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    <正> HUNAN AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY NEWSLETTER (Hereinaftercalled "the Newsletter") approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and NationalNews Press Agency and sponsored by Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is acomprehensive journal reporting the achievements on agricultural science and technology.

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  • Effects of Film-Degraded Rice Controlled Release Fertilizer on the Nitrogen Uptake and Yield of the Hybrid Rice

    <正> Abstract: Field experiment was carried out to nitrogen release characteristics of rice controlledrelease fertilizer (RCRF) coated with natural and half natural high molecular materials, and to thereofeffects on the nitrogen uptake and yield of early and late hybrid rice from 1999 to 2000, with urea ascontrol.

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  • Clinical and Pathological Observation on Infectious Serositis of Duck

    <正> Abstract: According to clinical and pathological observation in infectious serositis of duck, the mainsigns of this disease were diarrhoea, breathing with difficulty, head tremble and movement beyondcoordination. The pathological changes that had been found in 30 experimental ducks were fibrouspericarditis, hepatitis, and encephalitis. The fibrous serositis, liver fatty degeneration or focus necrosis,nonsuppurative encephalitis and serous-fibrous pneumonia were typical pathological changes ofhistology.

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  • Study on Biological Control Of Rhlzoctonla solanl vla Trlchoderma

    <正> Abstract: Strain T_(02-25) was selected from approximately 30 rhizosphere isolates of Trichodermaspecies isolated from roots of crops. Its biological activity against Rhizoctonia solani was determinedfor the control efficacy to pepper seedling blight caused by R. solani in the field. The assay methodswere treating R. solani sclerotia by Trichoderma conidial suspension (10~6cfu ml_(-1)) and scattering

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  • Technology for Hybrid Pepper Seed Production in China

    <正> Abstract: History of hybrid pepper seed production, the status of annually balanced production, andinnovative techniques for the large-scale seed production in China are reviewed. Helped by thetechnological breakthroughs in these fields. China has been the largest base for hybrid pepper seedproduction in the world.

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  • A Good Seedless Ponkan Cultivar—Qianyang Seedless Ponkan

    <正> Abstract: Qianyang Seedless Ponkan selected from common ponkan is a sport deviation cultivarwithout any seeds in its fruit. Matures in mid November, it has bigger avg.124.5g fruit, and the yield is30 t ha~(-1) after 5 years' growing. There are no obvious in-year or off-year phenomena. Its fruits can store

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  • Citrus Fruit Vinegar and Its Beverage


    <正> The new, healthy and nutritious drinks - citrus fruit vinegar and citrus fruit vinegar beverage made fromfruits of Satsuma and so on, now come into the market.Citrus fruit vinegar is clarity and golden-yellow in appearance without settlings and suspended substances,and tastes mildly sour and mellow with a lasting aftertaste. Citrus fruit vinegar beverage possesses orange-yellowcolor, gratifying fruit smell, and excellent flavor at a proper sugar and acid ratio without any bitterness of citrus.Lab analyses have shown that the vinegar and vinegar beverage contain rich vitamin A, beta carotene, 14 kinds of

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  • China's Biggest Gingko Germplasm Genbank Built in Jiangsu Province


    <正> The national biggest genbank of gingko germplasm has been established in Nanjing Forestry University andpassed certification in June 2002.It will not only offer the good substantial foundation to gingko breeding,butalso greatly promote gingko industrialization and bring enormous economic, social and ecological benefits.

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  • Chinese Scientists Bred High Protein Rice


    <正> The breeders at Hunan Agricultural University recently have bred a series of new rice cultivars that areexpected to enhance the protein ingest capacity per capita of Chinese people. Assistant Professor Hong Yahui with other experts at Hunan Agricultural University adopt theembryo-soaking method to transmit the total DNA of high protein corn"Machihuang" into quality early indicarice 91-L.After several years'selection,they have bred five high proten rice lines from variations.

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  • The Centenary Ceremony for the Birth of HAAS

    <正> On September 29,a grand centenary ceremony for the birth of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences(HAAS) will be solemnly held in the Academic Exchange Center of HAAS.Leaders at all levels,honored guestsand friends will attend the royal celebration to discuss the development of Hunan agriculture.

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