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  • Studies on Heteroses of Pei'ai 64S/Javanica Rice

    <正> Abstract: Agronomic traits and heteroses of javanica varieties and the indica/javanica hybrids inChangsha are reported.Javanica rice exhibits long panicles,big grains,less panicles per plant,a longgrowth duration and high plant height in Changsha.The hybrid of Pei'ai 64S/javanica possesses positiveheterobeltiosis in culm height,panicle length,panicles per plant,spikelets per panicle,grains per panicle,yield per plant,theoretic yield per hectare and actual yield per hectare;performs negative heterobeltiosisin days to flower,seed setting rate and 1000-grain weight.There are significant linear regression

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  • Analysis of 50 Cucumber Accessions by RAPD Markers

    <正> Abstract:Genetic diversity of 50 cucumber(Cucumis sativus L.)accessions from American,Holland,Japan and China was detected and evaluated using RAPD markers.25 selected primers produced 215scorable polymorphic RAPD bands and the ratio of polymorphism is 86.98%.Four main groups of

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  • Effect of Rice Cultivation in the South of China on Hunan Civilization

    <正> Ancient cultivated rice:importantarchaeological findings Rice,a crop cultivated by man with long history,is the staple food on which half of the worldpopulation lives.When and where did rice farmingoriginate? Is rice in China an indigenous plant or theone introduced from abroad?Different opinions havebeen held for over one hundred years. People oncethought that rice was firstly cultivated in India,afterwards introduced into China and Southeast Asiafrom South Asia.

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  • International Exploitation of Hybrid Rice Seeds

    <正> Food shortage is a perpetual theme, especially inthe developing countries. The invention of hybrid ricepaves the way for the food problem's solution.By 2020,the total rice requirement in Asia isestimated to be around 850 million ton.The presentproduction of rice in the region is around 500 millionton.It is expected that by 2020,there will be at least15 million more hectares under hybrid rice in theAsian countries.

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  • Chinese Rice Planting Technique Ensures Optimum Wheat Yield in Bangladesh

    Md.Nazim Uddin Mondal

    <正> Spring wheat is the second option of cereal cropto feed the growing population in Bangladesh. Thiscrop can yield more than 5.0 ton ha~(-1) with optimummanagement on 6.1 million ha of land -2.6 million

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  • A New High-Yielding Two-line Hybrid Rice Variety-Peiliang You 981

    <正> Peiliang You 981(also called 98 Guangzhi 1 orPeiliang You Guangzhi 1)is a late-season two-lineindica hybrid rice variety with high yield and latematurity. Pei'ai 64S is the female parent and R981(Guang 1) is the male parent of Peiliang You 981. Thehybrid showed its characters of high and stable yieldand wide adaptability in the variety trials anddemonstration production in the recent years,and itwas released in March 2002 by Hunan Crop VarietiesRelease Committee.Grain yield

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  • Aquatic Vegetable Genbank Built in Wuhan

    <正> China's only aquatic vegetable genbank,that is also the biggest in the world,has been built by WuhanVegetable Research Institute(Hubei Province).With 15-year great concentration research,20 new cultivars arebred and the annual yields are 500,000 ton with 20,000 ha of crop acreage and 1,000 million Yuan of output value.These cultivars have been so far popularized over 20 provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities,and 170cities and counties.

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  • A New Gene Resistant to Whitebacked Planthopper(Sogatella furcifera)

    <正> Whitebacked planthopper(WBPH),a kind of main vermin in rice-production areas of China and SoutheastAsia,belongs to the long-ranged migratory insect pest.In China it badly occurs in the Changjiang River basin.In1991,the nation-wide yield loss caused by it reached 1.6 billion kg.

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  • The Only Salt Plant Arboretum in the World

    <正> Dongying salt plant arboretum,jointly built by Shandong Normal College and Dongying Agricultural Schoolin 1996,has been the only one in the world so far. It is located in Dongying City,Shandong Province and set up on the uncropped soil with 0.3—3% salinityand 34.7 ha of area.According to the different salt concentration in the arboretum, 11 experimental plots forbreeding or cultivating are designed to introduce 102 herbaceous and ligneous salt plants of 32 families from

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