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  • A Super Sweet Corn Hybrid Xiangyuchaotian 1

    <正> Xiangyuchaotian 1 is a single - cross hybrid bred by Hunan Crop Research Institute(HCRI), HAAS, and was approved by Hunan Provincial Crop Variety Release Committee in2000. The hybrid has the genotype of sh2sh2, of which the female parent is Hua8 derivedfrom the synthetic variety Huatians (sh2sh2) bred by Central China Agrcultural Universityand the male parent is Xiang2121 bred from Tianyu2 (sh2sh2)×Xiang121(Sh2Sh2) by re-curient cross method. The recllrrent parent Xiang121 is a flint corn bred by HCRI, withcompact plant-type, high resistance to lodging and high yield.

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  • Investigation on the Seasonal Trend of Fruit Markets in Changsha,Hunan Province

    <正> This investigation on the seasonal trend of fruit markets in Changsha indicated that the fruit varieties on the market in Changsha were abundant,up to 49 varieties;seasonal fresh fruits were continuously provided around the year;most fruits were domestic produce from all over the country,and about 3996 of the varieties were imported mainly from southeast Asia,America,New Zealand and Brazil;the imported fruits and a few kinds of domestic fruits were higher in the quality grades than most domestic fruits,which accounted for approximately half of the total fruit volume;and fruit prices varied markedly with fruit varieties,quality grades and time of marketing.In a word,the Hunan fruit industry must increase fruit quality and diversity in order to achieve a favourable position in the strong international competition.

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  • Demonstrative Study of Chinese Hybrid Rice in Thailand

    <正> Thailand is the kingdom of quality rice in theworld, and China is the "pilgrimage" place of hybridrice. There is a very attractive joint in the yield pre-dominance of Chinese hybrid rice and the good qualityof Thai rice, which maybe start a new agro - eco-nomic increasing phase. This kind of cooperation ini-tiate between China National Hybrid Rice Researchand Development Center (CNHRRDC)and CharoenPokphand Seeds Co., Ltd. (C. P. Group) in Thai-land 2001. The main results of the program are re-ported as follows.

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  • The Main Characteristics of Early Maturing Kiwifroit Variety "Fengyue" and Its Cultivating Techniques for High Yield and Good Quality

    <正> The new kiwifruit variety "Fengyue" has bigger,avg.90g,max.127.8g fruit with beautiful appearance and good storage tolerance.The fruit is fine and tender in pulp texture with a thick sweet taste and rich refreshing aroma in addition to over 15% soluble solids content.This variety matures in September,Changsha,and has a high fruit setting percentage.Fruiters should pay great attention to fertilizer or water management,pruning,and flower or fruit thinning in cultivating"Fengyue"

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  • Academician Ynan Longping was Awarded "the Nobel Prize of Asia

    <正> Academician Yuan Longping, father of hybrid rice, was lately awarded the Magsaysay Prize named af-ter the third Philippine president Ramon F. Magsaysay. The Prize was founded in 1957 which has beenknown as "the Nobel Prize of Asia". Prof Yuan received the honor for his great contributions to hybrid riceresearch and Asian food security. Hybrid rice yielded about 0. 4 billion ton in the past twenty years in Chi-na, and has been introduced into 20 countries in Asia, the and America and successfully popularized in

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  • Screening of Fnngos Antagonists against Six Main Disease Pathogens in Crops

    <正> 28 soil samples were collected from the rhizosphere of 16 plant species in six different districts in Hunan.As a result of isolation and purification,122 fungus strains were obtained of which the antagonistic activity was tested against six fungus pathogens in tomato,cotton,cucumber,chilli,rice and rape,and 17 strains were found antagonistic to one or more pathogenic fungi.

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  • Performance of Antoregldatory Senescence-inhibition Gene in Rice

    <正> The performance of wxtaraguiatory senescence-inhibition gene PSAG12-IPT in nee has been investigated in the study.422 tranagenic plants from 134 independent resistant calli were obtained from 4 rice varieties through Agrobacterium-mediated transformation.Among them,233 were positive PSAGIZ~IPT tranagenic plants identified by GUS histochemical assay and PCR analysis.Southern analysis showed the transgene was randomly integrated into rice genome,of which 42.29% was single copy.Investigations on photosynthesis function and agronomic characters of Rt generation showed that chlorophy Ⅱ content and photosynthesis rate of flag leaves in tranagenic plants,were 41.23% and 60.24% higher than the control wild-type rice,respectively.The growth duration and plant height of the tranagenic plants were similar to the control.Variations of other characters were dependent on the varieties.For the variety Millin with significant aging phenomenon in China,its total grains per hill,its seed setting rate and 1000-grain weig

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