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  • Genetic Relationship Analysis of Ramie Accessions by RAPD Markers

    <正> Genetic relationship of 12 ramie varieties with different drought resistance was analysed by using RAPD.Twenty-five 10-mer random primers were used to amplify the total DMA of these varieties.The results showed that the amplified products of 12 ramie varieties could be obtained with 12 primers.The length of amplified products was 0.6-5.15 kb.Ninety bands were identified in total,of which 11 bands were common in all 12 varieties and 79 bands were polymorphic.The polymorphic bands were 87.78% of the total amplified bands.According to the result of cluster analysis,12 ramie varieties could be divided into two classes and three groups.It was found that high drought resistant varieties were clustered into different groups or subgroups in the same class,which shows near relationship among them.

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  • Effects of Chinese Herbmedicines as Feed Additives on Resistance of Trionyx sinensis to Diseases

    <正> In the-comparison between two experimental turtle (Trionyx sinensis) groups fed on the feed containing 1 % or 2% Chinese medicinal herb powder and the contrast group to which no Chinese herb was fed,no obvious difference of γ-globulin level in the turtles' serum was found,but the survival rate of the experimental groups was obviously higher than that of the contrast group,and cell immunity of the experimental groups was significantly higher when tested by subcutaneous injection of PHA.Meanwhile,the Chinese herb promoted the growth of the turtles.

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  • Studies on Breeding and Application of Thermo-sensitive Genie Male Sterile Line 402S in Brassica napus Ⅰ. Hie Breeding Procedure and Character of 402S

    <正> A new rapeseed TGMS line 402S has been bred through six years with seven generations by hybridization and systematic breeding.402S possesses the similar thermo-sensitive male sterility to its female parent Xiangyou 91S which performed fertile,partially sterile and sterile throughout the flowering stage,and resembles its male parent Zhongshuang 4 on agronomic traits.And 402S has the double-low (low erutic acid and low glucosinolate) quality like its original parents.

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  • Introduction of Bottle Gourd DNA into Watermelon by Soaking Embryo for Resistance to Wilt Disease

    <正> In order to utilize wilt disease resistance of bottle gourd,total DNA of bottle gourd was introduced into watermelon through the method of aoeking embryo.The DNA-introduced variant were cultured in contaminated soil to elect the wilt disease resistance for more than 3 genera- tions.2 high-resistant and 2 middle-resistant watermelon materials were obtained.

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  • Sugarcane Pernicious Organisms in Hunan

    <正> There are more than 2000 species of sugarcanepernicious organisms in the world, and over 400species are in China. Ih order to make sure the sugar-cane pernicious organisms in Hunan, we had a de-tailed investigation in several main sugarcane - pro-ducing regions during 1996 - 1998.1. Methods: Field sampling survey was made on borer larvae,

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  • The Multi-vitamin Nutrient Fresh Vegetable Juice

    <正> In the Tenth Five - Year Plan period, an impor-tant strategy for food industry is to develop fruit-vegetable freshening and processing industry. Now,the consumable demand for vegetables turns to fresh,convenient, nutritious, safe ed clean ones, while se-mi - processed vegetables and mixed fresh vegetablejuices will meet this market demand exactly.

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  • News


    <正> Dr Ma Guohui, a senior Scientistr at China National Hybrid Rice Research & Development Center, isappointed as a consultant in PBGB Division under the IRRI/ADB project, Development and Use of HybridRice in Asia, during Nov-Dec, 2001. In his term of 1.5 months, Dr Ma will be in close collaborationwith local scientists in Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines, to improve the agronomic management

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  • A Promising Young Rice Breeder-Zhao Zhenghong

    <正> Professor ZhaoZhenghong (Aug.1964- ), a seniorscientist at HunanRice Research In-stitute (HRRI),has been engagedin rice breeding for15 years, andmade considerablecontributions to im-proving grain quali-

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