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  • The Strategic Consideration for Expanding the New Technological Revolution of Agriculture in Hunan

    <正> At the birth of the 21stcentury, the global techno-logical revolution of agricul-ture has occured. The newbreakthroughs of biologicaltechnology in agriculture arebeing obtained on end .In-formation technology, nucle-

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  • The Advancement of the New Technoloey Revolution of Agriculture in Hunan

    <正> Strategic Target We are committed to establishing a perfect, effi-cient innovation system, an investment system, anextension system and a personnel training systemfrom now on to the year 2030, establishing an infor-mation network in line with the development of agri-culture and rural economy, and the rapid diffusion ofagricultural technology, providing a strong technolo-

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  • Approaches for Preventing the Male Sterility Fluctuation of Photo-thermo-sensitive Genie Male Sterile Lines in Rice

    <正> The male sterility fluctuation of photo-thermo-sensitive genie male sterile(P(T) CMS Jlines induced by low air temperature is a key problem troubling the application of two-line system hybrid rice.The paper suggests to solve this problem by the breeding approaches,i.e,developing low sterile critical temperature P(T)GMS lines,herbicide resistant restorer lines,herbicide sensitive P(T)GMS lines and tetracydine-conditioned P(T)GMS lines to ensure the hybrid purity;and by the hybrid seed production techniques,i.e,taking the correct procedure of foundation seed production,the suitable district and season for hybrid seed production and the deep irrigation method against cold weather in high summer.

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  • Inheritance of Seed Color and Luster in Mungbean(Vigna radiata)

    <正> The inheritance of seed color and seed luster of mungbean was studied by using accessions/varieties with different seed color,black (Bkck),green (KPS1) and green (KPS2).In KPS2×Bkck combination,the p2 seed color was shiny black.The F3 data indicated the following genotype:3B-for black seed color,and 1 bb for green seed color.Plant purple petiole gene and black seed color gene were very close linkage.There was no segregation between them.Perhaps the same gene B controlled the color of purple petiole.Moreover in KPS1X Bkck combination F3 seed color popuktion showed a wide rang of phenotypic variability.Perhaps seed luster was controlled by more than two genes.

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  • Study on Variation of Endogenous Hormones at the Germinating Stage of Tea Spring Shoot

    <正> An HPLC method was used to analyze the contents and variation of IAA,GA3,ABA.and ZT at five stages around the tea shoot germinating in spring.The contents of GAa and ABA had a top value during the winter and decreased with the growth of tea shoots,while the contents of IAA and ZT had a low value during the winter and increased quickly at the beginning of shoot growth,but soon afterwards increased slowly or decreased a little.The ratio of hormones was closely related to the growth of tea plant.The study indicated that the ratios of GA3 to ABA and IAA to ABA were at low values during the winter and went up with the shoot genninating.When the activity of roots was weak,the ratio of ZT to IAA had a top value,but went down gradually with luxuriant activity of roots.The ratio of GA3 to ZT had a certain relativity with the shoot genninating,which was at a top value during the winter but went down suddenly at the beginning of shoot genninating.

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  • Establishment of Plant Acceptor System for Hyperosmosis Transformation

    <正> Calli and adventitious buds induced from different explants such as young stems and leaves of tomato variety Moneymaker,and mature embryos and young spikelets of rice variety TP309 were used to establish hyperosmotic transformation system at various osmotica treatments.The results revealed that the calli induced from tomato young leaves and rice young spikelets were the ideal transfomation acceptor.The cells of calli were still vigorous when treated with 0.75 mol/L hyperosmotic solution for 4 hours.The differentiation rates of calli varied from 7.5% to 93.3% in different media.The bud differentiation was apparently inhibited by hyperosmotic treatments.0.75mol/L sucrose hypertonic solution and 0.2mol/L CaCl2 solution were favorable hyperosmoticum and hypcosmoticum respectively.

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  • Effects of 60Co-γ Ray Radicidation on Instant Tea

    <正> Effects of 60Co-γ ray radicidation on instant tea were studied through contaminant microbe assay,absorbed dose measurement and analysis of principal components of instant tea.The minimum effective dose of 4.0kGy and maximum tolerance dose of 8.0KGy were proposed.

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  • An Efficient Approach of Creating New Genetic Resources in Hybrid Rice Breeding

    <正> It is more and more important to create new ge-netic resources in hybrid rice breeding by using thetertiary and the forth gene pool through biotechnolog-ic methods after the success of the utilization of inter- subspecific heterosis. We have established a simpleprocedure which is modified from that of Pena to

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  • Isolation and Biological Characteristics of Photosynthetic Bacterium Strain PSB-1

    <正> Photosynthetic bacteria(PSB) with multiple func-tions of applying photo - energy and complexmetabolism, are widely spread in lakes, rivers andseas. According to Bergey's manual of systematic bac-teriology, the PSB includes at least 27 genera. Inrecent years, some new species of PSB have been re-

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  • Briefs

    <正> "The 4th national & 11th South Central Chinayoung scientific researcher symposium on nuclear a-gricultural science" was held in Zhangjiajie. Hunanon October 22, 2000. 53 representatives from homeand abroad attended this symposium sponsored byHunan Institute of Atomic Energy Application in A-

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