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  • 甘薯叶中清除自由基活性物质的提取·保存与定性分析(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to provide reference for the application of extracts from sweet potato leaves in anti-aging cosmetics. [Method] The extraction and storage conditions for free radicals scavenging substances from sweet potato leaves were optimized by orthogonal test and the bioactive components in extracts were investigated by correlation analysis. [Result] Sweet potato leaves contain the bioactive substances scavenging DPPH free radical and hydroxyl free radical. Extracting solvent species is the most important factor that influencing extraction yield. The optimal extraction and storage conditions are as following: water as solvent,pH 8.0 of extracting liquid,storage at 25 ℃. There is a good positive linear relationship between the content of total phenols in sweet potato leaves and corresponding scavenging rates against both the DPPH free radical and hydroxyl free radical. For the content of total flavones in sweet potato leaves,just a correlation with scavenging rate against hydroxyl free radical shown in test. [Conclusion] The phenols in extracts could effectively scavenge both the DPPH free radical and hydroxyl free radical,whereas the flavones in extracts can only function on the hydroxyl free radical.

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  • 原子吸收分光光度法测定植物中微量元素的研究(英文)


    The aim of the study is to investigate the contents of trace element Se,Cd,Pb in three plants including burdock,ginkgol and garlic via graphite furnace atomic absorption and standard addition method. The results show that Se in burdock stem,skin and leaf are 32.40,48.63,38.10 μg/g,respectively; Cd in burdock stem,skin and leaf are 0.160 0,0.300 0,0.140 0 μg/g,respectively; Cd in burdock stem,skin and leaf are 2.020,3.960,2.410 μg/g,respectively. In the ginkgo and ginko leaf,Se contents are 17.63 and 16.91 μg/g,respectively; for Cd are 0.181 0 and 0.202 0 μg/g,respectively; for Pb are 3.572 and 4.021 μg/g,respectively. In garlic,Se,Cd and Pb are 73.900 0,6.900 0 and 0.390 0,respectively. All the standard deviations of measured results are below 2.3%,recovery rate are from 99% to 101%.

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  • 猴头菌转化EGB发酵液提取物抗氧化及抑制非酶糖基化活性研究(英文)


    [Objective] In order to study the anti-oxidation and inhibitory effect on nonenzymatic glycation reaction of EGB fermentation extraction biotransformed by Hericium erinaceus.[Method]The free radical scavenging ability and reducing capacity of DPPH as well as inhibitory rate of nonenzymatic glycation reaction were measured targets for comparing changes of anti-oxidation and inhibitory effect on nonenzymatic glycation reaction of fermentation lyophilizer and fermentation extraction before and after EGB fermention adsorbed by AB-8 macroporous resin. The EGB fermention was biotransformed by Hericium erinaceus.[Result]After adsorbed by AB-8 macroporous resin,the bioactive matters were concentrated and separated. The free radical scavenging rate,reducing capacity and inhibitory rate of nonenzymatic glycation reaction were increased significantly after adsorbed by AB-8 macroporous resin.[Conclusion]AB-8 macroporous resin could be used for preliminary concentration of EGB fermentation which was biotransformed by Hericium erinaceus.

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  • NaCl胁迫对普陀樟叶绿素荧光参数的影响(英文)


    [Objective] Study on the changes of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters in Cinnamomum japonicum var. chenii under NaCl stress. [Method] The seedling growth increment,chlorophyll content and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters in leaves of 1-year old Cinnamomum japonicum var. chenii were investigated in field experiment. [Result] Under NaCl stress,seedling growth increment reduced and the chlorophyll content decreased to a stable value; changes of Fv/Fm and Fv/Fo showed identical increasing trend and double peak type. With the aggravation of salt stress,most variations were observed in Fo,correlations among chlorophyll fluorescence parameters presented "rise-drop" trend (in the treatment of 7 g/L NaCl). [Conclusion] Cinnamomum japonicum var. chenii is endowed with strong salt resistance and wide adaptability.

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  • 灵武长枣果实发育成熟期生理生化变化(英文)


    The changes of physiological and biochemical indices in jujube fruits during the late development were investigated from 6-year-old jujube trees (Zizyphus jujuba Mill. cv. Lingwuchangzao). The results showed that the flesh firmness decreased slowly from white-green stage to full-red stage,being significantly related with the developmental maturity of jujube fruits negatively,the correlation coefficient reached -0.980 3**. The contents of ascorbic acid and titratable acid in jujube fruits were significantly related with the developmental process of jujube fruits negatively or positively,the correlation coefficients were -0.973 1** and +0.974 6**,respectively. The contents of soluble solids,total sugar,and sucrose increased with jujube ripening,while the relative sweetness of jujube fruits showed the same variation pattern,the correlation coefficients were 0.996 6**,0.988 0**,and 0.982 8**,respectively. Before white-green stage during fruit development,the accumulation of monosaccharide was predominant in jujube fruits,following a fast accumulation of sucrose,indicating that the main component of sugars is sucrose at the crisp-ripe stage. Furthermore,the starch content of the flesh reached the peak at about thirty percentage of jujube maturity,being 51.54 mg/100 g.FW. The respiratory rates varied between 10 mg/(kg.h) and CO2 26 mg/(kg.h) after fruit turning red and before softening,indicating a non-climacteric respiratory type.

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  • 超高产杂交稻组合C两优H255叶片光合速率及影响因素的分析(英文)


    [Objective] Study on the photosynthesis and influencing factors in super high-yield combination C Liangyou H255. [Method] The photosynthetic characteristics were measured at a hot and muggy day under natural conditions. [Result] A respective single peak at 11:30 was observed in diurnal variation curves of net photosynthetic rate (Pn) and transpiration rate(Tr). Correlation analysis shows that Pn presents an extremely significant correlation with photon flux densities (PFD) of photosynthetically active radiation,in comparison assumes a significant correlation either with stomatal conductance(Gs) or with ambient CO2 concentration (Ca). [Conclusion] Gs followed by PFD presented most influence on Pn of super high-yield combination C Liangyou H255.

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  • 过量Mg~(2+)对农作物种子萌发特性的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to reveal the effects of excessive Mg2+ on the germination characteristics of maize and soybean. [Method] Eleven concentration gradients of Mg2+ including 0,40,80,120,160,200,240,280,320,360 and 400 mmol/L were set up to study the effects of different treatments on such indices as the germination potential,germination rate,fresh weight,dry weight,root length,plant height and stem diameter of maize and soybean. [Result] With the increasing of Mg2+ concentration,the germination of maize delayed and the germination rate of soybean obviously decreased,reaching the significant difference at 0.05 level. When Mg2+ concentration increased,the fresh weight and dry weight of maize and soybean decreased,but maize and soybean showed some adaptability. The growth of radicles and seedlings in maize and soybean were obviously inhibited by Mg2+,and atrophy and dysplasia phenomena appeared. [Conclusion] Excessive Mg2+ stress has different effects on the germination potential and germination rate of different crops and has obvious poisoning effects on the root and stem growth of crops.

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  • 水分胁迫对牡丹光合和荧光特性的影响(英文)


    [Objective] Study on the photosynthesis and fluorescence characteristics in peony under water stress. [Method] The two peony varieties Huhong and Luoyanghong were treated by different water stress for determining the photosynthesis and fluorescence characteristics. [Result] With the aggravation of water stress,the net photosynthetic rate (Pn) and stomatal conductance (Gs) decreased,while the intercellular CO2 concentration (Ci) increased. Drought could decrease Pn,constrain gas exchange and change the daily photosynthesis. Fo of peony leaf increased and Fv/Fm decreased under water stress especially water logging,causing the inactivation of the PS II reaction center,and the chlorophyll fluorescence characters gradually recovered until afternoon. [Conclusion] The 75% soil relative water content (SRWC) is the best condition for growth of peony. Compared with drought,water logging is more unfit for the growth of peony. For the two varieties,Huhong assumed more tolerance to drought,accordingly more adaptability.

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  • Cu~(2+)、Cd~(2+)胁迫对番茄幼苗生长及过氧化物酶活性的影响(英文)


    The growth situation and peroxidase (POD) of seedlings of two tomato cultivars were investigated under the stress of different concentrations of Cu2+ and Cd2+. The toxicity differences of Cu2+ and Cd2+ to tomato seedlings and the corresponding differences between two tomato cultivars were observed through the stress trial with the above two heavy metal ions. The results showed that low concentration of Cu2+ and Cd2+ could promote the growth and could enhance the POD activity of tomato seedlings,while high concentration Cu2+ and Cd2+ could inhibit seedling growth and POD activity of tomato seedlings. Cd2+ functioned more obviously than that of Cu2+,two tomato cultivars also presented difference in response to heavy metal stress.

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  • 超重力处理对小麦幼苗抗盐性的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to reveal the effects of hypergravity on salt tolerance of wheat seedlings. [Method] The seed germination rate (Gr) and germination index (Gi) of wheat seedlings were measured under hypergravity of 600×g or 1 000×g for 4 h and under the stress of 0.4% or 0.9% salt solution. The catalase (CAT) activity and malondialdehyde (MDA) content of wheat seedlings were also measured under 0.4% salt stress. [Result] Compared with seedlings in CK group (no hypergravity or salt stress),the Gr and Gi of the seedlings in salt stress treatment decreased to different extents; while the Gr and Gi of the seedlings in treatment group (hypergravity and salt stress) increased compared with that in salt stress group. CAT in seedlings of hypergravity treatment was higher than that of CK group and 0.4% salt treatment group,meanwhile the MDA showed an opposite result. [Conclusion] Hypergravity could enhance the salt resistance of wheat in specific range,and hypergravity of 600×g for 4 h performed better than that of 1 000×g for 4 h.

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  • 槲皮素促进拟南芥生长素极性运输的研究(英文)


    Study on the role of quercentin in polar auxin transportation. Arabidopsis was cultured on medium supplemented with quercetin to observe the growth of hypocotyls,14C-IAA transport assays were conducted to measure the auxin transport activity. The results showed that Arabidopsis mutant aux1 which had been deficient in auxin influx transportion obviously recovered the ability after cultured on the medium with quercetin. The polar auxin transport was promoted by the addition of quercetin. These results indicated that quercetin could promote polar auxin transport in vivo.

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  • 不同培养条件对枸杞组培苗玻璃化的影响(英文)


    The tender stems from new Lycium barbarum L. cultivar "Ningqi 3" released by Ningxia Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences were regarded as explants to investigate the vitrification of Lycium barbarum plantlets in tissue culture under different concentrations of 6-BA,sucrose,agrose,culture temperature,and illumination duration with MS as basic medium. The results show that the conditions for maximal proliferation coefficient and minimal vitrification are as following: the basic medium with 0.2 mg/L 6-BA,3% sucrose and 0.65% agarose; culture at 25 ℃; 12 h/d(daylight lamp,2 000 lx) illumination.

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  • T-DNA插入麝香百合的研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to obtain transgenic Lilium longiflorum Thumb. [Method] A two-step method of explant and the T-DNA integration technique were employed to transform Lilium longiflorum via Agrobacterium mediated method. [Result] The best infection effect appeared under the OD600 value of Agrobacterium within 0.6-0.8,the addition of 250 mg/L AS could increase the transformation efficiency. The optimal concentration of G418 for screening is 50 mg/L. Some putative transgenic plants of Lilium longiflorum with resistance to G418 showed positive in PCR,preliminarily proving that T-DNA gene had integrated into the genome of lily. [Conclusion] The study may lay a foundation for breeding excellent lily varieties through T-DNA integration technique.

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  • 青蒿组织中快速有效DNA提取方法的研究(英文)


    [Objective] The objective of this study is to explore a rapid and efficient method of extracting genomic DNA from Artemisia abrotanum. [Method] Three methods of Cutting [Method],Liquid Nitrogen [Method] and Quartz Sand [Method] based on SDS method were employed to extract Artemisia abrotanum genomic DNA from tender leaf at seedling stage,tender spike and old leaf at heading stage. The obtained DNAs were detected by absorbance detection,agarose gel and PCR amplification. [Result] Cutting [Method] performed better than the other two methods compared in purity,extracting cycle and cost,accordingly more suitable for PCR amplification. The results also show that young spike is the best material for extracting genomic DNA from Artemisia Annua.

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  • 一种适用于动物与植物总DNA提取的方法——改良CTAB法(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to introduce a rapid and effective method that is suitable for extracting genomic DNA from animal and plant. [Method] The genomic DNAs were extracted from tender leaves of 24 peanut cultivars and from the liver,lung and kidney of white mouse through the specifically modified CTAB method. The DNAs were run on agarose gel,next detected by DNA/Protein analyzer. Finally PCR amplification was conducted to detect the quality of DNAs extracted using the modified CTAB method. [Result] The clear and orderly bands were observed in gel detection,and the values of OD260/OD280 for DNAs extracted via modified CTAB method were between 1.77-1.83. The DNAs performed well in PCR amplification. [Conclusion] The DNAs extracted by modified CTAB method could satisfy the requirement of PCR amplification.

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  • 地黄肌动蛋白基因片段的克隆与序列分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study is to clone and analyze the actin gene from Rehmannia glutinosa. [Method] Degenerate primers were designed according to the conserved regions of actin sequences of Rehmannia glutinosa and its similar species,RT-PCR was next conducted to amplify the actin gene from Rehmannia glutinosa. [Result] The amplified fragment is 724 bp and correspondingly 240 amino acids. The BLAST results indicate that the homology between the amplified fragment and other higher plants for actin gene sequences and amino acid are more than 80% and 90%,respectively,suggesting that the amplified fragment is the actin gene of Rehmannia glutinosa. [Conclusion] Phylogenetic analysis shows that the actin gene of Rehmannia glutinosa has an intimate genetic relationship with actin7 gene of Nicotiana tabacum.

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  • 甘薯贮藏蛋白A基因5’端序列的克隆与分析(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the study is to clone the 5’ flanking region of Sporamin A gene from sweet potato. [Method] The sweet potato "Xushu 18" was used to amplify the 5’ flanking region of Sporamin A gene using specifically designed primers and then target fragment was analyzed by PLACE and PlantCare online. [Result] Besides the conserved elements including TATA-box and CAAT-box,the cis-acting elements including sucrose responsive element CMSRE1,SP8 acting site and some other regulatory sequence such as MYB binding site were also found in Spo A promoter sequence. The results suggest that the promoter has sucrose responsive function.[Conclusion] The study provided reference to reveal the regulation law of Spo A,and to develop high-level expression vectors promoted by Spo A promoter.

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  • 一种鉴定菜用枸杞的新方法——nrDNA ITS测序法(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to identify Lycium Linn. at molecular level.[Method] The nrDNA ITS sequence of 5 edible Lycium Linn. germplasm resources were investigated. [Result] The nrDNA ITS regions of five edible Lycium Linn. germplasm resources were sequenced. The whole sequences varied from 628 bp to 632 bp,with the average length of 630 bp. Total 79 variation sites were observed in the sequences,which accounts for 12.5%. [Conclusion] Sequence analysis based on nrDNA sequencing provides a new approach to identify edible Lycium Linn. germplasm resources.

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  • 罹病光肩星天牛幼虫分离菌株的16S rDNA系统发育分析(英文)


    [Objective] Study on the phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rDNA and insecticidal characteristics of strain BH-1 isolated from diseased larva of Anoplophora glabripennis(Motsch.) [Method] The strain was identified by routine method and inoculated onto healthy Anoplophora glabripennis(Motsch.) for observing insecticidal effect,further 16S DNA was amplified by the specific primers for sequencing and homology analysis. [Result] The mortality of second instar of Anoplophora glabripennis(Motsch.) reached 72.7% 8 d after 1010 cfu/ml BH-1 was inoculated. The homology of 16S DNA sequences between BH-1 and Serratia marcescens accessed in GenBank reached 99.5%. Combined with the results of routine identification,BH-1 was identified as S. marcescens. [Conclusion] BH-1 could be used for biological control of Anoplophora glabripennis (Motsch.).

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  • 一种用高拷贝质粒载体制备BAC载体基本功能基因的新方法(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to provide a method for solving the problems in preparing BAC vector with High-copy plasmid pUC119-Bluelox BAC.[Method] With selecting a proper single restriction site,sequences of a single copy BAC vector plasmid were inserted into proper site of High-copy plasmid pUC119 vector.[Result] The gene sequence of BAC vector lost control function of single copy number in new plasmid pUC119-BAC and was copied through High-copy form. The gene sequence of BAC vector basic function was completely cutted off through single enzyme digestion and the control function of single copy could be recovered by auto-connection.[Conclusion] The High-copy pUC119-BAC plasmid was used to copy and amplify high copy of basic function gene sequence in BAC vector,besides that it could be used to construct transfer vector of molecular cloned recombinant virus or BAC library.

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  • 甘薯中NBS-LRR类抗病基因同源序列的克隆及序列分析(英文)


    The degenerate primers were designed based on the conserved NBS-LRR motifs among the known disease-resistance genes. A fragment of about 500 bp was amplified from genomic DNA of sweet potato using the specifically designed degenerate primers. After cloning and sequencing,20 NBS-LRR type of disease-resistance gene analogue (RGAs) in sweet potato were observed. The deduced amino acid sequence of DNA fragment contains the conserved motifs of NBS-LRR type RGAs,such as P-loop,Kinase-2α,Kinase-3α and GLPL domain. The 20 RGAs could be sorted into two subclasses,namely TIR-NBS-LRR type and non-TIR-NBS-LRR type. Compared with the known resistance genes including N,L6 and M,the percentages of homologous amino acid sequence in 10 TIR-NBS-LRR range between 21%-44%. While other 10 non-TIR-NBS-LRR assume 15%-46% homology with the known resistance genes (Prf,RPM1,RPS2,etc.). Consequently the RGAs may further be used as molecular marker for screening the candidate disease-resistance genes in sweet potato.

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  • 植物HSP70反义基因工程雄性不育表达载体的构建及鉴定(英文)


    [Objective]In order to study the relation between the HSP70 gene and male sterility of plant further.[Method]s]Anther specific expression promoter Osg6B of rice was coloned by PCR then connected with HSP70 antisense fragment to construct HSP70 antisense expression vector.The expression vector was identified by PCR experiment and enzyme digestion.[Result]The sequence of coloned Osg6B promoter had 97% homology to the published sequence,and the cis-regulatory element in promoter area was integrated.HSP70 antisense expression vector driven by the promoter Osg6B was confired by colony PCR and enzyme digestion.[Conclusion]The construction of expression vector would lay solid foundation for utilization of genetic engineering male sterility of plant.

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  • 石漠化动态分析与管理信息系统开发——以南川石漠化为例(英文)


    With the background of severe rocky desertification in the west of China and the objective of ecological environment construction and poverty elimination,the management information system of rocky desertification was designed according to the natural and humane characteristics in Nanchuan of Sichuan Province. The system was composed of data management module,information query module for rocky desertification,spatial analysis module and dynamic monitoring module.

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  • 大豆体细胞胚胎发生系统组织学研究(英文)


    Soybean somatic cell could induce the development of embryoid which was similar to embryo morphologically and structurally. Somatic embryogenesis system of soybean was used to conduct genetic transformation of soybean because of its several advantages such as higher transformational efficiency,beetter synchronism and fewer plant chimeras among transgenic plants. After infected with agrobacterium tumefaciens,the initiation,differentiation and development of young cotyledon embryogenic cell of soybean which was cultured on selective culture medium with kanamycin were investigated through histological study. The result showed that somatic embryo was differentiated in non-bud differentiation way. The embryogenic cells were differentiated from epidermis of explant or cells in 1 layer or 2 layers,with the division of embryogenic cells and degradation and disorganization of surrounding cells,the embryogenic cells would form embryoid with analogous suspensor structure.Later,globular embryoid would extrude from epidermis then developed into heart-shape embryo.The experiment was expected to provide theoretical reference for the construction of high transformational system of using plant somatic embryogenesis induced by young cotyledon of soybean.

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  • 一个水稻生物产量突变体的遗传分析(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to reveal the genetic model of a biomass mutant in Oryza sativa. [Method] In the process of screening and identification of Bar-transgenic rice,a biomass mutant was found in 10 lines of T1 progenies. The mutant was investigated for genetic analysis and agronomic traits by herbicide spraying and PCR amplification. [Result] The segregation ratio is consistent with mendelian law(3∶1). The mutant assumed not only higher plant height,wider straw and earlier florescence,but also more tillers,bigger spikes and resultantly higher biomass. PCR detections indicated that no co-segregation was observed between mutant traits and target gene(Bar) in the T-DNA inserted,proving that the mutant is not caused by the insertion of T-DNA containing target gene (Bar). [Conclusion] Our study may avail to understand the cloning of mutant gene and the mechanism of the mutant gene on biomass.

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  • 温光条件对胞质不育系V_(太911289a)雄性育性影响的初步研究(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to reveal the effect of photoperiod and temperature on male fertility of cytoplasmic male sterile line Vtai911289a in wheat and discuss the mechanism of male fertility alteration. [Method] The sowing-date tests and designed conditions were conducted during 2003-2005. [Result] Fertility of Vtai911289acould alter under specific photoperiod and temperature conditions. Temperature is one of the main factors influencing male fertility of the male sterile lines. Vtai911289a showed stable sterility under the condition of the mean of daily temperature at fertility sensitive stage lower than 19 ℃ and presented partial fertility when the mean of daily temperature at fertility sensitive stage lower than 20-22 ℃. Photoperiod to some extent affects the male fertility of Vtai911289a,long-day condition is helpful for the male fertility of the sterile line. [Conclusion] The application of photoperiod temperature-sensitive cytoplasmic male sterile line in production has a higher safety than that of temperature sensitive sterile line.

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  • ~(15)N测定甘蔗生物固氮能力研究(英文)


    [Objective] The study aimed to reveal the biological nitrogen fixation capacity by sugarcane from Brazil under the ecological conditions of Guangxi,and to provide reference for study on the biological nitrogen fixation capacity by sugarcane and related generalization and application. [Method] The 15N isotopic fertilizer was solely applied on plants of three sugarcane cultivars planted in greenhouse with no other fertilizer forms applied,meanwhile virus-free stem seedling was regarded as control,to measure their biological nitrogen fixation capacity using 15N isotope. [Result] The nitrogen fixation rate of B8 from Brazil reached 26.91%,while Guitang 11 and RIC16 presented no or poor nitrogen fixation capacity. [Conclusion] The sugarcane cultivar B8 from Brazil showed some nitrogen fixation capacity under the ecological conditions of Guangxi.

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  • 决明子叶愈伤组织中大黄素与大黄酚含量的测定(英文)


    [Objective] Through inductive culture,emodin and chrysophanol contents in cassia seed were increased.[Method]MS culture medium was used to bourgeon seedlings of cassia seed and to induce cotyledon callus of cassia seed while HPLC method was adopted to determine emodin and chrysophanol contents.[Result] Emodin and chrysophanol contents in cotyledon callus were 0.099% and 0.312%,respectively,while they were 0.029% and 0.190% respectively in cassia seed.[Conclusion]The method of inducing cotyledon callus was helpful for increasing emodin content in cassia seed.

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  • 黄绿蜜环菌子实体挥发油的化学成分(英文)


    The chemical compositions of volatile oil from fruiting body of Armillaria luteo-virens in Qinghai Province were firstly analyzed with GC-MS and its relevant compositions were detected by calculating chromatographic peak area with normalized method.21 peaks were separated and 13 compositions were identified which were mainly unsaturated fatty acids,taking 97.1% of the total volatile oil.

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  • 毛白杨新品种及繁育技术(英文)


    The main morphological characteristics,producing area and growth characteristics of sixteen new varieties of Chinese white poplar (Populus tomentosa Carr.) are reported,aiming at providing reference for breeding and extension of new varieties.

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  • 小麦饲粮中添加木聚糖酶对肉鹅血糖和血清总蛋白水平的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The effects of wheat based diet supplemented with xylanase on blood sugar and total protein in serum of geese were studied. [Method] By using the randomized design of single factor,the 1-day-old healthy goslings were divided into 6 groups and fed with corn based diet,wheat based diet and wheat based diet supplemented with xylanase at different concentrations respectively,the contents of blood sugar and total protein in serum were determined. [Result] The wheat based diet supplemented with xylanase could increase the blood sugar and total protein in serum of geese and wheat based diet supplemented with 0.2% xylanase generated the best effect,which was higher than those of corn based diet group. As for the concentration of protein in serum,wheat based diet supplemented with 0.2% xylanase was significantly different from corn based diet and wheat based diet. [Conclusion] The wheat based diet supplemented with xylanase could enhance geese production.

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  • 金属离子·有机溶剂对黄鳝碱性磷酸酶的影响(英文)


    [Objective]The mechanism of alkaline phosphatase(ALP) was studied to promote rice-field eel aquaculture industry.[Method] The effects of effectors such as multiple metal ions and organic solvents on ALP in viscera of rice-field eel.[Result]Na+ and K+ didn’t generate big influences on enzyme activity;Mg2+ and Ca2+ could promote ALP while Li+,Cu2+ and Zn2+could restrain ALP enzyme activity.Both HPO42-and WO43-generated by enzyme catalyzing disodium phenyl phosphate possessed strong inhibitory effects on emzyme,and 9.5 mmol/L HPO42-would make enzyme activity decline by 13% while 9.5 mmol/L WO43-would make enzyme decline by 34%.The inhibition types of them were both competitive inhibition on enzyme activity.The organic solvents such as methanol,ethanol,ethylene glycol,isopropanol all generated influences on ALP and the order according to their inhibitory effects was isopropanol>ethanol> methanol>ethylene glycol.[Conclusion]The influences of various effectors on ALP activity of rice-field eel were studied from dynamics perspective to provide theoretical basis for further clarifying ALP mechanism.

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  • 工厂化育苗养殖体系内细菌数量动态变化研究(英文)


    [Objective] The dynamic change of heterobacteria and vibrios in larvae industrialized culture system was studied to provide scientific reference for healthy cultivation of shrimp.[Method] The heterobacteria,vibrios and pathogenic vibrio parahaemolyticus were monitored in larvae industrialized culture system.[Result] The heterobacteria,vibrios and pathogenic vibrio parahaemolyticus were the most in fertilized eggs of shrimp but the least in nauplius,then their number would increase with growth. During whole rearing period,both heterobacteria in larvae,vibrios in water would increase by one order of magnitude,while both vibrios in larvae and heterobacteria in water would increase by two orders of magnitude.There were many heterobacteria and vibrios but few vibrio parahaemolyticus in living bait.The correlation coefficients between larvae and heterobacteria and vibrios in water were 0.704 and 0.840 in culture system respectively,while the correlation among heterobacteria,vibrios in living bait and larvae,water were weak or negative.[Conclusion] There was a dynamic relation between water and larvae in rearing period,and restrictly control of culture condition would restrain the occurrence of disease caused by vibrio parahaemolyticus,besides that bacteria number in bait was not obviously correlated with bacteria nubmer in culture system.

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  • 冷休克诱导黄河鲇(Silurus asotus)二倍体雌核发育(英文)


    [Objective] The cold shock method was used to induce diploid gynogenesis of Silurus astus. [Mthod] The Silurus astus sperms were irradiated by ultraviolet,then conducted for fertilization. The different cold shock starting time and duration were set to observe diploid gynogenesis of Silurus astus.[Result] Under such inducing condition that ultraviolet irradiated 15 min,cold shock started 5 min after fertilization,and cold shock duartion was 40 min,the survival rate of diploid Silurus astus reached the highest(8.5%). [Conclusion] The experiment laid foundation for culturing new excellent Silurus astus variety and accumulated original files for further study of gynogenesis development mechanism.

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  • 奶牛酵母菌性乳腺炎的诊治(英文)


    [Objective] Study on the yeast mastitis in dairy cattle cases which have been ineffectively treated by multiple antibiotics through traditional Chinese medicine prescription. [Method] The isolated pathogenic fungi from milk were used for drug sensitivity testing and the ones proved were clinically treated by self-made traditional Chinese medicine prescription "Ruxiaotang". [Result] 19 cases of 20 selected dairy cattle cases were diagnosed as yeast mastitis and cured with the except of a Candida tropicalis case.[Conclusion] The results provide a new reference for curing yeast mastitis.

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  • 甘草多糖对小鼠生长性能及细胞免疫能力的影响(英文)


    Aniso-dose glycyrrhiza polysaccharide was injected into abdominal cavity of mice. The effect of glycyrrhiza polysaccharide on growth performance and immune fuction of mice was determined. The results showed that the growth performance and immune function of mice were improved and there were significant differences among the treatment groups and control group.

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  • 紫苏籽对高血脂鹌鹑血脂调节及脂质过氧化的影响(英文)


    [Objective] Study on the effect of perilla seed on blood lipid regulation and peroxidation of Coturnix coturnix with hyperlipidemia. [Method] The high-lipid diet was fed to establish the high lipid model of Coturnix coturnix. The normal control group,high lipid model group,high dose of perilla seed group(2.5 g/kg),low dose of perilla seed group(0.83 g/kg) were designed to measure the contents of total cholesterol (TC),three acids glyceride (TC),high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C),low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C),very low density lipoprotein cholesterol (VLDL-C) and malondialdehyde (MDA),superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity. [Result] All the test groups could decrease TC,TG,LDL-C and MDA content and significantly increase the HDL-C content (p<0.01) and SOD activity(p<0.01) in serum. [Conclusion] Perilla seed has the blood lipid regulation and peroxidation function.

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  • 镉胁迫下泥鳅肝脏的红外光谱研究(英文)


    [Objective] In order to study the influence of cadmium stress on loach liver.[Method]FTIR-NEXUSTM Fourier transform infrared spectrometer(FTIR) was used to scan liver sample with wavelength from 1 800-400 cm-1.The collected infrared spectrum was conducted deconvolution and curve fitting treatment to analyze changing trend of relevant macromolecular compounds in loach liver tissue under Cd2+ stress.[Result]The structures of protein and nucleic acid as well as their synthesis pathways changed significantly.[Conclusion]FTIR technique possessed broad application value in studying animal resistance and environment monitoring.

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  • 棉铃虫发生程度与降雨量关系的研究(英文)


    [Objective] The aim of the study is to investigate the factors causing the outbreak of cotton bollworm and to provide effective measures for controlling cotton bollworm. [Method] Based on the analysis of the data about insect and weather situation in Luyi County in 32 years,the meteorological prediction model was established for monitoring the quarterly or monthly occurrence trend of cotton bollworm. [Result] The cotton bollworm occurred slightly in the years with rainfalls of 3 months over 500 nm and severely in the years with rainfalls of 3 months less than 400 nm. The results of correlation analysis show that annual occurrence degrees of cotton bollworm and occurrence degrees of 4th generation of cotton bollworm are extremely negatively correlated with rainfall during June-August; the occurrence degrees of 3rd and 4th generations of cotton bollworm are also extremely negatively correlated with rainfall in July. [Conclusion] The occurrence of cotton bollworm in field is heavily influenced by rainfall in at its occurrence stage,moreover,the rainfall during June-August is the decisive factors influencing the occurrence of cotton bollworm.

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  • 免耕条件下川香优9838氮磷钾吸收规律与氮肥合理施用(英文)


    The aim of the study is to investigate the absorption laws of nitrogen,phosphorus,and potassium,and proper nitrogen application in Chuanxiangyou 9838 under no-tillage cultivation. Five nitrogen application treatments were designed to analyze the absorption laws of N,P and K,and to discuss the effects of different N fertilizer application amounts on yield and yield composition factors of Chuanxiangyou 9838. The results showed that gross nutrient absorption in Chuanxiangyou 9838 was greatly varied at different developmental stages under rice-rape rotation with no-tillage. The maximum N absorption in Chuanxiangyou 9838 appeared at jointing stage followed by heading stage,thirdly the tillering stage; the P absorption in Chuanxiangyou 9838 presented the consecutively slight increase during seedling stage and mature stage; the K absorption in Chuanxiangyou 9838 was mainly conducted from jointing stage to heading stage,during which K absorption accounts for 73.4% of the total absorption in whole developmental stage. Consequently,N fertilizer should be applied earlier (before jointing stage),P fertilizer is suitable as base fertilizer and application of K fertilizer should be preferably conducted at early-middle period. When the yield reached 11 t/hm2,the optimal N application amount in Chuanxiangyou 9838 was about 165 kg/hm2.

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  • 不同施氮量对杂交油菜鲜干重净增量的影响(英文)


    [Objective]The aim of the research was to provide reference for reasonable application of nitrogen fertilizer for high yield cultivation of hybrid rape cultivar Youyan 9 and Youyan 10.[Method] The net increment changes of individual plant fresh weight and dry matter weight of Youyan 9 and Youyan 10 with different nitrogen application treatments were studied.[Result]The differences among average fresh weight increments of individual plant and average dry matter weight increment of individual plant with different treatments reached 0.01 extremely significant level. Fresh weight increment and dry matter weight net increment of individual plant declined gradually with the increase of nitrogen application. In growth course,fresh weight net increment of individual plant increased firstly then decreased and the maximum was in beginning flowering stage,besides that dry matter net increment increased gradually and the maximum was in mature period.The correlations among fresh net increment,dry matter weight net increment and yield net increment were positive or extremely positive.[Conclusion]Under experimental condition,when nitrogen application was 225 kg/hm2,hybrid rape Yanyou 9 and Yanyou 10 with low erucic,low glucosinolate could obtain high yield.

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