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  • 融合蛋白VP4-STI的免疫效果观察(英文)


    The aim of the study was to investigate the immune effect of fusion protein VP4-STI.40 mouse were randomly divided into 4 groups of test bacterin group(30 μg VP4-STI+0.6 μg LTB),aluminiumhydroxide vaccine group(30 μg VP4-STI+Al(OH)3 gel),pure protein VP4-STI vaccine group(30μg VP4-STI)and PBS control group were immunized by rhinal dripping.And then,the antibody levels of the mouse were determined.The protection effects of mouse in all immune groups were observed after the toxicity test with strong virulent strain C83902 of E.coli.Anti-VP4-STI antibodies were produced in other groups with the highest at the 6th week,except PBS control group.The antibody level in aluminiumhydroxide bacterin group was higher than that in test vaccine group.The antibody level in pure protein VP4-STI bacterin group was lower,being extremely significantly different from that in test vaccine group(P<0.001).Mouse in test vaccine group and aluminium hydroxide bacterin group had better immuno-protection effect on strong virulent strain C83902 of E.coli,obviously different from that in PBS control group.The research provided basis for further improving the immunogeneticity of STI.

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  • 作物蒸发蒸腾量的人工神经网络模型研究(英文)


    Based on potted plant experiment,BP-artificial neural network was used to simulate crop evapotranspiration and 3 kinds of artificial neural network models were constructed as ET1(meteorological factors),ET2(meteorological factors and sowing days)and ET3(meteorological factors,sowing days and water content).And the predicted result was compared with actual value ET that was obtained by weighing method.The results showed that the ET3 model had higher calculation precision and an optimum BP-artificial neural network model for calculating crop evapotranspiration.

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  • 灵芝液体发酵及产多糖的初步研究(英文)


    Strain of Ganoderma japonicum with higher mycelial growth rate and higher levels of polysaccharide production was selected from seven tested strains of Ganoderma.The effects of nitrogen source,carbon source and metal ions on the polysaccharide production of selected Ganoderma japonicum were studied.The results showed that the optimum nitrogen source and carbon source were 2% and 0.2%,respectively.And the existence of 0.2% Fe2+ could improve the polysaccharide yield significantly.The result of fermentor enlargement test indicated that extracellular crude polysaccharide content per 100 mL fermentation liquor and mycelium content yielded highest amount of 181.7 mg and 151.0 mg,respectively,with relatively mild change of pH value.It was concluded that fermentation in fermentor was more suitable for the secretion of Ganoderma polysaccharide.

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  • LAS高抗菌株的降解性能研究(英文)


    A IAS degradation strain with high resistance,which could take linear alkylbenzene sulphonate(LAS)as only carton origin for growth,was isolated from the drain canal of Hangao Detergent Plant of Xuzhou.The characteristic of its degradation was researched and the results showed that the optimum conditions of this strain for degrading LAS were 30 ℃,pH 6.0,150 ml solution in 500 ml triangle vase,120 r/min,LAS concentration of 200-600 mg/L.The growth amount of the bacteria were up to 0.443(OD460)and the degrading rate was up to 89.4%.The ability of the bacterium to degrade LAS could be as high as concentration of 1 200 mg/L.

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  • 卡瓦胡椒及胡椒的AFLP分子标记探讨(英文)


    The aim of the research was to discuss the genetic relationships between Piper methysticum,Pepper and other wild species in Pepper genus.DNA was extracted from leaves which belonged to 28 germplasms including 6 materials of P.methysticum,21 materials of cultivated and wild Pepper,1 material of Peperomia pellucida belonged to different genus.Premiers with good band-type and high polymorphism and resolution were selected from 64 pairs of primers for AFLP amplification and the clustering analysis was conducted with MVSP3.13f software.191 bands were amplified by 4 pairs of premiers,189 of which had polymorphism,being 98.6%.28 germplasms were classified into 6 different groups at the genetic similarity coefficient of 0.52 by silver staining AFLP,in which 6 materials of Piper methysticum were clustered into a single group,indicating that P.methysticum belonged to Pepper family of Pepper genus but were distantly related to the others.The research provided the basis for selecting rootstocks for P.methysticum graft,molecular identification of P.methysticum and the fingerprint construction of P.methysticum.

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  • 猪细小病毒(PPV)SD1株NS1基因的克隆与原核表达(英文)


    [Objective] The research aimed to provide the theoretical basis for establishing a rapid diagnosis method for porcine parvovirus(PPV).[Method] One pair of primers were designed according to PPV genome sequences on GenBank website and the sequences of prokaryotic expression vector pET30a(+)with multiple cloning sites.The whole sequence of NS1 gene in PPV SD1 strain was amplified by using PCR technology and the positive recombinant plasmid was analyzed by sequencing and homology comparison.The prokaryotic expression recombinant plasmid PET30a/NS1 was constructed to make its induction expression in Escherichia coli.[Result] The target fragment with the length of 2 208 bp was obtained from PCR amplification.The nucleotide homologies between the cloned NS1 gene and the reported relevant PPV genes were from 97.3 % to 99.4 %,which indicated that NS1 gene had high conservation.But it had a 12-basepair successive deletion near the hydroxyl end.The cloned PPV NS1 gene was successfully expressed in prokaryotic cell,and its expression products existed mostly in inclusion bodies.[Conclusion] The results of SDS-PAGE detection showed that the molecular weight of PPV NS1 protein was 86 KD.

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  • 牛血清白蛋白在锁阳RAPD分析中的作用(英文)


    [Objective] The objective of the study was to study the role played by BSA in Random Amplified polymorphic DNA(RAPD).[Method]The improvement of RAPD amplification was observed by adding BSA in the analysis of Cynomorium songaricum RAPD.[Result] The result showed that in the process of Cynomorium songaricum RAPD analysis,the effect of amplification improved significantly and the dosage of Taq enzyme declined by adding BSA.The suitable concentration of BSA used in RAPD of Cynomorium songaricum Rupr was 2 μg/μl.[Conclusion]It is feasible to add BSA to improve the RAPD analysis of plants.This study has provided foundation for the application of BSA in RAPD analysis.

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  • PEG6000渗透胁迫对藜幼苗叶片渗透调节物质的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The purpose was to discuss drought resistance mechanism of Chenopodium album L.and supply theoretical basis and practical guidance for artificial cultivation and popularization of C.album.[Method] C.album seedlings grown to 6th leaf stage were conducted osmotic stress treatment with PEG6000 osmotic whose concentration was set up as 0,5%,10% and 20% and the various physiological indices of the 3rd-5th function leaves in upper plant were determined after being treated for 0,1,3,5,7 and 9 d.[Result] Under osmotic stress with 5% PGE,the relative water content(RWC)of C.album reduced less.Under osmotic stress with 10%,the RWC in seedling leaves of C.album decreased to 62% on the fifth day and the leaves began to wither.Under osmotic stress with 20%,the RWC in seedling leaves of C.album decreased to 61.9% on the third day and the leaves appeared withering,and the RWC decreased to 48.6% on the 7th day and the leaves were dry and yellow.Proline contents in seedling leaves of C.album under osmotic stress with 5%,10% and 20% PEG were 7.64,10.9 and 29.4 times of CK on the 7th day.[Conclusion] C.album had some adaptability to moderate osmotic stress,but the PEG osmotic stress with high concentration and long time might lead to severe damage on C.album.

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  • 遮荫处理对泡泡树幼苗生长的影响(英文)


    [Objective] The study was conducted to investigate the effects of shading treatments on growth of Asimina triloba(L)Dunal seedlings and provided the theoretical basis for seedling production.[Method]70 day-old A.triloba seedlings had similar stem diameter and plant height and good growth vigour were taken as tested materials in 2005.4 light gradient treatments which were the natural light with 100% light intensity,one-layer,two-layer and three-layer black shading network with the light transmittance rate of 50%,25% and 12.5% were set up to study the effects of different shading treatments on growth of A.triloba.[Result]With the shading treatments of one-layer and two-layer net,the plants of A.triloba seedlings grew rapidly.As the intensity of illumination decreased,the contents of chlorophyll a(Chl.a),chlorophyll b(Chl.b)and total chlorophyll increased at first and then reduced.At the same time the chlorophyll a/b value became smaller.Under natural light,the plants tended to consume more water and the soil temperature at 15:00 p.m was higher.There was a smaller difference among various treatments.[Conclusion]The suitable shading treatment to the growth of A.triloba seedlings was under the light transmittance rate of 50% and height and stem diameter of trees increased fast.Chlorophyll a(Chl.a),chlorophyll b(Chl.b)content in leaves of A.triloba seedlings were highest comparing with those in other conditions.

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  • Hg~(2+)与Cr(VI)对富营养化水体中藻类生长的毒性效应(英文)


    [Objective] The toxicity effect of Hg2+ and Cr(VI)on alga growth in eutrophic water was studied to provide reference for biomonitoring and bioremediation of eutrophic water.[Method] The mother liquid of alga,which was separated from the eutrophic water,were put into the solutions of Hg2+ and Cr(VI)with different concentrations and their mixture solution,respectively.And the toxicity effect of Hg2+ and Cr(VI)on the growth and propagation of alga in eutrophic water was observed.[Result] The alga in eutrophic water performed rather sensitive to Cr(VI)and when its concentration was over 1 mg/L,threre was obvious effect on alga growth.The alga was not very sensitive to Hg2+ when its concentration was lower,but its toxicity became stronger and stronger when its concentration increased to some extent and the toxicity effect of Cr(VI)on alga growth was just on the contrary.When the ion concentration was lower than 10 mg/L,the toxicity of Hg2+ on alga was lower than that of Cr(VI).When the concentration was over 10 mg/L,the toxicity of Hg2+ exceeded that of Cr(VI).The toxicity of ion mixture solution of Hg2+ and Cr(VI)had synergism inhibition on alga,which could be performed only when the concentration was over 4 mg/L.[Conclusion] The toxicity of heavy metal on alga not only related to the alga cell,but also related to the concentration of heavy metal ion.

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  • 黄淮海平原土地系统结构变化的模拟与分析(英文)


    The dynamic changes of land system in Huang-Huai-Hai Plain between 1988 and 2000 were researched in this paper.Spatial dominance econometric model was estabilished on 1 km cell to quantificationally analyze the driving-force for the dynamic change mechanism of land system,such as natural,social and economic factors.The future dynamic changes of land system in Huang-Huai-Hai Plain on each 1 km cell during 2000 to 2020 were stimulated by combining the dynamic changes of land system on each 1 km cell with different situations.The research indicated that the dynamic changes of land system structure changed mainly from the cultivated areas to building areas and industrial areas,and forest areas increased during this period.Although the revolutions of land system structure were different during 2000 to 2020 with the different referrence standard,ecological protection and economic development,the primary dynamic changes of land system structure were that the increase of building land areas with the decline cultivated land areas and the increase of woodlands.

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  • 竹炭包膜尿素的氮素释放规律和生物利用效果研究(英文)


    [Objective] The study about the nitrogen releasing law of bamboo-charcoal coated urea and the biologic utilization effect was to find the coated urea with high efficiency,low price and simple production technology.[Method]Two kinds of bamboo-charcoal coated urea(BCCU)with different coating thickness were made by using bamboo-charcoal and macromolecule polymer as coating material.The experiments of soil eluviate,ammonia volatilization in corn field and potted plant of corn were conducted to study the nitrogen releasing law and the biologic utilization effect of self-made BCCU.[Result]The BCCU showed some slow-release capability and their accumulated nitrogen releasing rates in 29 d were 9.93%-16.27% lower than that of normal urea.Compared with the normal urea,the volatilization rate of ammonia in BCCU reduced to 16.66%-31.8%,the biomass of corn and nitrogen utilization rate increased by 12.8%-24.1% and 10.5%-16.99%,respectively.[Conclusion]Bamboo-charcoal in coated urea not only had some slow-release capability,but also had some adsorbability,which would reduce the eluviation and volatilization of nitrogen and protect environment from N pollution.

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  • 瓜叶菊上美洲斑潜蝇的生物学特性及蛹的耐寒性研究(英文)


    In this study,Liriomyza sativaes was raised on Florist cinerarias in greenhouse with different temperatures at 15,20,25,30 and 35 ℃,and their corresponding development duration of entire generation were 47.0,25.0,15.5,12.5 and 12.0 d.The beginning growth temperatures of egg,larva,pupa and entire generation of Liriomyza sativae were 8.5,9.8,10.2 and 10.4 ℃,and their effective accumulated temperatures were 52.7,75.8,158.5 and 262.2 d·℃,respectively.Liriomyza sativae had 7 generations on Florist cinerarias in Ningxia each year.However,it occurred in the whole year in greenhouse.The length of its development duration in greenhouse decreased in order from cucumber,Callestephus chinensis,Florist cinerarias to pea,but the eclosion rate of its pupa was in the contrary order.Under the temperature of 10,0,-15 and 20 ℃,the longer the storage of pupa was,the higher the mortality rate would be.Liriomyza sativae couldn't survive in the winter in Ningxia Province in the natural environment.

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  • 优势棉花组合F_2代农艺性状变异及其利用价值评估(英文)


    The agronomic property of elite cotton hybrid F2 was studied and the results showed that each investigated trait showed consecutive normal distribution except micronaire,so they were typically quantitative characters controlled by micro-effect polygene.Heterosis analysis indicated that the inbreeding depression of F2 generation was significant,and the heterosis was less than F1 in yield and its component traits,but the yield of F2 generation was prior to the control.Heterosis of most fiber property was very low,some of which were negatively significant.The entire variations indicated that the segregation of fiber property trait was objective and abundant in F2 population.

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  • 饲料糖含量对南方鲇幼鱼日常代谢率的影响(英文)


    The routine metabolic rate in southern catfish juvenile(24.3-250.8 g)fed with saccharine feed(CHO)was measured in this study.Fish were fed with iso-nitrogenous(40 % crude protein)and iso-lipidic(10% crude lipid)experimental feed containing 0(control feed),15%,30% of carbohydrate level.The routine metabolic rates of 15 % and 30% dietary carbohydrate group were significantly higher than that of 0% dietary carbohydrate group.The relationship between body mass(Wt)and routine metabolic rate(Rr)of southern catfishfed with different test feed could be described as:(1)0% CHO:ln(Rr)=0.986 ln(Wt)+1.419 r2=0.922,n=25,P<0.001;(2)15% CHO:ln(Rr)=0.912 ln(Wt)+1.741 r2=0.966,n=21,P<0.001;(3)30% CHO:ln(Rr)=0.762 ln(Wt)+2.378 r2=0.958,n=21,P<0.001.The intercept was increased and mass coefficient was decreased with the increase of carbohydrate level in feed.It could be concluded that southern Silurus meridionalis had poor metabolic capacity which led the increase of routine metabolic rate of fish with small size.But with the increase of body size southern Silurus meridionalis might had a better adaptation to high carbohydrate concentration.

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  • 急性低温胁迫对南方鲇和瓦氏黄颡鱼耗氧率和呼吸频率的影响(英文)


    The objective of the study was to explore the effect of acute low temperature stress on VO2 and Vf of Silurus meridionalis and Pelteobag vachelli after 10 minutes cold water bath with different temperature.The investigation was operated under the temperature of 24 ℃.It was found that the VO2 and Vf of Silurus meridionalis after 6 and 0 ℃ stress showed a decrease-increase-decrease trend while other groups showed a rapid increase then slowly recovery trend.The VO2 and Vf of Pelteobag vachelli after 0 ℃stress showed a decrease-increase-decrease trend while other groups showed an increase then slowly recovery process.It was suggested that Pelteobag vachelli was more adaptive to acute cold stress,but it cost more energy adapting to cold stress compared to Silurus meridionalis.

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  • 卷首语

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  • 投稿须知

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