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  • Directions and Objectives of Hunan's Agricultural Development in the Early of the New Century

    <正> 2000 is the beginning of the new millennium from which on Hunan's agriculture will meet with a new challenge and chance. Hunan will carry out 12 central agricultural engineering projects in the early stage of the new century to promote the adjustment and optimilization of the province'sindustries for agricultural production and

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  • Hybrid Rice Research and Development in China and Its New Progress

    <正>Hybrid rice's history and its development up to date are described in the paper. Compared with the conventional rice, hybrid rice can increase grain yield by about 20%. Hybrid rice breeding in China has been advancing along the three-line method, to two-line method, to super high-yielding rice application strategically and its success in higher degree will be seen by the utilization of distant heterosis cooperated with biotechnology.

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  • Effects of Water Temperature on Male Fertility Alternation of the Sensitive TGMS Lines in Rice under the Simulated Low Air Temperature in High Summer

    <正> The effects of water temperature on male fertility alternation of TGMS lines in rice were studied under the simulated low air temperature conditions in summer. The results indicate that warm water with temperature higher than the critical temperature of TGMS lines is able to keep the lines' male sterility stable under the air temperature below the critical temperature. These results provide theoretic basis for applying warm water as an effective measure to prevent the lines from the negative effects of the low air temperature occuring in summer in the course of seed production.

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  • Rapeseed Breeding for Quality Character in Hunan Province

    <正> Eight single-low or double-low rapeseed cultivars were bred from 1980 to 2000 in Hunan Province. In this paper, characters and breeding method of these cultivars are introduced.

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  • Soybean's Scientific Research and Production Development in Hunan Province These 50 years

    <正> There are three ecotypes of soybean cultivar in Hunan Province: spring soybean, summer soybean and autumn soybean. Spring soybean has become the leading cultivar used in soybean's commercial production in Hunan these 30-40 years along with the growing improvement of the double-cropping of rice in the province which has

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  • The Tetraploid Fish Stocks and Their Triploid Offspring

    <正> Researchers coming from the Life Science College of Hunan Normal University and Donghu Fish Farm of Xiangying County successfully produced the tetraploid fish stocks. The research group was led

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  • Hybrid Rice and Male Sterile Lines

    <正> New combination Weiyou 277 This is an hybrid Indica late rice with high yield, disease resistance and late maturity bred by CHHRRC with V20 A xR277.The hybrid has shown its characters of high yield, blast resistance, wide adapatability and good grain quality in the varital tests and demonstrative production these years, and it was approved to release by HCVRC in February 2000.

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  • Know More About CHRRDC & HHRRC

    <正> Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center (HHRRC), located in Mapoling,Furong District,Changsha and started in June 1984, is the first institution in the world specially engaged in hybrid rice study and development;and on basis of the center, China National Hybrid Rice Research and Development Center (CHRRDC) established in December, 1995. With Professor Yuan Longping, "Father of Hybrid Rice" and an academic member of

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