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  • Study on the Extracting Technology of Natural Lycopene

    <正> Optimum technical parameters for extracting lycopene from tomatoes are studied with orthogonal experiments.The results show that chloroform has the best effect compared to 4 other groups of solvents:petroleum ether,acetic add + ethanol,acetic ether,and acetone + diethyl ether,associated with the parameters of 40℃,pH 5 and the ratio of tomato paste to solvent 1:1.

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  • Effects of CCC on Water-logging Resistance in Pepper

    <正> Four concentrations of CCC were used to treat pepper seedlings.The results indicated that 50-150mg·L-1 CCC decreased the content of malonaldehydic acid (MDA) and increased the content of soluble protein,ascorbic acid (AsA) and glutathion(GSH),and activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT),whereas 200mg·L-1 CCC caused the soluble protein content and the CAT activity of Xiangyan 1 and the AsA content of Xiangyan 10 to descend.The comprehensive evaluation manifested that 100-150mg·L-1 CCC had obvious effects on water-logging resistance of pepper.Different varieties required different concentrations,eg,l00mg·L-1 CCC suited Xiangyan 1,while 150 mg·L-1 CCC suited Xiangyan 10.

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  • Utilization and Inheritance of Watermelon Resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.niveum Introduced from Bottle Gourd

    <正> Sugar Baby susceptible to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.niveum was crossed with high resistant male parents D3-1 and D3-2,respectively.F1 hybrids showed high resistance.The segregation ratios of resistance to susceptibility of F2 and of BC1 hybrid population from Sugar Baby tallied with 3:1 and 1:1,respectively.The results indicated that the resistance to Fusarium wilt was a kind of dominant inheritance controlled by mono-gene or mono-segment DNA.Furthermore,5 hybrid combinations with fine character were bred.Among them,3 were high resistant to Fusarium wilt,and 2 were medium resistant.

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  • Studies on Breeding and Application of Thermo-sensitive Genie Male Sterile Line 402S in Brassica napus Ⅱ.Evaluation of Heterosis and Combining Ability

    <正> Augmented randomized complete block test was conducted to evaluate the heterosis of 80 hybrid combinations from TGMS line 402S and its original parent Xiangyou 91S,and the combining a-bility of 40 testcrossing lines.The results of identification test showed that among 47 combinations yielding over the control Xiangyou 15,17 ones with 402S and 3 ones with Xiangyou 91S overyielded more than 20%,reaching the significant level of 1 %;and among 51 combinations yielding over their corresponding higher yield parents,18 ones with 402S and 9 ones with Xiangyou 91S overyielded at 5% or 1% significant level.The test for the GCA effect of all parents indicated that 402S possessed a stronger combining ability than Xiangyou 91S on yield,ailiquae of main inflorescence,total siliquae per plant,seed yield of single plant and 1000 seed weight.10 testcrossing lines with high GCA were picked out for next testcrosses.Among 8 agronomic traits,total siliquae per plant and seed yield of single plant were regarded as the key se

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  • Influence of Seed Coating Formulations on Maize Production

    <正> Effects of four coating formulations on maize production were studied.The results showed that all coating formulations had some effects on improving maize seedlings,strengthening the resistance againt diseases and pests and increasing the yields in different degrees,especially Paxil which increased the corn yield by 12.0%,significantly higher than the control.

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  • Application of the High Molecular Water-keeping Compound Sodium Polyacrylate in Agriculture

    <正> The properties of the high molecular water-absorbing compound sodium polyacrylate (SP) and its application in agriculture are reviewed;and its safety in application is also introduced.

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