging between upstream 980 bp and downstream 330 bp of transcription initiation site assumed promoter function. The region contains two core promoters and several conserved sequences including TATA box and many DNA binding sites such as NF-κB, AP1, GC-SP1. [Conclusion] The cloning of the promoter provides a reference for the study of the transcription mechanism of GP73.

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  • 尼罗罗非鱼DMRT蛋白B细胞表位的预测(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to predict the B cell epitope of DMRT protein in Oreochromis niloticus. [Method] The secondary structure of amino acid sequence of DMRT protein was revealed by Garnier-Robson, Chou-Fasman and Karplus-Schulz methods. The hydrophilicity plot, surface probability and antigenic index were obtained by Kyte-Doolittle, Emini and Jameson-Wolf methods, respectively. Based on the above results, the B cell epitopes for DMRT were predicted. [Result] Both the prediction results from Garnier-Robson, Chou-Fasman methods indicated that the α-helix centers of DMRT protein in O. niloticus were in the N terminal No. 31-56, 68-75, 110-116, 209-211 and 239-243; the β-sheet centers of DMRT protein in O. niloticus were in the N terminal No. 95-99, 177-183, 225-234 and 251-254. With the assistant of Kyte-Doolittle, Emini and Jameson-Wolf methods, the B cell epitopes for DMRT were located in or nearby the N terminal No. 13-16, 35-38, 47-54,84-93, 101-109, 127-156, 166-177 and 198-201. [Conclusion] These results are helpful for preparing the antibody of DMRT protein and revealing the sex determination mechanism of O. niloticus.

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  • 渗透调节物质及有机附加物对小麦体细胞胚发生影响的研究(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to reveal the effect of osmosis-regulating substances and organic appendices on somatic embryogenesis in wheat. [Method] The suitable concentration combination of appendices was optimized by adding different concentrations of osmosis-regulating substances including mannitol, sorbitol and organic appendices such as Gln, CH and LH, into the somatic embryogenesis in wheat. [Result] The mannitol or sorbitol lower than 40 g/L was helpful for improving somatic embryogenesis; there was no significant difference in the induction rate of somatic embryogenesis when 300-500 mg/L Gln、CH or LH was respectively added into the induced medium, while somatic embryogenesis could be enhanced dramatically in the presence of 500 mg/L Gln together with 300 mg/L CH. [Conclusion] Somatic embryogenesis could be improved to some extent by different concentrations of osmosis-regulating substances and organic appendices, which laid foundation for establishing a more perfect system of somatic embryogenesis in wheat.

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  • 绒山羊瘤胃甲烷菌mcrA基因的RFLP分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to understand the population composition of methanogens in rumen fluid of grazing Inner Mongolian cashmere goat. [Method] Total DNAs of various bacteria in rumen fluid were isolated for PCR amplification using the specifically designed primers based on conservative mcrA sequence of methanogens; then mcrA specific clone library was accordingly established. The restriction fragment length polymorphism(RFLP) of the library was further analyzed by digestion of restriction enzyme Taq I. [Result] One hundred and five randomly selected specific colonies were classified into six RFLP types, among which the dominant type accounts for 38%, and other types account for 27%, 18%, 5.5% and 4.5%, respectively. [Conclusion] There are at least six different methanogens in rumen fluid of grazing Inner Mongolian cashmere goat.

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  • 基于nrDNA ITS序列的18份宁夏枸杞资源的遗传多样性(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to investigate the genetic polymorphism of eighteen Lycium barbarum resources via nrDNA ITS sequencing. [Method] The genomic DNAs from Lycium barbarum leaves were isolated by modified CTAB method for PCR amplification on the nrDNA ITS region using specifically synthesized primers; the amplified fragments were cloned and sequenced, then the sequencing results were clustered. [Result] nrDNA ITS sequences of the tested eighteen Lycium barbarum were firstly obtained in the present study. For all eighteen tested materials, the variation range of whole ITS region was 559-634 bp, with an average of 612 bp; alignment analyses showed that the whole length of internal transcribed spacer (ITS1+ITS2) was 480 bp, within which there are 194 variation sites (accounting for 40.4%) and 286 conserved sites (accounting for 59.6%). The cluster results showed that the eighteen tested materials could be grouped into three classes. [Conclusion] Analysis of nrDNA ITS sequence may avail to identify the Lycium barbarum germplasm resources.

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  • 牛瑟氏泰勒虫P23基因的克隆与生物信息学分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to provide basis for developing genetic engineering vaccine and diagnostic kit for Theileria sergenti infection. [Objective] P23 gene of Theileria sergenti was amplified from its genomic DNA by PCR amplification, and cloned into the pGEM-Easy vector; then the sequencing result was analyzed with bioinformatics methods. [Result] Whole length of the P23 gene from Theileria sergenti is 684 bp containing a 672 bp open reading frame. The deduced amino acid sequence (223 amino acid residues) contains a signal peptide of 19 amino acid residues and two fragments of transmembrane domains, with relative molecular weight of the 25.886 kD and with the pI of 9.22. The homology between the yielded sequence and Chitose of Theileria sergenti P23 gene(TS-Chitose type, D84446), Ikeda of Theileria sergenti P23 gene(TS-Ikeda type, D84447) reached 99% and 90%, respectively. The sequence has been accessed in GenBank(EU573168). [Conclusion] The protein encoded by the P23 gene has better stability and immunogenicity, thus can be used as the antigen candidate for preparing genetic engineering vaccine for Theileria sergenti.

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  • 以G418为筛选标记的极细链格孢菌(Alternaria tenuissima)原生质体转化体系的建立(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to establish a protoplast transformation system in Alternaria tenuissima. [Method] The protoplast of A.tenuissima was firstly prepared by enzymolysis method; then the yielded protoplast was transformed by G418 resistant DNA plasmid using PEG/CaCl2 method. [Result] The growth phenotype and PCR detection showed that resistance gene had integrated into A.tenuissima genome. The transformation efficiency of this method reached per μg DNA 3-4 transformants. After subculture thrice under nonselective condition, G418 resistance could still inherit stably. [Conclusion] The transformation system of A.tenuissima was successfully established, which laid basis for studying of the gene function of Alternaria tenuissima.

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  • T-DNA插入产生的水稻小粒突变体的遗传分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to understand the genetic characteristics of a grain shape mutant and its possible role in genetic improvement of grain yield in rice. [Method] On the basis of the collection of T-DNA tag lines, the progeny of homozygous plants carrying T-DNA insertion were screened for mutants with mutated phenotypes. The genetic analysis of the mutant and test for the linkage between the mutated phenotype and the T-DNA insertion were carried out to determine its genetic characteristics. [Result] In the present study, a grain shape mutant induced by T-DNA insertion in rice was identified, which showed small grain. Genetic analysis of the mutant showed that the two types of phenotype, normal and small grain in the segregating populations derived from the T-DNA heterozygotes, fit the ratio of 3∶1. Test for Basta resistance showed that all the mutants were resistant while the normal plants segregated for resistant and susceptible by the ratio of 2∶1. The results indicated that the mutant phenotype cosegregated with Bar gene. The small grain mutant caused by T-DNA insertion was confirmed by PCR amplification aiming at T-DNA. [Conclusion] The grain shape mutant is useful for isolation of the tagged gene and genetic improvement in rice.

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  • 香蕉MaPRMT1基因的分离及表达分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of experiment was to lay molecular foundation for studying maturity mechanism of banana after harvest. [Method] The combined method of suppressing subtractive hybridization and cDNA micro-array were used to obtain cDNA segment of one PRMT gene in banana and the whole cDNA sequence of the gene was cloned.The bioinformatics analysis was operated on it,in addition, the expression profile analysis was conducted in different organs and different mature periods of banana.[Result] The whole length of cDNA in MaPRMT1 was 1 158 bp and possessed a complete open reading frame,which could encode 385 amino acids.It had high homology with PRMT in plant,containing one Methyltransf_1 domain.The MaPRMT1 gene was expressed in root,stem,leaf and fruit of banana and the expression levels in stem and leaf were relatively high.As the increase of days after harvest,the expression level declined gradually,however it reached maximum when ethylene release was biggest,then it declined.[Conclusion] MaPRMT1 belonged to the first kind of arginine methyltransferase and it was expressed differently in different organs and fruits at different mature periods.

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  • 香蕉14-3-3蛋白基因Ma-14-3-3d的克隆及序列分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the study is to clone and analyze the gene encoding 14-3-3 protein from banana. [Method] Combined with PCR amplification, RACE (rapid amplification of cDNA ends) technique was employed to clone 14-3-3 gene from banana; then the amplified sequence was sequenced and homologically analyzed. [Result] A new cDNA homologous with 14-3-3 protein genes were obtained by RT-PCR and RACE ( rapid amplification of cDNA ends ) approaches. The full length of this cDNA was 866 bp encoding 197 amino acids. Alignment of deduced amino acid sequence with those from other plants revealed that the cDNA shared high homology with 14-3-3 protein genes from other plants, and was designated as Musa acuminata 14-3-3 gene (Ma-14-3-3d). Phylogenetic analysis reveals that Ma-14-3-3d has closer genetic relationship with those from monocotyledon species than those from other species. [Conclusion] Ma-14-3-3d belongs to the same lineage of 14-3-3 from monocotyledon.

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  • 四川白鹅白细胞介素-2基因的克隆及生物信息学分析(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to clone interleukin-2(IL-2) gene from Sichuan white goose. [Method] Based on the IL-2 gene of duck accessed in GenBank, a pair of primers was designed for cloning IL-2 gene from total RNA of peripheral blood lymphocytes of Sichuan white goose stimulated by ConA via RT-PCR technology. The yielded fragment was sequenced for bioinformatics analysis. [Result] The full length of IL-2 gene of Sichuan white goose is 468 bp that contains a 441 bp open reading frame(ORF), encoding 146 amino acid residues. Bioinformatics analysis shows that the amino acid sequence of IL-2 gene of Sichuan white goose contains four phosphorylation sites, a glycosylation site and a signal peptide with 21 amino acid residues. Homologies of IL-2 nucleotide sequence and amino acid sequence between Sichuan white goose and duck, chicken, turkey are 92.7%, 77.5%, 78.2% and 85.8%, 65.5%, 64.1%, respectively. By contrast IL-2 nucleotide sequence and amino acid sequence between Sichuan white goose and mammalian and rodents such as human, monkey, rat, bovine, horse, pig, cat, mouse, rabbit and deer, are all less than 45% and 28%, respectively. [Conclusion] The IL-2 gene of Sichuan white goose has closer genetic relationship with those of chicken and duck.

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  • 3种虾类超氧化物歧化酶同工酶比较(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the study is to compare the activities of superoxide dismutase(SOD) isoenzymes in three species of shrimps Penaeus japonicus, Procambarus clarkia and Litopenaeus vannamei. [Method] The experimental materials were used to measure SOD activities after pretreatment, meanwhile the differences in SOD isoenzymes from different materials were assayed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). [Result] There are specific and histological differences in SOD activities of shrimps. With a similar electrophoresis pattern and migration rate, Penaeus japonicus and Litopenaeus vannamei showed remarkable differences with that of Procambarus clarkia. [Conclusion] The result showed the differences of cognation and origin of three shrimps.

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  • 双价抗虫转基因大豆抗苜蓿夜蛾分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the research was to analyze the resistance of binary insect-resistant transgenic soybean to Heliothis viriplaca.[Method]In this experiment, resistance analysis of the stabilized binary insect-resistant transgenic soybean to Heliothis viriplaca was conducted in lab and in field conditions.[Result] The results indicated that the leaves of insect-resistant transgenic soybeans T5-150 and T5-195 showed lighter damage than those of non-transgenic soybeans. Meanwhile, the Heliothis viriplaca larvae fed on leaves of these two transgenic soybeans were characterized by less leaf consumption, shortening survival day, slower development and less pupation.[Conclusion]It was concluded that insect-resistance of transgenic soybean to Heliothis viriplaca was increased dramatically and the research provided a reference for selecting binary insect-resistant transgenic soybean to Heliothis viriplaca.

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  • 小麦条锈病气象等级预测方法研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to establish the model for forecasting wheat stripe rust occurrence condition using meteorological factors. [Method] Based on the data of wheat stripe rust occurrence degrees in its past prevalent years and the meteorological data at corresponding periods, the methods of grey correlation analysis and fuzzy mathematics were employed to establish the forecast model for four pathogenesis indices according to the time sequence before winter, Early March, Early April and Middle May. Thus, the criterion for forecasting the occurrence degree of wheat stripe rust was obtained based on the distribution method of arithmetic progression. [Result] The model corresponding to meteorological conditions for forecasting wheat stripe rust was successfully established. According to the verification, the forecasting results before winter and in Early Mar. were more severer than the real occurrence condition, while the forecasting results in Early Apr. and Middle May were basically consistent with real values. [Conclusion] The results of the present study may avail the control of wheat stripe rust in Henan Province.

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  • 不同耕作方法条件下玉米抗御低温冷害的研究(英文)


    [Objective] Aiming at chilling damage of maize in lowland of western Liaoning, the powerful evidences of resisting chilling damage of maize were provided from tillage method perspective.[Method] The depths of plough layers, sunshine effects in seedling stage, resistances to frost damage, microclimatic effects such as soil moisture, root system in filling stage, growth periods and grain weights of maize planted on ridge and in furrow were comparatively observed. The random arrangement was adopted in comparative observation with 4 replications.[Result] The daily mean ground temperature and effective accumulated temperature of plough layer of maize planted on ridge were relatively high. In addition, the seedling stage and mature stage of maize planted on ridge were in advance, the soil moisture, root growth and seed plumpness of maize planted on ridge were good. [Conclusion] The ridge planting in lowland of western Liaoning could improve in 0-20 cm plough layer where root grew, besides that this method could also improve maize growth and development.

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  • 黄淮麦区小麦资源中高温抗条锈性品种的筛选(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to screen wheat cultivars with high temperature resistance to stripe rust from the wheat resources in Huanghuai growth area. [Method] Seedlings of 165 wheat cultivars from Huanghuai growth area were identified by wheat stripe rust under high temperature; then the wheat cultivars showing stripe rust at seedling stage were further used to identify the same resistance in field. [Results] 13 cultivars were proved to be stripe rust resistant under high temperature, and the expression stages of stripe rust in the 13 cultivars were revealed. The field identification results confirmed the identification results at seedling stage via inoculation of mixed stripe rust of physiological races. The stripe resistances of wheat cultivars were also proved to be non-race-specific. [Conclusion] Wheat resources in Huanghuai growth area are abundant in wheat cultivars with high temperature resistance to stripe rust.

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  • 基于AMMI模型的杂交高粱籽粒淀粉含量的配合力分析(英文)


    [Objective] Analysis of combining ability of starch content variation in hybrid sorghum with the assistant of AMMI model. [Method] Based on the analyses of GCA using incomplete diallel cross(NCII), the SCA of hybrid sorghum was analyzed by AMMI model. [Result] For the starch content change of F1 hybrid sorghum, the effects of GCA and SCA accounted for 81.06% and 17.97%, respectively. In the present study, CMS lines 45A, 29A and restorer lines Hui 1, 44R were proved to be the excellent parent materials for preparing high starch hybrid sorghum cultivars. [Conclusion] The improvement of starch content in parents should be mainly concerned in breeding high starch content hybrid sorghum.

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  • 不同药剂处理对受寒害木薯出苗生长的影响(英文)


    The rooting and growth of frozen cassava under different chemical treatments were studied.The result has demonstrated that disinfection effect could increase rooting rate and seedling emergence rate of cassava seed stem and decrease the rate of mildew.The sportak treatment could generate better effect(rooting rate and seedling emergence rate were 63%,the mildew rate of stem was 28%).Among different rooting reagents,Genwang+lime treatment generated better effect on rooting rate and emergence rate of frozen cassava than these of other groups and control group.It was concluded from the effects of different rooting reagents on growth of seed stem that Genwang+lime treatment could promote elongation and growth of cassava significantly(the mean plant height of experimental groups inceased 8.58 cm compared with that of control group) while paclobutrazol+lime generated the best effect on crassation of stem(the stem diameter of experimental group increased 0.4 cm compared with that of control group).

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  • 4种不同品种石榴的叶表皮特征电镜扫描观察(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to provide reference for classification of pomegranate cultivars and studies of genetic relationship among pomegranate cultivars.[Method] The electron microscope scanning was used to comparatively observe leaf epidermal structures of 4 pomegranate cultivars.[Result] The upper epidermal structures of 4 pomegranate cultivars were similar and showed reticular structure .However, the differences existed in lower epidermis,such as cell shape,cell size and arrangement mode of cell as well as stomatal density,while the structures of leaf vein in lower epidermis of 4 pomegranate cultivars were similar.[Conclusion] The research provided morphological references for studying heterosis of pomegranate to some extent.

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  • 牡丹对不同强度和频度去叶的补偿性生长响应(英文)


    [Objective] It aimed to find an optimum condition for compensatory growth of peony.[Method] The different defoliation intensies and frequencies of penoy were implemented to observe accumulated aboveground biomass, regenerated bud number,stem-leaf ratio and the chlorophyll concentration change in residual leaves.[Result] When the defoliation frequency was conducted every 20 d once and defoliaton intensity was from 40%-60%,the accumulated biomass was biggest, when the defoliation frequency was conducted every 10 d once and defoliation intensity was from 60%-80% the regenerated bud number was maximum.The stem-leaf ratio of mild and moderate defoliation intensities(20%-60%) was significantly lower than that of control group.When the defoliation frequency was conducted every 20 d once and defoliation intensity was from 40%-60%,the chlorophyll concentration in residual leaves was obviously higher than that of control group.[Conclusion] The proper defoliation intensity(60%) and lower defoliation frequency(defoliation was conducted every 20 d once) were most favorable to the growth and regenerated of peony which was the compensatory growth.

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  • “胰岛素-转铁蛋白-硒钠”对山羊卵母细胞体外成熟及胚胎发育的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to enhance culture efficiencies of oocyte and embryo of goat in vitro and to explore serum-free culture system in vitro.[Method] At present,the conventional solutions of oocyte maturation and embryo development in vitro were always added into 1% ITS(Insulin-transferrin-selenium) or using 1% ITS to replace FBS in 2 kinds culture solutions for conducting in vitro cultures of goat oocyte and parthenogenetic embryo.The influences of ITS on their developments were detected.[Result] ITS in maturation liquid of oocytes could not increase oocytes maturation rate but significantly increased blastocyst rate (58.06% vs. 48.19%)of parthenogenetic embryo.If FBS in maturation liquid of oocytes was replaced by ITS, the maturation rate, cleavage rate and blastocyst rate were basically unchanged.Adding ITS into embryo medium could increase blastocyst rate (68.30% vs. 56.82%)of parthenogenetic embryo of goat.If FBS in embryo medium was replaced by ITS,the cleavage rate didn’t change basically,while the blastocyst rate in ITS was obviously lower than that in FBS group(42.33% vs.56.82%).[Conclusion] ITS could promote maturation of oocyte in vitro and early embryonic development, in addition,ITS could replace serum in maturation medium of oocyte as serum-free culture system for conducting relevant researches.

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  • 中草药添加剂对荷斯坦奶牛产奶量及抗热应激能力的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to explore the effects of Chinese herb additive on milk yield and anti-heat stress ability of Holstein cow.[Method] 36 Holstein cows with similar birth order and milk yield were equally and randomly divided into 3 groups which were control group, Chinese medicine Ⅰ group and Chinese medicine Ⅱ group. In control group, cows were fed with basic feed, while in Chinese medicine Ⅰ group, cows were fed with basic feed containing 4% compound Chinese herb additive and in Chinese medicine Ⅱ group, cows were fed with basic feed containing 3% compound Chinese herb additive.All cows in the 3 groups were analyzed comparatively.[Result] Adding some compound Chinese herb additive into basic feed would increase milk yield and anti-heat stress ability of Holstein cow,besides,it also could decrease cow diseases such as cow mastitis.Chinese medicine Ⅰ would generate the highest economic benefit of practical production.[Conclusion] Adding Chinese herb additive into basic feed is an effective way for reliefing heat stress and increasing milk yield.

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  • 丁香酚对中国对虾幼虾麻醉效果的初步研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the study is to seek a good anesthetic to Fenneropenaeus chinensis. [Method] The anesthetic effect of eugenol to juvenile Fenneropenaeus chinensis was investigated. [Result] The juveniles could be effectively anaesthetized by 50-400 mg/L eugenol aqueous solution with temperature of 24 ℃. Within the concentration range of 50-400 mg/L, the increase of the eugenol concentration could shorten the time required for anesthesia, meanwhile could prolong the time for recovery. The recovered rate of prawn reached 100% when the eugenol concentration was lower than 200 mg/L, while the recovered rate of prawn was just 66.67% when the eugenol concentration was higher than 400 mg/L. The survival rate of prawns in test group was 100% from the observation of three consecutive days. For the specific dose, the anesthetic effect enhanced with the increase of water temperature (18-27℃). [Conclusion] Eugenol is a safe and efficient anesthetics that can be applied in genetic breeding of prawn.

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  • 洞庭黄鲶胚胎发育观察(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to provide technical basis for fry rearing of Silnrus asotus in Dongting Lake.[Method] The induced spawning medicine was used in the experiment to conduct artificial induced spawning and fertilization for obtaining round green fertilized eggs.According to embryonic development,the morphological characteristics of embryo at different developmental stages were recorded detailedly through microscope.[Result] The embryonic development of Silnrus asotus in Dongting Lake was divided into 7 stages,namely, blastoderm stage,cleavage stage, blastula stage, gastrula stage,neurula stage,organogenesis stage and pre-hatching stage.After hatched for 37 h 20 min in water at 22-24 ℃, fries were come out.[Conclusion] The time sequence of Silnrus asotus in Dongting Lake was basically similar to that of other catfish,while its hatching time was shorter than that of other fish in Siluriformes.

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  • 不同时序EOS/MODIS-NDVI监测河南省冬小麦面积(英文)


    [Objective] Calculation of winter wheat acreage in Henan Province using EOS/MODIS-NDVI data at different time sequences. [Method] After process of EOS/MODIS images, geographical adjustment, wave band combination, normal difference vegetation index (NDVI) was obtained. Based on the wide spectrum measurement, the processed data were supervisedly classified, thus the acreage of winter wheat in Henan Province in 2005 was acquired. [Result] Total 92208 pixels were observed for the winter wheat in Henan Province, and the plantation acreage was 5 760 thousand hm2. Compared with the data from statistical department, the error of this method was about 9.66%. [Conclusion] The method introduced in the present study could be applied in monitoring winter wheat acreage.

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  • 不同肥料对椭圆叶花锚生长发育的比较研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim was to study the effect of different treatments on development and growth of Halenia ellipitica D.Don.[Method] Three treatments (urea treatment group, diammonium phosphate treatment group and control group) were set in the experiment with 3 replications to detect plant height,root length, leaf number, branch number, flower number and biomass of Halenia ellipitica D.Don. in all experimental groups.[Result] The leaf number,branch number, flower number and output of crude drug of Halenia ellipitica D.Don. in urea treatment group were more than that of Halenia ellipitica D.Don. in diammonium phosphate treatment group and control group,however,the plant height and root length were not significantly different among all groups.[Conclusion] The urea generated better effect on Halenia ellipitica D.Don. cultivation than that produced by diammonium phosphate treatment.

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  • 石漠化生态恢复过程中土壤磷含量的比较研究(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to study change law of phosphorus content of soil in karst rocky desertification region(KRD) during eco-restoration process such as Northwest Guangxi Province.[Method] The soil samples were collected from typical KRD in Pingguo County and Yizhou City.The determining quotas of different soil samples such as soil total phosphorus content and available phosphorus content were detected,in addition the soil total phosphorus content,available phosphorus content, urease activity, catalase activity and organic matter content in different soil samples were analyzed comparatively.[Result] Aspect,vegetation type and recovery time generated obviously influences on phosphorus contents in different soil samples.The concrete influence order was listed as follow: phosphorus content in soil of south slope was higher than that in soil of north slope;phosphorus content in soil where Zenia insignis Chun was planted was higher than that in soil of closed forest and that of soil where Dendrocalamus minor Var. amoen was planted,additionally,phosphorus increased with recovery time. Urease activity could be used as a monitoring index of soil fertility because it is related to the change of phosphorus content.[Conclusion] The soil of karst rocky desertification region in Northwest Guangxi Province could be recovered gradually if excessive human disturbance was stopped.If proper natural method of recovery promoted by human was taken,the recovery would reach a better result.

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  • 宁夏沙坡头人工植被区土壤真菌种群的动态研究(英文)


    [Objective] The changes of fungi in different soil layers and sand dunes of artificial vegetation areas in Ningxia Shapotou during different times were studied. [Method]The number of soil fungi in different soil layers at same plot and in same soil layer at different plots were changed significantly.The quantitative distribution of fungi was the most in Cuiliugou but the fewest in quicksand among all soil types.[Result] The quantity of soil fungi in grasslands was varied in different soil layers at the same sample and in the same soil layer at different sample plots. The quantity of fungi from different soil types distributed mostly in Cuiliugou, a natural desert steppe, but little in quicksand. The species and quantity of fungi in CuiLiugou was the most in different types of sand-fixing lands. [Conclusion] The quantity of soil fungi in artificial vegetation areas raises with the increase of sand-fixing ages, The enhancement of vegetation construction and artificial management measures in inland is helpful for improving present situation of desertification.

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  • 聚丙烯酰胺处理土壤不同粒径团聚体中磷吸附和解析特性的研究(英文)


    [Objective]The research aimed to provide scientific reference for reasonable utilization of polyacrylamide(PAM).[Method]After PAM treatment,the soil aggregates were classified through dry sieve analysis and the adsorption capacity and desorption capacity of all soil aggregates to phosphorus at different phosphorus concentrations were analyzed.[Result] The phosphorus adsorption and desorption of soil sample treated by PAM declined. The amount of phosphorus adsorption increased with the increase of phosphorus concentration and this increase was fast in low phosphorus concentration area but slow in high phosphorus concentration area.At different phosphorus concentrations,adsorption showed a へ shape changing trend.The phosphorus adsorption was related to phosphorus concentration and the 2-3 mm aggregate had the highest desorption rate while 0.1-0.25 mm aggregate and 0.45-1 mm aggregate had lowest desorption rate.[Conclusion]The PAM treatment generated significant influence on phosphorus adsorption and analytic features of aggregate in all size fractions.

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  • 环境因子对巢湖沉积物中NH_4~+释放的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the research was to reveal the influence mechanism of sediment-water exchange of nutrients in Chaohu Lake. [Method] The effects of environmental factors (overlying water, temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen concentration) on NH_4~+ release in sediment from Chaohu Lake were studied under controlled laboratory conditions. [Results] With the rising of temperature and the decrease of NH_4~+ concentration in overlying water, NH_4~+ released from sediment increased significantly. pH had a great effect on NH_4~+ release with a complicated mechanism. The largest release amount of NH_4~+ under anaerobic condition was about 6 times as much as that under aerobic condition. [Conclusion] This research would provide theoretical support for environmental management of Chaohu Lake in the project of leading water from the Yangtze River to Chaohu Lake.

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