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  • A Friendly Bridge between Hunan and the World-Opening Speech for the Official Publication of HASTN

    <正> At the time when the new millennium comes, I am very delighted at the news that Hunan Agricul-tural Science & Technology Newsletter(HASTN) in English edition officially starts publication. We thinkit wil1 certainly establish another more friendly bridge between our Hunan Province and foreign countriesin scientific and economic exchange and cooperation during the important days when our People's Repub-

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  • Hunan: One of China's Most Important Provinces in Agricultural Production

    <正> Hunan Province lies in the south of themiddle reaches of Changjiang River (YangtzeRiver) and the south of Dongting Lake, in 108°47'--114°15'(E) and 24°39'--30°08'(N). It bor-ders on Jiangxi Province in the east, provinces ofSichuan and Guizhou and Chongqing Municipalityin the west, provinces of Guangdong andGuangxi the south and Hubei Province the north.With the territory ranking the 11th place in the

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  • Super Hybrid Rice

    <正> Plant breeders realize that, up to now, there are only two effective ways to in-crease the yield potential of crops through breeding, i.e. morphologic improvementand heterosis utilization. However, the potential is very limited by using morphologicimprovement alone, and heterosis breeding will produce undesirable results if it doesnot combine with morphologic improvement. Any other hreeding approaches andmethods including high technology like molecular breeding must he incorporated in-to good morphologic characters and strong heterosis, otherwise there will be no actu-al contributions to yield increase. On the other hand, the further development ofplant breeding for high target must rely on the progress of biotechnology.

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  • Development of the Forage Rices With High Protein Content in Hunan

    <正> The meaning of the high protein forage rices Rices may be classified by its uses as human'sfood,animal's or poultry's feed,or the raw mate-rials of various industries.For rices used as peo-ple's food,its breeding objectives are focused onthe varietal characters such as medium amylosecontent,high rate of head rice,hyaline smoothmiled grains and delicious taste;for those usedin making rice meal,beer,gourmet powder,etc.,specially on high amylose content;while in wine

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  • Study on the Absorption Spectra and Stability of Theaflavin Pigment

    <正> Theqflavin(TF) was extracted and purified from black broken tea. The purified TF possessed an absorption peak at the 363nm wavelength, and the solutions of TF remained stable under the conditions of pH3-6, below 80℃ within 60 minutes, as well as in 1%-4% Vc and 0.05-0.5mmol /L Na_(2)SO_(3) solutions. Fading occurred in 0.05mol/L Hf)^ solution.

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  • RAPD Technique Used to Determine the Purity of Hybrid Hot Pepper Seeds

    <正> Two hybrid hot pepper varieties Xiangyan 5 and Xiangyan 10, and their parents were analyzed the polymerase chain reaction with MJ /PT 200 Peltrier Themal Cycler and DS 800 White-ultravilot Transilluminator to set up a RAPD system adaptable to the purity determination of the hy-brid seeds. Among the 39 random primers, 2 and 4 primers were found to be used effectively in Xiangyan 5 and Xiangyan 10 respectively.

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  • Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences: the Place Where Hybrid Rice Initiated

    <正> Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences(HAAS) lies in the beautiful suburb of Changsha,Hunan. Close to Huanghua International Airport inthe east, Liuyang River the south, ChangshaLong--distance Bus Station and Highway 107 thewest and Highway 319 the north, HAAS is veryconvenient for transportation and communication.HAAS has considerably strong ability in sci-entific and technologic research and development,

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