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  • Agricultural Biotechnology Research and Development in Hunan

    <正> Recent agricultural biotechnology research and advances in the province are reviewed. Targets and practices for biotechnological development in depth are discussed, with "Stress on the talent's training, new techniques' establishment and its industrialization, starting from the existing level and problems in the field in the province.

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  • Two-line Hybrid Glutinous Sorghum Variety Xiangliangyou Nuoliang 1 and Its Processed Products

    <正> Sorghum subspecies and varieties in ChinaChinese sorghum has two species according totheir grain's glutinousness degree: the Jingsubspecies (not glutinous) and glutinoussubspecies. Most hybrid sorghum varieties incommercial production in the country at presentbelong to the Jing subspecies grown in thenorthern China which is highly yielding but

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  • Influences of the Paddy Rices with Different Moistures on the Head Rice Recovery

    <正> A major component rice variety of Xiangwanxian 9 (a late Indica variety) with 13.1%, 15.6% and 18. 3% of the moisture was respectively mixed with three ad-ditive varieties in 13% of moisture at ration of 7:3 for processing assorted rices. Head rice recovery of the treatments was determined 24 hours later. Analysis indicated sig-nificant differences exist in the effects produced by the component varieties, their moistures and the component variety moisture.

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  • A Mew Technique to Rapidly Test Agrochemicai Residues In Fruits and Vegetables

    <正> Extraction of AchE, relationship between substrate and enzyme concentration, and inhibition effects of the agrochemicals to AchE are discussed in this paper. Through the re-search, the proper AchE concentration for hydrolysis of 1 ml 1mmol/L substrate and I50 val-ues of the agrochemicals to AchE are decided. It is proved that Asch-DTNB method is a rapid test tool for agrochemical residues in fruits and vegetables. A rapid test card has been developed with sensitivity of 0.05mg/L.

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  • History and Present Situation and Developing Tendency of Rare Earth Applied in Agriculture

    <正> History of rare earth applied in agricultureConcept of rare earth Rare earth(RE for short)is a general designation of 17 elements, including15 elements of lanthanum system, they are lan-thanum (La), cerium (Ce), praseodymium (Pr),neodymium (Nd), promethium (Pm), samarium (Sm),europium(Eu), gadolinium(Gd), terbium(Tb), dyspro-sium(Dy), holmium(Ho), erbium(Er), thulium(Tm),ytterbium(Yb), lutetium(Lu)), and 2 elements of the

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  • Ten New Crop Varieties(Lines) Released Recently in HAAS

    <正> Two-line Hybrid Glutinous Sorghum XiangliangyouNuoliang 1It is the first two-line hybrid glutinous sorghumvariety with good quality and high yield in theworld developed by the Sorghum Research &Development Center, HAAS. It was appraised torelease by Hunan Provincial Crop Variety ReleaseCommittee (HPCVRC) in 1996, and listed as animportant achievement being popularized in the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period in China.The variety has the following characteristics: its

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  • Briefs

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