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  • Yuan Longping High-Tech Agriculture Co.,Ltd.

    <正> Yuan Longping High-Tech Agriculture Co., Ltd.("Longping High-Tech" for short, stock code 000998)is a listed company mainly co-sponsored by HunanAcademy of Agricultural Sciences, Hunan DongfangAgricultural Industrial Co., Ltd., Changsha Institute ofAgricultural Modernization of Chinese Academy ofSciences, Hunan Chenzhou Municipal SeedsCompany, and Yuan Longping (Natural Person) onJune 30, 1999, and is certified as a high-techenterprise by Chinese Academy of Sciences and the

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  • Changes of RWC,Wilting Degree and ABA in Different Ramie Varieties under Drought Stress

    <正> Abstract: Changes of RWC, wilting degree and ABA in different ramie varieties under drought stresswere studied. The results showed: (1) wilting degree and ABA increased but RWC decreased with theincrease of drought sress, and (2) drought resistant varieties had higher RWC and ABA but lowerwilting degree than drought sensitive varieties.

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  • Vegetable Seed Production and Marketing in China

    <正> Abstract: Since 1980s achievements and experience in vegetable breeding, seed production,preservation, quality test, packing and marketing in China are reviewed.

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  • Several Strategic Issues in the Development of China's Seed Industry

    <正> Chinese agricultural industry and rural economyare currently undergoing a strategic restructuring. TheSeed Act has been thoroughly enforced. TheDevelopment of West China program has also gotstarted in an all-round way. Not long ago Chinaentered the World Trade Organization. All these notonly present great opportunities but also severechallenges to China.

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  • Ethiopian Agriculture

    <正> Ethiopia is the third populous country in Africa.The 17 years of military government (Derg) period1974-1991 witnessed a centralized economic systemand the post-Derg reform has taken the way ofmarket-oriented system for 10 years. Economic andsocial achievements are observed in Ethiopia duringthe reform period.

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  • 2001'MaJor Research Progress at HAAS

    <正> In the year 2001, Hunan Academy ofAgricultural Sciences has made significant progress inresearch. According to the incomplete statistics,currently 146 research projects have been ongoing,including 84 provincial or state projects, 33academy-funded projects and 29 cooperative projectsin addition to 178 published articles, 26 achievementsand 19 awards. "Breeding and application of thedouble-used nucleus male sterile line 64S" wasawarded the first-class prize of National Science &Technology Progress Award. The construction of

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    <正> HUNAN AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY NEWSLETTER (Hereinafter called "theNewsletter") approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and National News Press Agency andsponsored by Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is a comprehensive journal reporting the achievements onagricultural science and technology.

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