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  • Utilization of Aromatic Rice in Improving Grain Quality of Hybrid Rice(Ⅰ)

    <正> Abstract: To improve grain quality of the high-yielding hybrid rice in China,we introduced thearomatic rice MR365,an improved Indian cultivar,from IRRI in 1984 and began to transfer its aromaand good quality characters into the existing maintainer lines. In the meantime,the research on theinheritance of aroma for increasing the breeding efficiency was also conducted. It was found that the inheritance of aroma in MR 365 and its derivatives was controlled by one pair

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  • Genetic Transformation of Brassica campestris L.ssp.pekinensis via Agrobacterium-with Bt Gene

    <正> Abstract: By means of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation,43 kanamycin-resistant buds ofChinese cabbage were got.PCR,PCR-Southern blot and dot blot analysis were used to identify andcharacterize the putative transgenic plants.26 plants had the predicted bands of the fragment of npt Ⅱgene.Insect bioassays of 4 transformants showed that toxic protein had been translated and thetranslation levels were different among these transformants.

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  • Prospect of Tea Cultivation & Processing in Pakistan

    Noor Alam Khan

    <正> History In 1958, a farmer brought some tea seeds andplants from Bangladesh(then east Pakistan),andsuccessfully cultivated them in district Mansehra.Atthat time,Pakistan was self-sufficient in tea that wasproduced in East Pakistan.After the separation(in1971)of East Pakistan,Pakistan diverted attention toinitial work on tea production.The PakistanAgricultural Research Council(PARC)took over thecharge of tea cultivation in 1976-77 and launched aproject in 1980.A 4-member team of Chinese teaexperts was invited to Pakistan in 1982,who surveyed

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  • ‘Cuiyu’:A Storage-Tolerant Kiwifruit Cultivar

    <正> Poor storage tolerance is the major limiting factorin the development of kiwifruit in the world. 'Cuiyu',a superior kiwifruit developed at the HunanHorticultural Research Institute,can be stored well forabout 30 days at 20℃ without any fresh preservation.With its outstanding edible character withoutsoftening,'Cuiyu'is hopeful,superseding others,tobe the most favorite in China's kiwifruit marketing(See Fig 1 to 2,p. 2.).

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  • Hunan Agricultural Science & Technology Newsletter

    <正> Hunan Agricultural Science & Technology Newsletter(HASTN ISSN 1009-4229 CN 43-1337/S),co-sponsored by Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Yuan Longping High-Tech Agriculture Co.,Ltd,is the earliest English edition of comprehensive agriculture journals in China.Prof.Yuan Longping,the father of hybrid rice,is the consultant of HASTN.

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  • China Speeds Up the Restruction of Agricultural Industry

    <正> China speeds up therestruction of agricultural industrythis year,optimizes the varietystructure and the area distributionof farming products.It not onlyriches the supply market,upgradesthe quality,enhances theinternational competitiveness ofthe farming products,but alsoincreased farmers'income inChina.

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  • Analysis on the Domestic Wheat Market Situations

    <正> At present,the domestic wheat market price remains slightly increasing at steady trend.The ex ware priceof wheat in major producing areas is smooth and steady,while in major marketing areas has increased slightly.The ex ware price of imported wheat keeps slightly increasing in ports of southern China.1. Changes in domestic wheat market price

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  • A Non-pollen Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Line

    <正> A new valuable cytoplasm male sterile line(CMS)in rice was successfully bred by Prof.Yu Jinhong andother experts in the College of Life Science,Wuhan University. The method of breeding 'non-pollen cytoplasmic male sterile lines' in rice was firstly proposed in China,which could greatly enhance the seed purity and observably increase the grain quality,yield,resistance and

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  • Protein Separated from Cotton Kernel

    <正> The technology of separating protein from cotton kernel was jointly brought forward by Shihezi City andZhejiang University in 1996,and then listed as the key project of national high-tech research.Recently,proteinhas been successfully separated from cotton kernel by Shihezi High-tech Exploitation District in XinjiangAutonomous Region.The achievement was accredited by specialists in September 2002.

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